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Recent blog posts

US Veteran Truck Drivers Wanted

Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
Mike Lynch was a Command Sergeant Major. Now he is a US military recruiter. He is a great guy and straight shooter.  If you are thinking about earning a living as a truck driver, give Mike a call. I personally recommend him.  Quality Carriers is seeking MILITARY and VETERANS that are professional truck drivers. We are looking for Company drivers, Owner Operators and lease purchase drivers that want to start their own business. Opportunities are available nationwide. Have you recently transitioned or still serving in the National Guard or Reserves? We can help you with a full-time career. - Flexible Home...
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This is a unique idea that is worth taking a look at. It is a way of branding your business and increasing your marketing, sales, and recruiting called The Patriotic Business Plan. This strategy is an employee retention and community outreach program too. Many businesses across America have used it. And it has earned significant awards. It is so simple. It is based on the results created by a retired couple that wanted to help their community’s local US military, veterans, and their families. What they did became a sensational success. It has spread across the country and helped hundreds of...
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Being military trained is an advantage. In many cases, it will get you an interview. But being the “best qualified” is what gets you the job. This is also true with business owners. The certifications they possess make them stand above their competition. US Military Maintenance now provides 7 advanced certification courses for free to all US Military Maintenance Owners and their employees. These are all available online through our membership with the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association. In addition, we provide you with equipment, a customized website, marketing, advertising, branding, referrals; all cleaning business forms; help with bidding, contract negotiation,...
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I have been working with US veterans that have war trauma since 1970, during the Vietnam War. Plus, I struggle with PTSD myself. For these veterans leaving the military and re-entering civilian life is often difficult. They have a hard time keeping any job and supporting themselves and their families.  I created my One Day job board particularly for them. These are jobs posted by local community residents who need an extra hand with chores and repairs. here in San Diego, we have had well over 100,000 veterans take these jobs. They literally have been a life saver! Many guys can...
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US Veteran Recommends this Business 4 Veterans

Posted by on in Biz Ops
Kitchen Craft is an American company that is seeking US veterans to become business representatives of their products. It is an opportunity for US veterans that enjoy being on stage and engaging other people. You go to various venues and set up a fantastic Kitchen Craft booth. Then you show the value of cooking with their kitchenware by demonstrating it. You will be a showman that performs and sells at the same time. Watch the video below.  Here is a letter I just received from a US veteran that is a Kitchen Craft representative and loves it:  “I am one of...
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Memorial Day: A Day for Mourning

Posted by on in News
Dear fellow U.S. citizens of all stripes and colors: On May 30 of every year, Americans across our nation dedicate a day to remembering our war dead. It is a solemn occasion. Decorating the graves of our Armed Forces who died in combat is a tradition we have kept since the Civil War. It is good and right that we should and must do so. They all deserve this day. It is the least that we can do for their willingness to give their lives to protect ours. I have attended many Memorial Day events in parks and at national cemeteries....
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TV, Radio, Press and Speaking Engagements for Your Business Patriotic Hearts offers businesses an effective and unique method of getting multiple, free TV and radio interviews on News and Talk shows, as well as features in the press and other publications.  We also teach you how to get frequent speaking engagements. You can receive tens of thousands of dollars in marketing, branding, P.R., and recruiting every year. These are not advertising spots. They are interviews, features, and 20 minute speeches. As a result of this sensational media coverage, some businesses also receive awards and municipal funds. This method can be used...
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This is a great employee engagement project that will receive local & national media attention for your company.    In 2004, a U.S. Marine knocked on Mark & Tori's door and asked for help. That encounter changed their lives and has positively affected hundreds of thousands of lives since. Listen to Mark and Tori tell their heart-breaking and heart-warming story. Few Americans really understand how many sacrifices our US veterans and their families endure.   Mark and Tori created a simple but powerful community project that connects neighborhoods and businesses with their local US military and veterans in a way that...
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To listen to this Blog Talk Radio interview, click HERE. Richard Hedges used the Hire Patriots message to start, market, recruit, and grow his business. He started a US Military Maintenance business of his own in rural Kentucky, after serving tours in Afghanistan and Iraq while in the US Army. Listen to Richard explain how to start a business from scratch into a success in less than a year. If you are interested in learning more, call or text 760-730-3734. Mark Baird...
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A Business Start-Up that Employs US Veterans

Posted by on in Biz Ops
If you are wondering how to earn a good living after military life, take a look: A year ago, Patriotic Hearts, a charitable organization that focuses on providing programs that help veterans get back on their feet after transitioning from the US military, created a program called US Military Maintenance. Its purpose is two-fold: One, it provides an inexpensive way for veterans to start a business and begin earning money right away. Two, it employs US veterans and pays them an industry leading wage. After one year, we have gotten over a dozen US veterans going in US Military Maintenance. Some...
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Kitchen Craft is an American company. All of its products are "Made in America." All of their employees are Americans. The company's owner is a US Marine that fought in Vietnam. And Kitchen Craft is a supporter of Patriotic Hearts, the veteran charity that provides and several other critical programs for our US military, veterans, and their families.   Kitchen Craft makes the best kitchenware in the world. My wife still has the set I bought her decades ago. And it still looks almost new. It is made of stainless steel at the America factory in Westbend, Wisconsin.  Kitchen Craft is looking for...
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The truth? It's not actually "Free"...In fact, the "Free" terminal is more expensive than the one you could have bought for $400 to $600. Think about it. How long would a processor stay in business if they are giving away truly free equipment to 10's of thousands of businesses each year? So if it's not really "Free", how are you paying for it? They typically make their money back, and then a significant profitable sum by inflating their processing rates, upping their transaction fees, adding creative monthly or annual junk fee's for a variety of things that don't actually deliver any...
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Recent Army Veteran's Success Story: Listen

Posted by on in Biz Ops
We will be having a radio broadcast on Friends of Veterans Radio this Thursday at 8 AM PST/ 11 AM EST. It will only last for 30 minutes.  Richard Hedges, a recent US Army combat veteran, will share and answer questions. He began his business just one year ago. He now has multiple accounts, hires many people, and he works from home. He takes care of the 'books,' acquires new accounts, and hires more employees to take care of them. -- Listen to him tell you how he did it and you can too.  This show is a meeting of USMM owners to...
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Staff & Recruit with Hire Patriots

Posted by on in For Businesses
HirePatriots provides recruiting and staffing for companies that want to hire US veterans. We have been offering these services for over 12 years. In addition to conventional methods, we implement our award-winning and unique strategy that is described in the best-selling book: The Patriotic Business Plan. Our organization has multiple professional recruiters on its team. They all work on a “contingency” basis and much of what they earn is donated back to our non-profit for US veterans, Patriotic Hearts. We have created a strategy that earned us the “Congressional Medal of Merit,’ the ‘National Leadership Award,’ and the ‘Visionary Award.’ It...
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Working Capital for Small Business in the form of Business Loans and Business Advances is a quick way to get your small business an infusion of needed cash. When the Bank can't help you quick enough, or their approval requirements are not flexible enough to meet your business needs, a Business Loan or Business Advance can be a great option. Sometimes a business needs urgent access to quick working capital to cover seasonal expenses, capital equipment, or to pull through a shortfall or lull in sales. Business loans offer you the predictability of a fixed repayment structure with financing that is...
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Richard Hedges is the owner of Military Maintenance Professionals in Owensboro, KY. He is a U.S. Army veteran (1999-2005) that served as an Aircraft Electrician in Iraq and Afghanistan. Richard is one of those guys that has a mechanical mind. He can fix anything from a jet aircraft to HVAC, mechanical facility systems, any IT issue, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, vehicles, plumbing, etc.  He lives in rural Kentucky. The biggest town within 20 miles of him has 8,000 residents. He has a wife and 4 children to support. After transitioning, Richard found jobs that used his experience and talents. He was a...
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A Prayer for the Nation

Posted by on in General
Almighty God,       you have given us this good land as our heritage. Make us always remember your generosity       and constantly do your will. Bless our land with honest industry,       truthful education,       and an honorable way of life.  Save us from violence, discord, and confusion;       pride and arrogance       and every evil course of action. Make us who came from many nations       with many different languages       a united people. Defend our liberties and give those       whom we...
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If you are a “Military Friendly” or US Veteran owned business, we provide an extremely popular HirePatriots job board. This will greatly increase visits to your website, build your brand recognition, add new clients, and recruit US veterans for your open positions. -- But it will do far more! For 12 years, has received tremendous media coverage on TV News stations, talk radio shows, and in major publications, nationally and locally. You can receive this free publicity for your business too. The reasons why your local News affiliates, radio, and publications will want to interview you is because you will be providing...
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US Veterans & Divorce

Posted by on in For Families
The stress of US military life: training, long deployments, and moving from base to base makes military marriages more difficult than most in the civilian world. And then there is the shock and horror of combat that so many of our veterans have experienced during America’s longest war: the “War on Terrorism,” which we are continuing to battle. Imagine the stress of a spouse whose loved one is deployed to combat. Imagine the stress of a man or woman in the US military that is separated from their spouse and children for many months, especially if they are serving in an...
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Keep Your Job and Start a Business

Posted by on in Biz Ops
You might love your job; or, you might need your job. Maybe you cannot afford to quit and start a business. You are already living month to month. I know exactly what that is like. Here is how I started a business while teaching high school and coaching sports, and having a wife and kids. I was working as a teacher and a coach at a high school. I loved my job!  I did not want to quit; but, I could just barely survive and support my family with what I was paid. I had to do something! -- Getting a...
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