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Recent blog posts

The Annual Veterans Summit

Posted by on in Community
The Windsor Village UMC Veterans Ministry presents their Annual Veterans Summit on Saturday, August 9th at 9:00 a.m.The summit will be held at the Power Center located at 12401 South Post Oak Road Houston, Texas 77045. Representatives and Community Services will address the concerns of Veterans and their families. Entrepreneurship, homelessness, veteran benefits and civilian transition, education and training, and much more. Guest Speakers: Marylyn Harris, Women Veterans Business Center, Dr. Rebecca Lancaster, Houston Veterans Administration, and Dr. Ralph B DeVaul Jr., Texas Veterans Commission. This summit is FREE and open to the public. A light lunch will be provided for...
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Posted by on in News
Tonight I had a break through that I had to share, it has motivated me to do another blog-miniseries. This time about dealing with and explaining the effects of traumatic brain injuries. A lot of people suffer from traumatic brain injuries and don’t really ever talk about it or express their frustrations unless they suffer from a severe or physically debilitating T.B.I. This is no way to go through life, communication is key in all aspects of life and relationships. I have found that most times I do not talk about my T.B.I. because I honestly don’t understand it. I know...
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How I First Met God

Posted by on in For Families
I realize that not everyone believes in God. And I know that, of the many millions that do believe in God, not all believe in the Christ revealed in the Bible. And I respect them and care about them. However, for me, faith in my God was never an issue. I had a supernatural revelation as a small child. It is incredible to many, but it is reality to me. My parents did not attend church. However, one of them would wake up when I was little and drop me off at a church for use as free babysitting throughout the...
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As a Veteran advocate and South Dakota HirePatriots’ Ambassador, I, Autumn Simunek invite you to support The Official Veterans Town of South Dakota, Hot Springs' Honoring Our Heroes American Veteran Traveling Tribute (AVTT); taking place July 31 thru August 9, 2014 in Hot Springs, South Dakota. This tribute affords people the opportunity to honor and respect veterans and active military personnel from far or near, brought to Hot Springs by The American Legion Riders of Post 71 of Hot Springs, South Dakota. To join and/or support their mission to honor, respect, and remember men and women who served, and to pay specific...
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What To Do For Retirement

Posted by on in About
Ten years ago, I thought that my wife and were done with labor and were starting a life of ease. But we are nowhere near retiring.  God gave us a 'calling' late in life. It has required every ounce of our resources and strength. I sometimes wish I was in my twenties instead of my 60s. For ten years, we have been building and our 501c3 non-profit, Patriotic Hearts. We began next to Camp Pendleton Marine base, in Oceanside, where my grandpa and uncles were US Marines during WW II.   After a wounded US Marine knocked on our door and...
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Avoiding Business Failure

Posted by on in Biz Ops
Some reasons why businesses fail miserably   Because there are very few good jobs, many Veterans are turning to building their own business. They have several opportunities...such as franchises, direct product marketing, offering service to existing businesses, even buying an established business where the owner is ready to retire... Whatever way you decide to go, you'll want to understand why a business can fail.  Through the years we observe businesses who start out with a lot off fanfare and excitement and then within a couple of years you are unable to find the slightest sign that business ever existed. This is often...
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Can You Help US Vets with Resumes?

Posted by on in Community
HirePatriots needs good writers to help US veterans in proof reading, editing and re-writing US veterans' resumes. We do this for free. It is a simple way for us to say Thank You!  If you have experience in writing resumes for others, we can send you 2-3 resumes a week. It is a lot of fun helping theses great men and women and getting to know them.  Please send me an example of a resume you have written for yourself. Then let me know how many veterans you are able to help a week. We will forward you resumes from jobs...
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FOX Video: Immediate Impact of Our Troop Cuts!

Posted by on in News
Pete Hegseth, a US combat veteran, speaks eloquently about the dangerous impact our current troop cuts are having on our national defense. With the recent rise of ISIS and global terrorism and the theft of atomic bomb material, and the impending wars in the Middle East, it seems incredible that preserving our military strength is no longer a priority! ...
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A Special Citizen's Song 4 a Veteran

Posted by on in For Families
I wanted to tell you about my son, the song we wrote and about our family.  Nathan's grandpa turned 90 on July 7, 2014.  He fought in the Battle of the Bulge and carries shrapnel in his body to this very day. His name is Donald J. Watt.    My son Nathan is 22 years old. He was born with spina bifida and spent the majority of his childhood in a hospital. I have written the lyrics to several songs for Nathan and he writes the music and preforms it.  We wrote a song to honor his grandfather's 90th Birthday...
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Two great things are happening for job seeking U.S. Veterans on Saturday, July 19th, at the Tiger Direct Corporate offices in Miami. #1 The day will begin at 8 am on Saturday morning with a free continental breakfast. The Vice President of Human Resources, Lynne Tartaglia and her team will be joining us. They will be aggressively looking for 50 U.S. veterans to place into their Management Training program right away. After breakfast, Cesar Nader, a renowned Veterans Transition coach, will be teaching the attending veterans the keys to finding the right job in the shortest amount of time. The point of this seminar is to get veterans employed, whether they want to...
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Must See Video 4 Every American!

Posted by on in General
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Internet Access Threatened By Big Corps.

Posted by on in News
Proposed FCC rules would allow rich corporations to buy an Internet fast lane, while the rest of us would be forced to use a slow lane. Tell the FCC to stop corporations from controlling the Internet. Submit a commentReaders: This is an email I received. It alarms me enough to share it with you. Cable providers are now requiring us to pay for their service before letting us watch more and more things on the Internet. Here is an example: Univision, the Spanish station that was showing the World Cup for free, was forced by these cable providers to...
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Great American Patriotic Song

Posted by on in Entertainment
Mark Baird, of, sings My Country Tis of Thee to celebrate America's Independence Day, 2014....
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Star Spangeled Banner

Posted by on in Entertainment
How to be "United" on Independence Day We are the "United" States of America. But there is so much division and hatred that is separating our nation into warring camps. Disagreements will always exists; however, we must agree to permit and respect others' opinions. What the 4th verse of the Star Spangled Banner claims to be our nation's motto must be what holds us together in a courteous and loving manner:Mark Baird of talks about patriotism, and God on Independence Day, and plays the harmonica....
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5 Ways to Recruit US Veterans

Posted by on in For Businesses
Here are 5 ways that our organization recruits the right US veterans for you:  1) Transition Seminars: Here is a blog post about our upcoming seminar at the corporate office of Tiger Direct in Miami:  MILITARY VETERANS TRANSITION SEMINAR  .    2) Military Reintegration Program: We increase a company's retention of US veterans through an 18 month program developed and provided by our HirePatriots leader, Gabriel Fierro, a former HR manager for the US Army.    3) Military Job Fairs: HirePatriots hosts job fairs across the country for veterans; and, for convenience, we also provide online military job fairs. Our next...
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Get a Free Job Board for Your Local Veterans

Posted by on in Community
 Our non-profit, Patriotic Hearts, provides a host of programs for US military, veterans and their spouses. As the leader, I recognize certain gifts and talents of my veteran supporters and then I create an appropriate program for them to direct. We work with companies and US veterans all across America. Out of 326,000,000 US websites, HirePatriots is ranked 30,000.    HirePatriots' primary calling is to get US veterans employed. Until they can support themselves and their families, it is difficult to address their other needs. We do many things to help veterans secure a sustainable job that's right for them and...
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Everyone needs an extra set of hands sometimes. Whether it's unpacking boxes after a move, mowing a lawn or cleaning out a garage, having someone to help you can make any job a little easier.  Hire a U.S. veteran or active duty veteran who needs a little extra income.    Did you know that we have over 450 unemployed or underemployed U.S. military veterans living right here in the Concho Valley, many of whom served one or more deployments to the middle east.  Did you also know that for most of these Veterans, there is no military retirement pension to fall back...
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Why I Believe in Christ

Posted by on in News
I am a Christian. My parents weren’t. I was not raised to be one. I made this choice. And I have had multiple occasions throughout my life when I had to make the decision again to believe or not. I believe in the God of the bible for many reasons. Mostly because the Judeo-Christian God is the friendliest and most loving God offered among our world’s religions. Christianity basically says that no one can ever be good enough to earn the right to live eternally with God. It says that compared to his holiness, “all of our righteous deeds are like...
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Lynne Tartaglia, the Vice President of Human Resources for Systemax, a multi-billion dollar, Fortune 1000 company shares about the job openings for Tiger Direct, a subsidiary of that company.   Here is a link to Lynne's interview on Friends of Veterans blog talk radio:  Tiger Direct is a major electronics and computer retailer. They are looking for people with the right stuff to bring into their company. Lynne is especially looking for motivated US veterans to put into their management training course. She has a son in the Special Forces and appreciates what military trained individuals bring to the table.  On...
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Tiger Direct Vet Hiring Day: Miami

Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
Managerial Jobs for Veterans In Miami If you are a US veteran looking for a career with a major corporation with a lot of opportunities for advancement and an outstanding attitude towards former US military personnel, get yourself to Miami on July 19th and spend the day with the Vice President of Human Resources and her team.  Tiger Direct is providing an outstanding transition seminar for US veterans to accelerate their employment search. They are committed to helping you find the right career for yourself, regardless if you choose their company or not.  Tiger Direct has a myriad of positions to fill, but they are particularly looking for management trainees....
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