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VA Offers 3 Day Marriage Retreats

This is great news! — HirePatriots has been hosting free 3 day military marriage retreats for 6 years.  Now the VA is doing them. Like ours, theses are free too. All you have to do is to get there. — These retreats are absolutely worth it for any couple, whether they have no real problems […]

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Letters from Military Wives

These are some of the heart-felt requests we get to attend our military marriage retreats. It gives you a glimpse into the hardships of being married in the military and the critical need for these retreats. Hello Hire patriots, I am writing to you because my husband and I are interested in attending this retreat. […]

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New HirePatriots Military Marriage Retreat

HirePatriots has received a $5000 donation from an anonymous, Christian couple to host another Military Marriage Retreat. It will occur either on the first or second weekend of November, 2011. It will be held in North San Diego, Ca. A Time to Romantically Reconnect HirePatriots’ marriage retreats for our US military and recent veterans are […]

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Do Veterans Need Marriage Retreats?

We discovered that 90% of the combat deployed, married Marines on our Army HirePatriots Cares About Military Families. and Marine bases were going getting divorced. We had already been hearing from the Marine MP’s how almost all they were doing is driving around the bases and breaking up marital fights. Something had to be done […]

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Military Marriages Are Suffering

The US Military Chaplain Service has been awarded significant funds to host marriage retreats for US troops on bases and at hospitals. This effort is worthy of praise because a tremendous need and a multitude of US military and veteran married couples are asking to attend such retreats in an effort to save their marriages. […]

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