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Recent blog posts

How to Make Your Company Famous

Posted by on in For Businesses
A Simple Way to be Sensational  By associating your business with this very popular community program your company will reap benefits far greater than any other form of marketing or advertising is capable of achieving. Help us to get this great program going in your area. You will receive tremendous brand recognition and the loyal patronage of multitudes. Your sponsorship will have a profound effect on the lives of hundreds of thousands of veterans and citizens. Two US Presidents, Congress, the Pentagon, multiple news agencies and People Magazine have praised this program. It has even won the Visionary Award for stimulating...
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The Perfect "Family Business" Start Up

Posted by on in Biz Ops
How to Start a Family Run Business Are you looking for a business you can start inexpensively that will support you and your family and give you and your spouse a chance to work together?  A janitorial maintenance business may be just what you are looking for! US Military Maintenance is an effort to put entrepreneurs into business inexpensively and fast. When Mark and I were younger and raising children we often ran a maintenance business.  Our cleaning accounts included banks, manufacturers, real estate offices and schools, to name a few.  One of the nice things about janitorial work is that it...
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Why Celebrate “Memorial Day?”

Posted by on in News
Memorial Day 2015: Why? What Does it mean? Since 9/11/01 America has lost over 10,000 Americans, 8,000+ of these citizens were those that volunteered to join the US military after that heinous attack. On May 25, 2015 we will all share a responsibility and a duty to honor these beloved men and women of our nation. Unlike “Veterans Day” that honors all US veterans, Memorial Day is dedicated to those who have given their lives while in US military service. It is a day of remembrance for their sacrifices. It is the least that we as a nation can do. The...
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For Businesses Reaching Out to US Veterans

Posted by on in For Businesses
I have created a business plan for reaching US veterans that has been used by over 350 US companies, including Fortune 500 companies. As one of America's leading advocate for US veterans, I have their ear. I endorse veterans on TV, radio, press, the social networks, speaking engagements and I have written best-selling books about veterans. My most recent book is The Patriotic Business Plan: Strategies for Sensational Success.  HirePatriots is much more than a job board. Our website visitor ranking has been ranked as high as 25,000 out of 385,000,000 US websites. We are one of the most popular web destinations...
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HirePatriots offers businesses a free, unique and popular One Day job board for US veterans. It will drive tremendous traffic to your website, increase your popularity, and increase profits. HirePatriots is a national leader in US veteran employment. HirePatriots began in 2005 when we offered a free job board for the residents living in North San Diego near Camp Pendleton Marine Base. The site quickly became the most popular in the county, receiving 40k visitors a month. It was also voted the number 1 News story for 2007-2008 and received the Visionary Award for stimulating the San Diego economy. See some...
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Train to be a Roofer and get Hired!

Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
 Learn how to be a roofer for free if you are a US veteran. Lots of jobs available!   A two-week roofing class starting on Tuesday, April 14 at United Stated University, 830 Bay Blvd, Chula Vista, CA 91911. We have 4 seats remaining and we are offering full scholarships to qualified veterans.   If you know any veterans that would be interested in receiving free skill-training and job placement with one of GAF's Master Elite contractors, please have them email me directly.    Semper Fidelis,     Sam Brake  Director of Business Development and Military Affairs,    National Institute Of Training & Education...
Tagged in: roofing trade school
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Helping Homeless Veterans

Posted by on in News
Victor in the right of this picture used to have a good job. But when the company he worked for downsized in 2008 he was laid off. Due to his age he was unable to find another job. Now, he fishes everyday for his food. But recently his gear was stolen. Our homeless mission received a donation and bought Victor new poles, reels and tackle. Too many of our US veterans have fallen through the cracks of society. Some live in chronic pain that prevents them from working; some are emotionally and or mentally wounded; but most are good men and...
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The US Military Maintenance Marketing Plan

Posted by on in Biz Ops
US Military Maintenance is a program of Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 non-profit. Its purpose is to create US veteran business owners that will employ other US veterans. We send you everything you need to get started in a big box and we provide of all the personal mentoring for getting started and being successful. We also provide a  proven marketing plan that will make you dominate your local market. The US Military Maintenance (USMM) marketing plan is the result of a decade of development and the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was specifically designed for veteran owned and...
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Own a Business that Helps US Veterans

Posted by on in For Businesses
US Military Maintenance is a program of HirePatriots. Our purpose is to create US veteran business owners who will hire more US veterans. You own your US Military Maintenance company. You make the decisions. We offer a mentor program, equipment, website, accounts, business cards, shirts, bid sheets and contracts. But you make the decisions. Unlike franchises, we do not have a lot of rules, make threats about repossessing equipment or levy fines. We offer full business ownership. We ask you to use the name US Military Maintenance because we are able to market you and all of the US veterans across...
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Celebrate Easter Every Day!

Posted by on in Interesting
We are all born selfish. It is this survival instinct to seek our own self-interests that runs the world politics and economy. Look where that attitude has gotten us. Our world is full of war, death, poverty, hunger and suffering. Our ecology is dying because of our narcissism. And with nuclear weapons, we are always on the brink of annihilation. One has to be blind, deaf and a dunce not to realize the way we are running the world is not working. And yet, every day we continue doing “business as usual.” There are two ways of living in this world...
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Great Way to Thank US Veterans!

Posted by on in For Businesses has been connecting US military, veterans and their families with the residents in their local community through its popular website for more than 10 years. Whenever someone needs help with chores around their home, yard or business for a day or a few, they post it on’s free One Day job board. These jobs create a critical extra income stream for local US military, veterans and their spouses. They also keep our US military connected to the civilian world, which helps tremendously when they transition out of the armed services. The culture shock is greatly reduced. And their ability to...
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A Combat Veteran's Struggle

Posted by on in News
I met this tall and imperious US combat veteran at Saddleback Church: The mega- church created by Rick Warren, the author of the best seller A Purpose Filled Life. I began attending the church’s veterans meetings. The veteran who took me there was Greg, a three tour Vietnam War Army veteran. He was well over six feet tall and had a prophet’s beard. Greg had lived in trash dumpsters since his honorable discharge in 1973. He lived for just one reason when he returned ‘home’ to the States: to stay drunk. The police knew Greg well. As a courtesy, every Christmas...
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Veterans Moving Help was honored this week to be called upon to move former Tuskegee Airman Stephen Lawrence and his wife Virginia to The Atrium in Gainesville Florida. The Lawrences were downsizing and selling their home and chose the Atrium( a holiday retirement community) because of its wonderful staff, beautiful building and amenities. Even at age 90, Mr. Lawrence proved to be a capable Mover, lifting items despite our insistence that he relax. A little background:   The Tuskegee Airmen were the first African-American Air Force pilots to serve in World War II. At 90,  Sgt. Stephen Lawrence recalls with great...
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Doing Good is of paramount importance for businesses that want to be exceedingly successful today. Most Americans participate in supporting charitable causes. It makes us feel better about ourselves. Companies that sponsor these events and fundraisers connect with its volunteers and participants far more intimately and powerfully than any other method of marketing. Doing social good produces multiple benefits and tremendous profits. By aligning your business with a handful of popular non-profits you reach into the hearts of your customers. It fosters trust and loyalty. You are seen as benevolent. It binds you closely with those that care about the people...
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Market & Recruit Best by Doing Good

Posted by on in For Businesses
Hello, I am Mark Baird, the founder of Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 for US veterans and, one of the most popular web destinations for job seeking, active and former US military personnel. Our primary mission is to connect the right US veterans with the right companies. We do this in a variety of ways: our job boards, blog, social networks and targeted hiring events. We also offer premier HirePatriots memberships. We have developed a unique cause marketing strategy that helps businesses recruit veterans and market their company in many ways that go far beyond standard methods. This cause marketing program...
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Business in a Box 4 Veterans

Posted by on in Biz Ops
USMM is a program of HirePatriots, the veteran employment program of the 501c3 non-profit, Patriotic Hearts. The purpose of this program is to help US veteran entrepreneurs to start and develop a commercial maintenance cleaning company of their own. Its twin purpose is to build up veteran owned businesses that will hire other US veterans. Our goal is to create 1000 of these businesses across America and to put a dent in US veteran unemployment. We also desire to set an example for other veteran initiatives and V.O.B.s to follow. Directors The leaders and mentors of this program are myself;...
Hits: 345
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Start Up Business for US Veterans

Posted by on in Biz Ops
HirePatriots, a charitable program for US veterans, is helping them start commercial maintenance businesses. We have US veterans across America that have already started. We provide you with equipment, training, bid sheets, contracts, shirt, business cards, letterhead, website, marketing and ongoing personal mentoring. Our purpose is to help veterans who want to own a business. Our goal is to make your business large enough for you to hire other US veterans. is the employment arm of Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 non-profit for US veterans and their families. Write: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 760-730-3734. ...
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Would your company like to be associated with the charity Patriotic Hearts? It is the 501c3 that sponsors, a popular nationwide program that has helped many thousands of US military, veterans and their families, as well as residents and businesses. We were featured in People Magazine as “Heroes Among Us” and given awards from two US Presidents and Congress for our innovative programs. We promote our sponsors in unique and productive ways in books, websites, social networks, job fairs, on TV and radio, and in the press. We enter into a symbiotic relationship that helps your business in return for...
Hits: 300
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The Deepest Wound of War: A Moral Conscience

Posted by on in News
Perhaps the worst wound of war is the injury to veterans’ moral consciences. They participated in the death and injury of hundreds of thousands, enemy or not. Killing is something that nearly no one desires to do. It is abhorrent to almost everyone. Veterans that participate in war carry a particularly heavy weight. They have to do things that can injure their souls. Certainly snipers must deal with this. Too often in these recent wars children with weapons have been their targets. I know of one sniper that was unable to stop the firing from three windows of a building that...
Tagged in: conscience morality war
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Veterans await order to attack Tent City!

Posted by on in News
The homeless camp called Tent City has been vacated after the city of Gainesville, Florida evicted its occupants. However the residents left a lot behind, including tents, clothes, bottles and miscellaneous trash that make the once beautiful wooded area look like a dump site. Interestingly, the City asked the property Owner to allow the homeless to stay on the property while a new homeless facility was being developed. The new facility is now populated, Tent City is vacated and who pays is being debated. The City feels the Property Owner should pay for the clean up, the Property Owner feels the...
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