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What we did


  • Formed a partnership with the non-profit organization Patriotic Hearts, whose mission is job placements for veterans. To kick off this partnership on CompanyWide.com, we will be signaling (shown below) that a user is a veteran using a Patriotic Hearts badge, and waiving our fees for hiring veterans. Looking forward to helping out both organizations with this new partnership! carpenter
  • Added a referral system to the website. Users who refer a contact will get a referral bonus if that person finds work on CompanyWide.
  • Added a feature which allows users to signal that they are available to work today. This will tie into an upcoming “instant hire” feature which will allow companies to quickly hire people for short term jobs without filling out a long job description. carpenter2


What we plan to do next

  • Redesign the job application and job post forms to be simpler to use. We have already added many new features that users have requested . The redesign will allow us more control over our ability to make the changes users are asking for.
  • Onboard more companies looking for workers. Now that the main features of the site are fully functional, we can start marketing it as a jobs board.
  • Move offices. The BU Buzz Lab, which has been our home for the past few months, is closing, and reopening as the Build Lab at a different location at BU. We will have to be out of the office on December 22nd, and start work in our new location on January 16th.


How you can help

  • Referrals to people who are looking for new construction hires. We are going to be looking for large contracts where we could help make placements.
  • Continued feedback on our product. Thanks so much for all the help so far.
  • Continued support of our project. We have several jobs to fill and a growing list of users. We are hoping to hit a critical mass of users shortly, and once we make our first few transactions we will build from there.
Web Page: http://companywide.com/