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Recent blog posts

Seeking Media Spokespersons for US Veterans

Posted by on in News
How to Advocate for US Military & Veterans in your Community Patriotic Hearts, a non-profit that advocates and assists US veterans, is seeking men and women that want to speak-up on behalf of our military members, past and present, on TV, radio, in the press and at meetings, clubs and chambers. It is critical for the US citizenry and businesses to be educated and reminded about the value of military service, as well as our common obligation to properly care for the wounded, the widows and orphans, and our national responsibility to help them to transition successfully back into civilian employment....
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How to Recruit US Veterans

Posted by on in For Businesses
We have an outstanding and innovative method for you to reach the US military that is being used by dozens of companies and schools across America:  We have created variety of innovative and effective options for you to use to recruit US veterans. We also have the standard methods of posting your banner, putting you in our newsletter and posting on our employment pages.    I have written a book on how to explode a company's marketing and recruiting. It is how we have helped hundreds of companies in the last ten years. The Patriotic Business Plan: Strategies for...
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The Patriotic Business Plan Works: Proof!

Posted by on in News
 Bryan Wiggins, Sol Rey West Solar While in the US Marine Corps, Bryan Wiggins had 3 combat tours. Then he became a “Combat Instructor” at Camp Pendleton Marine Base. While in the Corps, Bryan got married and started a family. To help him pay his mounting bills, Bryan took over 200 Off Duty jobs from the One Day Job Board. These jobs at neighborhood homes also developed for Bryan dozens of friends and personal supporters that appreciated his work ethic and courtesy. Now Bryan is out of the Marine Corps and he and his wife have four children. He no longer...
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Posted by on in News
Patriotic Hearts, the non-profit that created the immensely popular HirePatriots employment program more than a decade ago, is hosting a job fair on 9/11/15 at the new Military Events Center across from MCAS Miramar in San Diego. The economy has improved and many companies are back in the black and creating new positions within their companies that they need to fill. HirePatriots works hand in hand with such businesses to search, find and prepare qualified candidates to take these jobs. is a popular site for job seeking US military and veterans all across America. Many have recently left the US military and have received their college degrees while...
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Veteran Job Opportunities in Texas

Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
I wanted to share an opportunity we will have coming up potentially employing several veterans in your area.   Our company, Premiere Services, has partnered with several veteran organizations such as Wounded Warriors, Hire Patriots, ETC. in order to provide employment opportunities for local veterans. Although this is not a full time position, it is a perfect opportunity for veterans looking for additional income or veterans going to school. Most of the work is for large fleets. For example, we just employed 4 veterans for 45 days, working at night installing back up sensors at the Anaheim, Ca. FEDEX hub. We have...
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Non-Profit Puts Veterans Into Business

Posted by on in News
Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 non-profit, is seeking US veterans across America that want to own a successful business and employ other US veterans.  We have created US Military Maintenance for US veterans that want to own a business and employ other US veterans. We provide everything that you need, including all of your equipment, website, biz cards, fliers, and marketing plan; plus weekly mentoring with our CEO and other US veterans across the US that have started their own USMM businesses too. We help you secure new accounts. -- Our purpose is to build up successful US V.O.B.s that will employ...
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A Business 4 US Veterans

Posted by on in Biz Ops
Start A Business that Hires US Veterans   This is a radio interview with Joe Padlo, our USMM veteran in Jacksonville, FL. He started 4 months ago. Now he has multiple big and small accounts and may secure a couple of $40k a month accounts soon for which he has been asked to make bids. He is hiring multiple US veterans. His USMM business is growing across his state. -- I confidently predict that Joe will gross in excess of a million dollars in his first 15 months.    US Military Maintenance is a business created for US veterans to own....
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A US Veteran’s Story Joe Padlo had a good job. He was financially comfortable. He had transitioned well after being in Marine Corps for 12 years. He was a manager, Regional Director, VP, and President as he advanced in his career.  But he wasn’t satisfied. He felt a need to do more with his life. Then he read about an opportunity to own a business that employs other US veterans. He decided to give it a shot. US Military Maintenance is a program of the nationally respected non-profit Patriotic Hearts that focuses on assisting US military, veterans and their families. USMM...
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Truck Driving: A New Tomorrow 4 You

Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
Train Today for a New Career Tomorrow  PROFESSIONAL TRUCK DRIVER TRAINING SINCE 1978 800-764-2020 United Truck Driving School strives to educate and train students to become professional caliber commercial drivers prepared for employment in the transportation industry.  This is accomplished through classroom training using written materials, media, visual aids, and a lecture format.  Training includes practical experience driving, maneuvering, inspecting and proper use of the commercial vehicle equipment.  Training for: Class A * Class AP * Class BP Ask about funding programs This company is attending our 9/11 Memorial Job Fair on September 11, 2015 in San Diego. Click...
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Get the Job with This Resume

Posted by on in News
 Advice from a CEO Almost every resume that job seekers send me are far too general and broad in their scope to be of use to me or to any potential employer. They are really biographies that list every job they ever had and all the schools and training they ever received. These resumes do not specifically tailor their information to help the company decide that you should be interviewed for a particular position they have posted. This is what resumes do: They get you an interview, not the job. So your job in writing a resume is to convince the...
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How Veterans Can Get Home Loans

Posted by on in News
This company is attending our 9/11 Job Fair in San Diego We know. We care. We’re Local. We know. We care. We’re local. To Veterans United Home Loans of San Diego, this is more than just a catchy headline; it’s a symbol of their contribution and dedication to the San Diego community. We Know. Veterans United knows the VA home loan. As experts in the VA loan benefit, their loan officers are passionate about helping local veterans utilize their hard-earned benefit to obtain the American Dream they fought to defend. This often misunderstood benefit affords qualified veterans no money down, competitive interest rates, no private...
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Jobs with John Frank Construction

Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
This company is attending our 9/11 Job Fair in San DiegoWe are a Full Service Construction and Maintenance company specializing in grocery store and restaurant expansions, open store remodels, and construction maintenance. Our projects range in size from day to day construction service to ground up construction. We are licensed in California and Arizona. Some of the in-house services we offer in addition to General Contracting include; hard and soft demolition, concrete placement and finishing, full service & construction plumbing, framing and drywall, epoxy flooring, ceramic/quarry tile setting, ADA compliance, design build services, installations of equipment and fixtures, fabrication and...
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Why We Cannot Stop Our War on Terror

Posted by on in News
9/11, Today & Tomorrow On September 11, 2001 the United States suffered 4 coordinated attacks by Islamic terrorists. It was a Tuesday that must be remembered. It is no less of a seminal event in U.S. history than December 7, 1941, when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The Islamic radicals, which are far more prevalent now than then, targeted the White House, the Pentagon and the Two Towers of the World Trade Center. The attempt upon Washington D.C. was thwarted by the brave passengers who forced that plane to crash. All died in that heroic effort. – This attack claimed the lives...
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Write a Resume that Gets Read

Posted by on in News
Remember to put yourself into the head and eyes of an HR assistant who has the job of glancing at resumes and selecting a few for their boss to look at. Get right to the point. Make it as sharp as a knife. Do not list every job you had. In fact, you could summarize them all into one brief paragraph. Focus not on describing in detail each job, but on the keywords that relate to your skills and the talents required by the job for which you are applying.  Resumes are first read by an assistant or by a computer....
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New San Diego Military Events Venue

Posted by on in News
New San Diego Military Events Center This immaculate and spacious showroom easily converts into a great event venue for concerts, clubs, chambers, car shows, job fairs and business expos. A huge banner hangs across the second story of the building that says, “San Diego Military Events Center.” Ample parking surrounds the facility and street parking is free and plentiful. This facility is across the street from the main entrance to MCAS Miramar. HirePatriots is holding its annual 9/11 Job Fair & Business Expo at this location in memory of those who gave their lives on that date and since for our...
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Off Duty Jobs 4 US Military, Veterans & offers a One Day job board for US residents to post jobs for free. Whenever you need an extra hand with chores, repairs, cleaning, hauling, caretaking etc., hire a local US military man or woman. Most of them need the extra income. They will be grateful. These jobs are a real safety net for them and their families. It is a very practical way to say, “Thank you for your service to our country.” Go to Click on the blue button that says, One Day Jobs.  There is a short...
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From Homeless Vet to hiring Vets!

Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
A single day's work can be transformative for any Veteran, especially one fighting his way back from homelessness and addiction. I know this because I am a Veteran and was once in need of not only a well-paying job but a safe place to live. I got both with help from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and formed my company, Veterans Moving Help, to provide the dignity of work to other Veterans. My journey wasn't easy. I'd been in the U.S. Army and benefited from its strong support system. When I returned home in 1987, I lost that...
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Jobs & Businesses for US Veterans

Posted by on in News
A Solid Foundation for Your Future My purpose in life has been to assist US veterans, either by finding a good job for them; or to help them start their own business. I have helped over 400 V.O.B.s to start up, and many thousands to secure the right job for themselves.  Currently, I am helping US veterans across America start their own commercial maintenance businesses. I built several of these over the years. They are called US Military Maintenance. Each receives their own USMM website. And I help them get new accounts. I provide everything they need to get started, even their...
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Be Your Own Boss Expo on 9/11

Posted by on in News
Huge 9/11 Business Opportunity Expo On September 11, 2015, at the new San Diego Military Events Center, across from the Miramar US Marine Air Station, HirePatriots is hosting a Business Opportunity Expo. -- HirePatriots is a nationwide leader in connecting the right veterans with the right companies. HirePatriots has assisted over 400 US veterans start up a business. We encourage all franchises and business ops to attend our expo, as well as companies seeking to fill their positions with screened and work-ready employees. Let's work together and help these US veterans to get back on their feet. -- Thank you.  ...
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3 Tips to Take before Interviewing 4 a Job

Posted by on in News
Job Interviewing in the Digital Age Unlimited resources are at your fingertips with one click of a mouse. Remember these few pre-interview tips in order to succeed in landing your dream job in today’s world.  1.  Do your homework – When applying to jobs on Hire Patriots, check out the employer profile first to learn more about the company.  Before an interview, take the next step to learn their history, vision and mission in order to show initiative to the interviewer. 2. Utilize your social media expertise – Connect with the company as many ways as possible. Find any and all...
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