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Recent blog posts
Hello, this is Mark Baird and I am inviting your company to a very special job fair on October 24 that we are holding at Camp Pendleton Marine Base, home to 65,000 highly trained US Marines. We are also inviting US veteran job seekers throughout Southern California to attend. We have a very popular off-duty job board for those active duty and veterans, thousands of them visit it every month. So our job fairs are very well attended. Plus, we spend weeks putting up fliers across the local bases with their help, in order for you to meet as many as...
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US Veterans Magazine

Posted by on in News
There are a few magazines specifically for veterans. Some are not really about the military or veterans, instead they are about selling advertising, not content. US Veterans Magazine publishes content that is directed at informing and promoting the men and women that serve and who have served in our US Military. It is stock full of interesting, inspirational and educational articles and reports about people and issues that impact US veterans. -- It is also a great read for companies that want to recruit US veterans. They even hold seminars to teach businesses how.  I am promoting this magazine because I...
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Make Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd

Posted by on in For Businesses
Have you ever driven up to a stop light with two lanes and seen dozens of cars behind eachother in one and no cars or just a few in the other? It seems to be human nature to do what others are doing too. But in the competitive world of business that is not always a good idea. A leader does not follow. I have worked with businesses across America, from giants to start-ups, helping them to take a giant leap forward in their branding, marketing and recruiting strategies.  Most of them are not utilizing millions of dollars’ worth of free...
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5 Common Health Concerns of U.S. Veterans

Posted by on in News
To be able to serve your country is among the highest of honors. After spending years or even decades protecting your country and those who live in it, it’s important to protect yourself as well. Not only with war, but with everyday military service as well, there are influxes of different things a person can be exposed to.   While in the heat of battle or during your career in the service, you may not think of what the after-effects could be. Not only are concerns for one’s mental wellbeing present, but physical issues with health can also arise. Be aware...
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Helping U.S. Veterans: A Purpose Filled Life

Posted by on in Community
Patriotic Hearts is a 501c3 non-profit, founded in 2007. It was inspired by a US Marine that knocked on our door in 2004, after being wounded in Iraq. The utilities had been turned off in this young man’s house. He had a wife and two toddlers. And he was looking for some immediate, extra work to get the heat and lights turned back on. We helped him, of course. And my wife made a hot meal for his family. -- And then we hired a company to make a website and job board for community residents to post jobs whenever they...
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US veterans across America have started their own US Military Maintenance business. Each USMM owner has made over $250K in their first year. In their second year, they are aiming at $1 million dollars. They are all hiring other US veterans, and are able to pay them all a good wage. -- Here is a recording of our monthly team call. Hear how well they doing. And then join us as we reach our goal of employing 100,000 US veterans across America.     Here is a LinkedIn post with more details: A Business for US Veterans to Own  ...
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Hire Patriots Job Fair

Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
Hire Patriots is holding a US Military job fair in San Diego on Monday, October 24, on Camp Pendleton Marine Base, at the Pacific View Events Center. Job seekers will attend between 10 AM and 2 PM. (Companies can begin setting up at 9 AM. A buffet lunch will be provided for company representatives on the Sea View terrace.) Transitioning veterans are at a high right now because of the President’s order to reduce the numbers of US military personnel. Camp Pendleton Marine Base is home to 65,000 US Marines with a variety of skills; including, leadership, teamwork, discipline, and a hard...
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Getting on TV, radio, in the Press, and being invited to speak at business gatherings is much easier than you may think, (particularly if you are a US veteran.) This is especially valuable to business owners. The more people that hear about your business, the more your business will profit in many ways. Of course, your sales will increase, your recruiting will be far easier, and you will spend less on marketing. Plus, sharing those media interviews and recorded speeches on the social networks will increase the visits to your website. And your brand will increase in its recognition and loyalty....
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US Veterans For those of you interested in owning their own US Military Maintenance company, here is some additional information that might help you get started and then some links to profiles of a few USMM owners.  We provide you with all the equipment that you need to start your business.  We provide you with a customized US Military Maintenance website. We train and certify you. We teach you how to get accounts, and show you how to get your business on the first page of the search engines. We provide marketing materials, scripts, agreements, bid sheets, biz cards, advertising, and...
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New Strategy to Recruit Military Patriots

Posted by on in For Businesses
Patriotic Hearts is an awarding winning non-profit effort to connect the right US veterans with the right companies. Our achievements have received awards from two US Presidents, the Extra Mile Award from the Chamber of Commerce, and the Visionary Award for creating economic stimulus. We were selected as America’s “Heroes Among Us,” by People Magazine, and have been on all the major News stations, even receiving ABC TV’s Leadership Award. Our employment program’s website,, is a popular web destination for job seeking, active and former US military personnel. You can post jobs on our Careers job board. Your jobs will simultaneously be posted on the social...
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Cammies & Canines

Posted by on in General
At Cammies & Canines we make/sell dog collars and leashes (toys coming soon) and then use the money to reach out to our 1,100 homeless Veterans in San Diego.  For every item sold we give a homeless Veteran socks, shirt, toothpaste, toothbrush, and a meal.  And for some of them we're working to get them off the streets and into a Veterans shelter.  Our long-term goal is to create jobs for our homeless Vets and help them find their mission in life again!Website:  www.cammiesandcanines.comYou can even like our Facebook page at:
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Become A Business Owner / Employer

Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
Here is how you can become a business owner, employ US veterans, and start making money this week. It is an effort of Patriotic Hearts, an award winning charity that assists US military and veterans. Our primary focus is creating programs that employ US veterans. We have created a special program, US Military Maintenance. This is a business-in-a-box that has already proven to be successful in getting US veterans and their supporters started in business. Our first two USMM owners to reach their one-year mark, a couple of months ago, each earned in excess of $250K. We have over a dozen...
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Affinity 4 Patriotic Hearts

Posted by on in For Businesses
Three of the major challenges that all nonprofit organizations are faced with are:Not enough time or material resources Not enough volunteers or human resources Not enough, or inconsistent fundraisingEach of these challenges, together or separately, make it difficult for the nonprofit to have as large an impact as they could if these challenges were made less significant. Usually in order to generate a sufficient level of funds needed to support the mission and programs that the nonprofit intends to impact, they need to compete for grants, and/or hold expensive fundraising events that consume a lot of time and resources and...
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It is sometimes referred to by sociologists as the “Generosity Paradox.” Those who give also receive much more in return. This is not only a philosophical or religious teaching; it is a sociological fact. It is used in business too. It has proven to help companies flourish in many ways: branding, marketing, advertising, recruiting, employee retention, and public relations. It is based on a simple characteristic of human nature: When someone (or some organization or company) gives us a gift that benefits us we naturally feel a sense of gratitude.   If you give, you will get! Your gift will return...
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Why You Should Start Your Own Business

Posted by on in News
Basically, everyone has two choices: To own a business, or to work for someone that does. The difference is immense. I became a business owner when I was twenty (45 years ago). It is one of the best decisions I ever made. I am so glad that I did. It has permitted me to live comfortably, take great vacations, spend a lot of time with my wife and kids, become a Boy Scout leader, coach all my kids’ sports teams (even to coach at my old high school), live in beautiful places,  send my wife and our children to good colleges,...
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US Veteran Truck Drivers Wanted

Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
Mike Lynch was a Command Sergeant Major. Now he is a US military recruiter. He is a great guy and straight shooter.  If you are thinking about earning a living as a truck driver, give Mike a call. I personally recommend him.  Quality Carriers is seeking MILITARY and VETERANS that are professional truck drivers. We are looking for Company drivers, Owner Operators and lease purchase drivers that want to start their own business. Opportunities are available nationwide. Have you recently transitioned or still serving in the National Guard or Reserves? We can help you with a full-time career. - Flexible Home...
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This is a unique idea that is worth taking a look at. It is a way of branding your business and increasing your marketing, sales, and recruiting called The Patriotic Business Plan. This strategy is an employee retention and community outreach program too. Many businesses across America have used it. And it has earned significant awards. It is so simple. It is based on the results created by a retired couple that wanted to help their community’s local US military, veterans, and their families. What they did became a sensational success. It has spread across the country and helped hundreds of...
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Being military trained is an advantage. In many cases, it will get you an interview. But being the “best qualified” is what gets you the job. This is also true with business owners. The certifications they possess make them stand above their competition. US Military Maintenance now provides 7 advanced certification courses for free to all US Military Maintenance Owners and their employees. These are all available online through our membership with the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association. In addition, we provide you with equipment, a customized website, marketing, advertising, branding, referrals; all cleaning business forms; help with bidding, contract negotiation,...
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I have been working with US veterans that have war trauma since 1970, during the Vietnam War. Plus, I struggle with PTSD myself. For these veterans leaving the military and re-entering civilian life is often difficult. They have a hard time keeping any job and supporting themselves and their families.  I created my One Day job board particularly for them. These are jobs posted by local community residents who need an extra hand with chores and repairs. here in San Diego, we have had well over 100,000 veterans take these jobs. They literally have been a life saver! Many guys can...
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US Veteran Recommends this Business 4 Veterans

Posted by on in Biz Ops
Kitchen Craft is an American company that is seeking US veterans to become business representatives of their products. It is an opportunity for US veterans that enjoy being on stage and engaging other people. You go to various venues and set up a fantastic Kitchen Craft booth. Then you show the value of cooking with their kitchenware by demonstrating it. You will be a showman that performs and sells at the same time. Watch the video below.  Here is a letter I just received from a US veteran that is a Kitchen Craft representative and loves it:  “I am one of...
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