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Recent blog posts

How "Free" Is That Credit Card Terminal?

Photo shared by on in For Businesses

The truth? It's not actually "Free"...In fact, the "Free" terminal is more expensive than the one you could have bought for $400 to $600. Think about it. How long would a processor stay in business if they are giving away truly free equipment to 10's of thousands of businesses each year? So if it's not really "Free", how are you paying for it? They typically make their money back, and then a significant profitable sum by inflating their processing rates, upping their transaction fees, adding creative monthly or annual junk fee's for a variety of things that don't actually deliver...
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Recent Army Veteran's Success Story: Listen

Posted by on in Biz Ops
We will be having a radio broadcast on Friends of Veterans Radio this Thursday at 8 AM PST/ 11 AM EST. It will only last for 30 minutes.  Richard Hedges, a recent US Army combat veteran, will share and answer questions. He began his business just one year ago. He now has multiple accounts, hires many people, and he works from home. He takes care of the 'books,' acquires new accounts, and hires more employees to take care of them. -- Listen to him tell you how he did it and you can too.  This show is a meeting of USMM owners to...
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Staff & Recruit with Hire Patriots

Posted by on in For Businesses
HirePatriots provides recruiting and staffing for companies that want to hire US veterans. We have been offering these services for over 12 years. In addition to conventional methods, we implement our award-winning and unique strategy that is described in the best-selling book: The Patriotic Business Plan. Our organization has multiple professional recruiters on its team. They all work on a “contingency” basis and much of what they earn is donated back to our non-profit for US veterans, Patriotic Hearts. We have created a strategy that earned us the “Congressional Medal of Merit,’ the ‘National Leadership Award,’ and the ‘Visionary Award.’ It...
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Working Capital for Small Business in the form of Business Loans and Business Advances is a quick way to get your small business an infusion of needed cash. When the Bank can't help you quick enough, or their approval requirements are not flexible enough to meet your business needs, a Business Loan or Business Advance can be a great option. Sometimes a business needs urgent access to quick working capital to cover seasonal expenses, capital equipment, or to pull through a shortfall or lull in sales. Business loans offer you the predictability of a fixed repayment structure with financing that is...
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Richard Hedges is the owner of Military Maintenance Professionals in Owensboro, KY. He is a U.S. Army veteran (1999-2005) that served as an Aircraft Electrician in Iraq and Afghanistan. Richard is one of those guys that has a mechanical mind. He can fix anything from a jet aircraft to HVAC, mechanical facility systems, any IT issue, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, vehicles, plumbing, etc.  He lives in rural Kentucky. The biggest town within 20 miles of him has 8,000 residents. He has a wife and 4 children to support. After transitioning, Richard found jobs that used his experience and talents. He was a...
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A Prayer for the Nation

Posted by on in General
Almighty God,       you have given us this good land as our heritage. Make us always remember your generosity       and constantly do your will. Bless our land with honest industry,       truthful education,       and an honorable way of life.  Save us from violence, discord, and confusion;       pride and arrogance       and every evil course of action. Make us who came from many nations       with many different languages       a united people. Defend our liberties and give those       whom we...
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If you are a “Military Friendly” or US Veteran owned business, we provide an extremely popular HirePatriots job board. This will greatly increase visits to your website, build your brand recognition, add new clients, and recruit US veterans for your open positions. -- But it will do far more! For 12 years, has received tremendous media coverage on TV News stations, talk radio shows, and in major publications, nationally and locally. You can receive this free publicity for your business too. The reasons why your local News affiliates, radio, and publications will want to interview you is because you will be providing...
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US Veterans & Divorce

Posted by on in For Families
The stress of US military life: training, long deployments, and moving from base to base makes military marriages more difficult than most in the civilian world. And then there is the shock and horror of combat that so many of our veterans have experienced during America’s longest war: the “War on Terrorism,” which we are continuing to battle. Imagine the stress of a spouse whose loved one is deployed to combat. Imagine the stress of a man or woman in the US military that is separated from their spouse and children for many months, especially if they are serving in an...
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Keep Your Job and Start a Business

Posted by on in Biz Ops
You might love your job; or, you might need your job. Maybe you cannot afford to quit and start a business. You are already living month to month. I know exactly what that is like. Here is how I started a business while teaching high school and coaching sports, and having a wife and kids. I was working as a teacher and a coach at a high school. I loved my job!  I did not want to quit; but, I could just barely survive and support my family with what I was paid. I had to do something! -- Getting a...
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Looking for a job you can enjoy and make good money doing is a hard thing to find. It’s the job we all want but few ever get. After joining the US Marines, getting injured and released, I got married. I was 19. By the time I was 20, I had a daughter. I was working on my A.A. degree, and then I was going to get my B.A. and become a teacher. That was going to take a few more years. In the meantime, I dug ditches for the local water district, was a security guard, a salesman, and a...
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Charm: The Key to Prosperity

Posted by on in News
Charisma: compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others: a divinely conferred power or talent: personality, presence, character, magnetism, attractiveness, appeal, allure. The talent to have people like you is the key ingredient to success anywhere at any level. Selling yourself is the key to success whether you own a business or work for it. No one buys from a company nor promotes a person that they do not like. And if you are in the job market: No one hires anyone that they do not like. Therefore, knowing how to create a positive connection with others is critical to success....
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MSBA is Globally Connecting Military Spouse & Veteran Entrepreneurs  History The Military Spouse Business Association, MSBA, was launched in 2006 by three military spouses that were friends discussing their challenges as mobile entrepreneurs.  MSBA offered resources and tools to encourage military spouses and Veterans, to successfully operate their business, through the military lifestyle and while transitioning.  MSBA expanded further and in 2014 the Military Spouse Business Academy, MSBAcademy, was launched.  Present MSBAcademy provides online educational awareness, training tools and support to Military, Veterans and their spouses interested in starting and/or growing their business.  Tiered membership is available to Active-Duty, Retired, Reserve, Veterans and their...
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Free Counseling for as Long as it is Needed

Posted by on in News
Give an Hour provides no cost mental health treatment for military, veterans, and loved ones regardless of status or discharge. Our sessions are unlimited and extend to individuals who may not be eligible for other benefits through the DEERS and VA/DOD system. Clients can access these free services by visiting and clicking “get help”.  What is Give an Hour? ·         Give an Hour is a nonprofit organization providing free counseling and other mental health services to active duty service members, members of our National Guard and Reserve, and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who have separated or retired from any branch...
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There are dozens of local HirePatriots community job boards for US veterans across America. Businesses, schools, organizations, chambers and patriotic activists sponsor these websites. It raises the profile and awareness of these enterprises. It also greatly increases the visits to their website, and it produces new clients and members. Perhaps most of all, it produces an invigorating sense of purpose to be responsible for helping so many people in your area.  The primary purpose of a Patriotic Hearts chapter is to support local US military, veterans and their families through the use of a customized, local community website, job board...
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US Military Maintenance is a program of Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 charity, dedicated to assisting US military, veterans, and their spouses.  Our purpose is to create hundreds of V.O.B.s that employ thousands of US veterans. We provide everything you need to get started and to be successful. All we ask is to be reimbursed for our initial expenses. That way, we can continue to grow and help more veterans.  Few people realize how lucrative these businesses are. Here is a simple example: A 3000 sq. ft. business takes one hour to clean. It generally pays about $1700 a month to clean 5 days...
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Career for US Veterans in San Diego

Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
Founded in 2011, Stallion Shading is a subsidiary of The Anna Davis Group owned by Matt Geans a Marine Corps Veteran and operations led by head Project Manager Mike Shrader whom together bring over 35 years of combined experience in the Commercial Window Treatment field. Shading is a C-61/D-52 licensed contractor and a certified DVBE Company focused on the management of our Commercial Window Treatment services and executions. (see links below for License and DVBE Cert) In addition to your common manual treatments, as a Window Treatment Technologies Leader, Stallion Shading is here to assist in the pre-planning of Smart Window Treatments...
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San Jose Looking for Police Recruits

Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
The San Jose Police Department is now hiring for the position of Police Recruit. This is the entry-level training classification to becoming a SJPD Officer. We are seeking highly motivated individuals interested in pursuing a professional law enforcement career in the City of San Jose.    For more information and to apply, please visit    The City of San Jose, known as the Capital of Silicon Valley, is located in Northern California, approximately 50 miles south of San Francisco. With a population of over one million people, San Jose is the 10th largest city in the nation.   Rich in culture and...
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The New Secret to Getting Hired

Posted by on in News
This is very important information for job seekers. My name is Mark Baird. I have been helping US citizens and US veterans get good jobs for several decades. And I have held many job fairs and worked with thousands of employers. There has been a seismic shift in how to find a job that you must know about.  Did you know that statistics show that just 3% of resumes submitted online get read? And that number is dwindling quickly. We have a stagnant economy. We lose as many jobs as we gain. As new businesses are created, an equal number disappear....
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See and Hear 2 Blackholes Colliding!

Posted by on in News
If you like mind blowing, brain stretching true stories Astro-Physics has plenty. A billion years ago, two black holes collided and created an explosion that emitted more energy than a trillion-billion suns! It was so powerful that we are still able to see and hear the cosmic ripple made by that explosion. It proves Einstein's theory that the universe is made of an invisible fabric that holds the weight of all objects in the cosmos. We call this unseen fabric "gravity." -- Watch this amazing video! ...
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Another Great Recommendation

Posted by on in News
"I want to thank you for all you do for us veterans. I really never knew until recently, there were great organizations out there like yours that are willing to help us. The Soldier for Life- Transition Assistance Program, ((SFL-TAP), old ACAP) paints a picture of  doom and gloom for us retirees. They show us some federal programs but not all the private organizations out there like yours. Once again, thank you for your assistance, I look forward to my transition and plan on letting my peers that are exiting, know about the assistance your organization can provide."Joseph SutoMSG, USA Assistant...
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