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Recent blog posts

A Veteran's Christmas Carol

Posted by on in News
        A Different Christmas Poem      The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light,       I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight.       My wife was asleep, her head on my chest,       My daughter beside me, angelic in rest.       Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white,       Transforming the yard to a winter delight.                                                                                                                   The sparkling lights in the tree I believe,       Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve.     My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep,       Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep.       In perfect contentment, or so it...
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Young People vs. Old People

Posted by on in News
The one great advantage that older people have over younger ones is perspective. We have already been young. As the saying goes: “Been there. Done that.”Our viewpoint gives us a certain amount of wisdom unavailable to any younger generation. However, what Youth has are passion and ideals. We both share a certain dose of both perceptivity and zeal; but, not in the same measure. Ironically, a common developmental attitude that occurs when young is that of being superior in knowledge and disdainful of parents and figures of authority. Often they have little or no regard for the labors and sacrifices of...
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Report: Best New Biz Op in America

Posted by on in Biz Ops
The Bloomberg News recently stated: “Service industries grew in September, capping the strongest quarter of expansion in more than 10 years for the biggest part of the U.S. economy... Advances in service industries account for about 90 percent of the economy.” Without a doubt, this is the best kind of business to start and one in which you will see growth and profits most quickly. America is the best place in the world to start a business. It provides a fertile field for planting and growing a company. The question new entrepreneurs must ask is: “What kind of business gives me...
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How to Win the Business Race

Posted by on in For Businesses
 A Strategy for Sensational Success This is an innovative strategy that has been proven to be sensationally successful. The Patriotic Business Plan is a new, 21st century method of attracting and securing loyal clients. This plan shows you how to build a cause marketing approach that incorporates the techniques of the previous century and the technological innovations of this new millennium. It builds a huge grass roots following of fervent supporters; gets your business multiple, free appearances on local TV, radio and features in the press. You will also gain thousands of ‘followers,’ ‘friends,’ and ‘connections’ on the social networks. Your...
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Hatred is for Hypocrites

Posted by on in General
At his time of year, I take the risk of talking about my personal belief in Jesus Christ. First, let me apologize for any “Christians” who have offended you with judgment, rudeness or scorn. Believe me, I know how that feels too. I am not one of them. My heart does not discriminate when sharing God’s love. And truthfully, it is sometimes easier for me to love people who do not share my religious beliefs than those who claim to do so. Jesus Christ does not discriminate either. During his life, he often spent time with prostitutes, drunks, lepers, thieves, liars,...
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Entertainment with a Green Twist

Posted by on in Entertainment
The Stage is set for Eco-friendly Initiatives I’ve always maintained that watching a show on Broadway is an experience of a lifetime. It’s not just the performers who light up the stage- nay, set it on fire, but rather the combined effort of the entire industry including the producers, designers, theater owners, et al. I have a lot of respect for their craft, but there’s another reason that this community scores big in my book and that is for its effort to reduce its carbon footprint. Broadway shows have among the most elaborate sets, costumes, and peripheral infrastructure. The term ‘green’...
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Veteran Program to Unite Americans

Posted by on in News
We are creating local, community HirePatriots websites and job boards across America. The purpose of these sites are to build stronger ties with civilians, students and veterans and to increase patriotism nationwide.  We now have HirePatriots sites in 42 states, with some states having sites in multiple communities. The emphasis of these sites are to get residents to hire local US military, veterans and their spouses when they need help with chores and repairs around their homes and yards; and to get businesses in each community to offer veterans sustainable employment.  When we started this in San Diego 10 years ago,...
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Texas Veterans App

Posted by on in News
The Texas Veterans App is a mobile application designed to provide U.S. Military Veterans easy access to the Veterans Crisis Line, Hotline for Women Veterans, Connect with Texas Veterans, Texas Veterans Hotline, and the Texas Veterans Portal. The Veterans Crisis Line and Hotline for Women Veterans are nationally supported help lines. The Connect with Texas Veterans option provides a number for users to call and request help with connecting to other veterans within their geographical area of Texas. The Texas Veterans Hotline provides information on veteran’s benefits. The Texas Veterans Portal option allows a user to easily access additional online resources...
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First, every job seeking US veteran should go to their nearest America Job Center. This is a national Labor Dept. program that has a mandate to give US veterans priority service. They are in every state with multiple offices. Veterans should apply for "Tier II" status. They will be assigned a personal case manager with the instructions to prepare veterans for employment and to introduce them to companies in the area that are hiring. The Tier II program will reimburse employers 50% of the salary they pay to their Tier II candidates. This is a big help in getting them hired.   ...
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New Opportunities 4 Veteran Entrepreneurs

Posted by on in Biz Ops
Entrepreneurism is the backbone of America and a distinctive way of life. Our economy and free enterprise is the best seed bed for starting businesses in the world! One of the principal efforts of HirePatriots is helping veterans become successful, new business owners, or to be more prosperous in the one they already have. Towards this end, we create and promote opportunities that we believe are realistic and legitimate. We particularly seek low cost start-up businesses that have great growth potential. US veteran entrepreneurs are amazing! One of every ten US businesses are veteran owned. Courageous, innovative, smart people with these...
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Are US Veteran Unemployment Stats Erroneous?

Posted by on in News
The American Legion, the US Chamber of Commerce and Vet Jobs rejoice in letting everyone know that there is not a veteran unemployment problem. To support this claim they always quote the statistics published by the Labor Dept. that are currently at 6.9%. On first look that number sounds excellent. But is it an accurate assessment of the true employment reality for veterans? I cannot doubt the accuracy of these numbers; but, I do strongly question their interpretation of them. Here is a quote from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: “Among the 722,000 unemployed veterans in 2013, 60 percent were age...
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Seeking Partners to Help US Veterans

Posted by on in News
HirePatriots' ultimate goal is to teach veterans to fish, rather than to give them fish. At the same time, we want to embrace them and to care for their immediate needs too. I believe this is the duty of every American. HirePatriots provides a plan for all patriotic citizens to do so. It is simple and yet its effects have been profound! We began 10 years ago and now we are in 42 states. We have been directly involved with employing over 100,000 US veterans. And we have helped an equal number of US residents and businesses.  Our 501c3 non-profit is...
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Life’s Greatest Pleasure

Posted by on in For Families
More than anything else what gives us the greatest pleasure and strength is companionship. It is critical to contentment. Above all of its forms: friendship, parenthood, blood relations, neighbors, and esprit de corps, marriage is supreme. Being faithfully committed to another, always caring more about them than yourself, loving them with all of your heart and soul through the good, bad, and impossible, holding fast to each other through all storms and blessings is the greatest of all earthly joys and delights that we can know. When I look into my wife’s eyes, I see an unimaginably deep love for me...
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What about the day after Thanksgiving?

Posted by on in News
Many of us that care about veteran unemployment and homelessness pitch in during the holidays, at Veteran Shelters and homeless programs. I dig it. love it. I support it. But what about the day after Thanksgiving?  As we settle in for a long weekend of  football, yummy turkey sandwiches, and way, way, way, too much pie, I worry about the next day.   For many years now, my husband and I have been involved in solving Veteran Unemployment. My first assistant in the early years of was a transitioning Marine Sargent. She was also a Marine wife.  Her name was...
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Ferguson: Blacks vs. Whites in America

Posted by on in News
Blacks make up 12% of the US population, yet more than half of them are incarcerated in US prisons!  How can this be explained? Blacks are 5 times more likely to be arrested than Whites. Is this because other races are more moral and have greater intrinsic virtue? Of course not! The belief in equality of all human beings and US citizens is the foundation of our nation and its Constitution. The American Black race, its culture and society, needs our concerted effort to finally bring them into the same world and reality as many of the rest of us experience: a...
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What to Do for Thanksgiving

Posted by on in News
Remembering and recounting our blessings is a very important thing for us to do. Otherwise, we take everything we have for granted. We become ungrateful and brutish. Imagine how astonishingly thankful our ancestors were who first founded America. Persecuted in Europe, they fled to a land flowing with “milk and honey.” They now had the chance to build a new world. They could live in freedom and without fear of punishment for their particular belief in God. They and their families had a magnificent opportunity to establish themselves in a society of their own making.   Looking back at their lives’...
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US Military Maintenance

Posted by on in Biz Ops
US Military Maintenance is a nationwide business that is owned and operated by US veterans. It is both a business opportunity and a means of employment for our nation’s military members, past and present.US Military Maintenance gives patriotic companies, realtors and property managers an opportunity to hire the men and women who risked their lives keeping our nation safe.  These veterans are thoroughly trained in keeping everything immaculately clean. White glove inspections are routine in the US military. US Military Maintenance is a full service company. In addition to janitorial cleaning, we provide building maintenance, grounds maintenance, window cleaning, carpet...
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A Business 4 US Veterans

Posted by on in Biz Ops
As founder of HirePatriots, I have spent every waking minute of my last ten years helping US veterans get employed or to start and succeed in business. Now, I am mentoring US veterans to do what I did for 35 years, before beginning my non-profit. America is about opportunity. It offers people an open door to achieve. This is true for all US citizens and immigrants to our country. How many millions have risen to a far better life because of the availability to start you own business in America? Most new businesses begin small and then build from there over...
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As part of our commitment to both road safety and supporting our military servicemen and servicewomen, Premiere Services is pleased to announce that we are now hiring qualified veterans to augment our existing safety equipment installation staff.   As part of the Operation Safe Road™ program, Premiere Services is currently hiring qualified veterans for 12-volt installation technician positions. These are part-time positions with the potential to become full-time, and make an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to expand their audio and safety product installation skills. Military veterans with motor transport, or automotive electronic experience preferred. These MOS’s and Ratings include:  ...
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Video: ABC TV Leadership Award

Posted by on in News
ABC TV has given its Leadership Award to HirePatriots for connecting communities with their local US veterans.  HirePatriots is looking for a national sponsor. Our program is now in 41 states and in multiple communities. The grass roots value to a business in word-of-mouth and P.R. is tremendous. Please contact us to get a customized, community website for your area.  Mark & Tori Baird 760-730-3734 People Magazine's “Heroes Among Us”  From President Bush: The Congressional Medal of MeritFrom President Obama: President's Volunteer Service MedalFrom San Diego: The Visionary Award for Creating Economic DevelopmentFrom the Chamber of Commerce: The Extra Mile AwardFrom...
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