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Recent blog posts

Lying: The Way of the World

Posted by on in News
We all know this to be true. Seemingly, every one lies nowadays. It is the way of the world. Certainly we know that politicians lie constantly. They make promises that they know they will never fulfill. Mechanics take advantage of our ignorance and charge for repairs that are completely unnecessary. Doctors insist that we have surgeries that we don’t need. Dentists too. Bankers and mortgage brokers, contractors, car salespersons, etc. The list is endless. Who believes that the ads we read and see are telling us the real truth? “Buyer beware!” This is an adage that we must live by.Why...
Tagged in: honesty lying NOTW
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 The Weekend Hunger Backpack Program was designed to supplement meals for children, who depend on their school for breakfast and lunch, during the school week. The program identifies chronically hungry children who are in need of nutritional assistance over the weekend. Volunteers fill the backpacks during the week to be taken home on Friday with enough food for the child and their siblings for the weekend. In Alachua County, one in four children don’t have enough food to eat each day. Lack of access to a nutritious and adequate food supply has implications not only for the development of physical...
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Saving US Military Marriages and Families

Posted by on in For Families
I am writing this not just to describe our critical program for US veterans, but also to inspire you to action. This is an effort that all Americans should support. Let’s see if I can convince you. In 2006, after we had begun to lift the spirits of our local US Marines and sailors in San Diego, we repeatedly met military couples that were going through divorce and the break-up of their families. The stress of repeated deployments to combat and just the daily hardships of military service was wearing down our exemplary US patriots that volunteered to use their...
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The Military Network

Posted by on in Social Media
I want to endorse and promote a very good online resource for US veterans. It is run by Michael Perry (USAF). He is a man of significant accomplishment. He has a sincere passion for helping his fellow US veterans. Please join us on LinkedIn at Military Network: Click HERE. Here is a recent note from Michael about his efforts: We are Revitalizing our Military Network Dedicated Radio Show on KGYT 102.7FM out of Idaho Springs Colorado with Brock Cureton as our DJ and streaming his show via the internet to your computer via Streema – At Internet connect is required to...
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Posted by on in News
Patriotic Hearts' mission is to provide essential services and assistance to US veterans and their families, and to educate the US citizenry about their valiant sacrifices and value to our nation. Patriotic Hearts is a tax-exempt 501(c) 3 non-profit (EIN 20-8599179) that is supported largely by charitable contributions. It is in "good standing" with the IRS. We began as a response to a Marine who returned from Iraq to discover his wife and two small children living without utilities, due to his wife being laid off while he was deployed. He knocked on our founders’ door and asked: "Sir, Ma’am, I...
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Continue reading Comments is a very popular job board among veterans and US businesses. We are the employment program of Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 non-profit. We have US veteran job seekers on our site 24/7. The cost to post a job on HirePatriots ranges from $50 to $125. Here is a link to our Careers job board. Click HERE. You can also purchase unlimited job postings for one year for $1500. Make that donation HERE. We also are very well connected to the search engines and social networks. We will publish a blog post about your company and a link to your job page. It will be a permanent...
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TV: The Truth about Veteran Unemployment

Posted by on in News
Mark Baird, the founder of is interviewed about the truth regarding veteran unemployment numbers that are being touted as only 5.6%. This is a TV interview I did on a national conservative talk show about veteran unemployment. Interviews like this is what I want all my HirePatriots members doing: Advocate for US veterans. I seek and coach US veterans to do this. And I have written    The Patriotic Business Plan:Strategies for Sensational Success that shows everyone how to do this. And I have written    An American Crisis: Veterans' Unemployment a best seller that helps veterans, businesses that want to hire...
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Veteran Moving Company Volunteering to work free!

Posted by on in News
Veterans Moving Help LLC of Gainesville, Florida is a little different than most moving companies, they move clients for free! If you are in the Gainesville, Florida area and need to move but have no or little money call the Veterans to the rescue! Owner Gregory Sledge will provide a truck, two men and moving equipment free of charge! Mr. Sledge explains "We Veterans have the firm conviction and live our lives knowing that whats really important is caring and doing for others." We ask "But Mr. Sledge, thats very noble but what about those who will seek to take advantage...
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Quality the Foundation of Organizational Success Edward Deming a statistician transformed the business world with the introduction of statistical process control. The basis of Deming’s philosophy was an organizations relentless commitment to exceptional quality and the sustained aspiration to achieve zero defects. This way of thinking was not aligned with the prevalent thinking in American business circles following WWII, which accepted a certain level of quality defects and instead focused on mass production, continued sales and limited competition as the formula for organizational success. Spurned by the auto manufacturing community in America Deming took his knowledge and talent to Japan and...
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HirePatriots' Hiring Services

Posted by on in For Businesses
US Veteran ‘Work Ready’ Hiring Events  HirePatriots invites either one, exclusive company with more than 25 immediate open positions to attend these event. We also modify these events to accommodate up to 8 companies within the same industry that have smaller hiring needs.   This is how it works: A company sends HirePatriots the specs and qualifications for their open positions. We use our contacts to find US veterans, many recently transitioned, with military and work experience in that industry or skill. Our HirePatriots team will work personally with these veterans prior to the event, making sure they are properly prepared...
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Become a Community Leader HERE

Posted by on in Community
Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 non-profit,  has a fully developed and tried strategy for being a community leader and helping many thousands in your part of America. It is all in this book:  The Patriotic Business Plan:Strategies for Sensational Success.    We began the Patriotic Hearts'  program ten years ago in San Diego. Our site began getting 10,000 visitors a week! We were voted the number 1 News story in San Diego for two years. The largest business association (3000 members) gave us the Visionary Award for stimulating our economy; and two US Presidents and Congress gave us medals. We have been invited...
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The New Business Crisis in America

Posted by on in For Businesses
America is producing fewer and fewer new businesses. This is a crisis. The percent of our population in their twenties that are entrepreneurs has plummeted to its lowest rate in 20 years and continues to decline! 92% of US business owners are over the age of 45. Nearly half of them earn more than $100K a year. 70% are male and 30% are female. Twenty five years ago, 11% of US businesses were owned by citizens under the age of 30. Today that percentage is 4%. Interestingly, US veterans make up less than 3% of our population; yet, they constitute 12%...
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Great Biz Ideas of US Veterans

Posted by on in News
Many of the new programs Patriotic Hearts develops are the concepts of US veterans that ask for our mentoring. We enter into a symbiotic 'social enterprise' relationship with their business and our prestigious non-profit and popular HirePatriots website. Veterans Green Projects and The Patriot Training Academy and US Military Maintenance are examples of how HirePatriots develops and supports patriotic businesses and ideas, particularly those by innovative and genius US veterans.           ...
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2015 Revolution: FORT BRAGG

Posted by on in News
Fort Bragg"the Home of the Airborne and Special Operations," is one of the Army’s largest installations in the world with more than 60,000 service members spread across 161,000 acres. The major player there is U.S. Army Forces Command, which is responsible for the readiness of more than 75 percent of the Army’s force structure and 87 percent of the Army’s combat power. On post you’ll also find the U.S. Army Reserve Command, XVIII Airborne Corps and the popular 82nd Airborne Division. It’s a full-service post with a hospital, but there’s also a Veterans Affairs medical center in the area. Also located a...
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A Community Program 4 US Veterans

Posted by on in Community
We are a community project that unites all demographics and neighborhoods in thanking local US military, veterans, their spouses, widows and children. This program inspires patriotism. It teaches responsibility to country and community by honoring those that volunteer to serve in the US military and to protect our lives with their own. This is a program that schools use for their students to fulfill their community service requirements. It stimulates local economies. It is a great help to senior citizens. And is a wonderful source of help for residents who need an extra hand with chores and repairs, and for businesses...
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Project Management: A Perfect Fit 4 Veterans

Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
Project Management can be a great path for US veterans today. It is the one core competency that most US military trained personnel possess.US veterans have project management experience. US veterans are a natural fit for the project management world.  Project managers are in strong demand and their salaries are continuing to climb, worldwide. The latest PMI salary survey found the median salary for project managers in the U.S. is $85,000. (PMPs with certain educational backgrounds, as in IT, Health and Security and others, make more.) The only thing that you must have is a PMP certification (Project Management Professional). This proves...
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June 15, 1864, 200 acres of a 1,100-acre estate in Northern Virginia were officially designated for use as a national cemetery. Today, approximately 400,000 individuals are interred or inurned at the 624-acres of hallowed ground we know as Arlington National Cemetery. While the cemetery was born out of the Civil War, there are veterans of every one of America’s conflicts, from the American Revolution through today, interred there. The stories of the men and women laid to rest at Arlington, known and unknown, are the stories of America. By the end of the Civil War, there were approximately 15,000 service members...
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Why Celebrate Christmas?

Posted by on in News
This is the Story of Christmas: Many years before Jesus Christ was born prophets spoke of his coming. The Old Testament is filled with promises of the “Son of God” becoming a “Son of man” and stepping down from his throne in heaven to dwell among us. About 2014 years ago that event happened. “God in the flesh” issued forth from a virgin named Mary. Once his body had grown and he became a man he proved that he was the “Messiah” by fulfilling hundreds of specific prophecies, and by healing the blind, the lame, the diseased, and raising the dead. No...
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Veterans between 20-35 have a higher unemployment rate than non-veterans. This will be a positive news for our veterans who are living in NY. The new state law gives businesses up to $5,000 in tax credits when hiring a veteran full-time. The amount goes up to $15,000 if that veteran is disabled. A different bill creates funds to help homeless veterans find housing. New Yorkers can contribute when filling out income taxes.     Roshan Chandrasekara  ...
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Feel free to wish our troops a Merry Christmas here, folks! And if you're serving, or have served, feel free to read them - they're for you.... Past, present, future, we will remember them. Each and every soldier who has shown endless bravery and selflessness in the war against terror by putting themselves out on the line, risking their lives for the good of their nations. Supporting all our soldiers who have sacrificed their own time, energy and in some cases, their lives, out in Afghanistan and Iraq.They deserve the utmost respect, respect which at the moment they do not...
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