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US Military Maintenance Owners

This is a great time for US veterans to start a cleaning business. Perhaps more than ever there is an urgent need for a professional cleaning company to keep work areas bacteria and virus free. I teach U.S. veterans how to begin their own commercial maintenance business.

In 1970, unable to support my family, I was forced to try and start a business of my own. I had been trained to keep everything clean to military standards, so I began a cleaning business. I was able to clean 13 offices a night by myself. I cleaned the B of A in Laguna and three R.E. offices. Then I drove to Dana Point and cleaned two more banks. Then on to San Juan Capistrano, where I cleaned 2 banks and a doctor’s office. Then I went to Mission Viejo and cleaned 3 doctors offices and another bank. On the way home I polished the floor of a hair salon. I earned $85,000 that year working all by myself. — When I go to Google and type in “How much is $85,000 in 1970 worth today,” here is the answer: “U.S. Inflation Rate, $85,000 from 1970 to 2020. In other words, $85,000 in 1970 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $566,691.49 in 2020.”  (https://bit.ly/39kArBw)

It radically changed my life! I had been struggling just to pay rent and bills every month. Sometimes I had to move because I could not come up with rent. I was poor and had a wife and a kid. I was also a H.S. dropout. And I was listed as 100% disabled. — I bought a house that year! I went to college and eventually earned several degrees and taught at the school I dropped out of! And I never had to worry about money again. 

I have taken everything I’ve learned over 50 years of creating commercial maintenance businesses and created a step by step plan for any US veteran to begin his business withing one week of getting started with me. Essentially, everything you need is provided by me: website, marketing, training, certifications, equipment, graphics, bidding, etc. 

There are several avenues to follow when starting out that will make you money right away, on your first day. (Day 8 after getting started with me.) As you may have heard from the interviews and team meeting recordings, many veterans earn thousands of dollars in their first month. You earn more than enough to recoup your start-up expenses in your first month. — We will discuss these different ways to start making money out of the gate and find out which path you prefer. 

As to getting accounts: Literally, this is the easiest part of this business. As a US veteran you have doors already open and waiting for you. You just need to learn where they are and how to get in. — Even at 70 years old, I still get commercial accounts for local veterans. It takes me about an hour each time. Here in S.D. I got an account of 2,500 square feet for $24,000 a year. I walked into 3 offices before finding that one. — Then I got a $60,000 a year account for another veteran, a 40,000 sq. ft office in the same amount of time. I will teach you where to go, what to say, and how to walk out with a signed agreement to begin work. — There is far more work that needs to be done every day in almost every city, for any one man or company to handle. And almost every company hates their janitorial business. Most do crappy work! Companies are urgently waiting for a trustworthy US veteran to take over and keep it U.S. Military clean! 

Here is your BIG AVANTAGE: US veterans are the only American citizens that have been trained and drilled to keep everything “Inspection Ready.” All you need to know is how to poke a stick in a company’s need and make them see how urgent it is to repair their bleeding wound. Then provide your solution: The only solution: US Veterans!

Here is another article with more info; https://hirepatriots.com/us-military-maintenance-is-a-program-created-especially-for-us-veterans

Mark Baird / usveteransenetrprises@gmail.com/ 760-847-2561

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Be the Difference Maker in Your Area https://hirepatriots.com/be-a-big-difference-maker-in-your-community https://hirepatriots.com/be-a-big-difference-maker-in-your-community#respond Wed, 18 Mar 2020 20:20:25 +0000 https://hirepatriots.com/?p=10473 This is how you can be a big difference maker in your community. It is a simple program that will help every resident and business, especially if you live in an area with US military personnel and veterans. In 2004, this program was launched in San Diego. Since then, it has assisted tens of thousands […]

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The Greatest Joy is found by Helping Others.

This is how you can be a big difference maker in your community. It is a simple program that will help every resident and business, especially if you live in an area with US military personnel and veterans.

In 2004, this program was launched in San Diego. Since then, it has assisted tens of thousands of residents and thousands of businesses. This unique community program connects people that need help with almost any kind of chore or job with a local active duty US military member or veteran that can do the job. So many have benefitted from this program in San Diego that it received the “Visionary Award” for stimulating the San Diego County economy. And it has resulted in thousands of local military and veterans being hired for “off-duty” and “extra income” jobs. The reviews are fantastic! Click these for: TESTIMONIALS and MEDIA.

  • Do You Want to Bring This program to Your Community?

We are endeavoring to provide this free service to other US communities. All we need in each location is a person, group of people, or a business to help us get it started. We provide the website, all the graphics for posters, fliers, banners, and business cards. We provide the hosting and web maintenance. And we customize each community job board. This is free to the sponsor and to the community.

If you are enthusiastic about helping a lot of US citizens and veterans in your area, we will help you do that at no cost to you. We are Patriotic Hearts, a U.S. charity.  Helping the men and women that are willing to risk their lives in our Armed Forces is an honor. Bringing this simple but very powerful program to your county causes others to recognize you as being an exceptional American citizen. You are assisting not only veterans, but you are also helping every citizen that hires them from your own free job board.  

The immense popularity of this day-by day job board for US military veterans and their spouses opens the door to continuous TV, radio and press coverage. Great human interest stories are created by it every day.  There will be many opportunities to talk about your job board. — Here is what you do to get started:

1. Contact me and let me know that you want a site for your community. You will fill out a basic information sheet so that we can build your website and job board. We present it you for approval and design changes until you are satisfied.

2. Notify your friends, neighbors and associates. Ask them to look around and find some chores and to post them.

3. Now that you have jobs on the site, let the local military and veterans know.  There are a variety of ways to do this quickly. We will show you.

4. Notify all local TV, radio, and press media. Notify your Chamber of Commerce, Mayor, City Council, Supervisors, Congressperson, and Assemblyperson, ask them to put news about this great way to thank our veterans in their newsletters and to help spread the word. Let all the community clubs and organizations know.

I have created the Patriotic Business Plan especially for businesses that sponsor this wonderful job board. It has many fantastic benefits, too many to list. Please text, call or write me,  so I can share more details.  — Mark Baird/ ceo@hirepatriots.com/ 760-730-3734

  • Here is the short version of how this program got started:

In 2004, I was living next door to Camp Pendleton Marine Base. One day, a US Marine living in our neighborhood, knocked on my door and asked me if there was any work that I needed done so that he could earn some extra money. He explained that he had just returned from Iraq and discovered that his wife had lost her job and that she and his 3 children had been living with without any utilities. I tried to just give him the money he needed, but he insisted on working and earning it. My wife made a delicious meal for his family and we paid him all he needed after a couple of hours of work. He cleaned our garage, washed our car and fixed my favorite comfortable chair that had broken. He left feeling great and smiling. We were smiling too. But we were also suddenly burdened. What could a retried couple like ourselves do to help other US Marines on base and in our town from dire financial situations like this?

A couple of months later, we launched HireMarines.com. It was a free job board for local residents and businesses to post One Day jobs and hire our local Marines. It took off like a rocket! It became a major news sensation. All the local TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers began interviewing us. Then, the Admiral of the Navy called. He wanted to know if his sailors could use the site too. “Of course!” I replied. “Great!” he answered, “Then could you consider changing the name?” That is how we became HirePatriots.com.  – (However, we have sites especially for the branch of our US military near you: HireMarines, HireNavy, HireArmy, HireAirForce, and HireCoasties.)

  • Some Reasons for “One Day” Jobs

Deployments to the wars we have been fighting, and will continue fighting, changes our warriors. Some of what they did, and saw done, will haunt them the rest of their lives. This creates stress. It often becomes a burden the entire family must carry. Then, when a warrior leaves the military, often there is a drop in income during what is often a long job search. — When additional stresses are placed upon anyone already carrying a heavy load, it can become too much. Consequently, US combat veterans have the highest divorce rate in America. – This should not be! They have sacrificed enough, too much to also lose their loved ones.  –  Just by encouraging citizens to post jobs every month as way to say Thank You, saves marriages and families. It also keeps local military connected to the community. Friendships are formed. And new veteran owned businesses that employ other US veterans are created through this job board. —  (In our area we host a 3 day, all expenses paid military marriage retreats at a 4-Star resort every year. Our local County Supervisors, businesses and churches provide us the money and resources we need to do so.) If you have other ideas to assist veterans with concerts, events, retreats, etc., you will find enthusiastic community support because of their admiration for what you do.  

Please check out HirePatriots.com and our charity PatrioticHearts.org.  If you can assist us in our efforts to spread this across America, please let us know.  We are an all-volunteer organization. Thank you.

Mark Baird (https://www.linkedin.com/in/markbaird/) Please connect with me.

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The Unforgettable Day https://hirepatriots.com/the-unforgettable-day https://hirepatriots.com/the-unforgettable-day#respond Wed, 11 Mar 2020 17:29:22 +0000 https://hirepatriots.com/?p=10454 The beach in September, when all the tourist have gone and school has resumed, is quiet. The hot, late afternoon sun seemed to make the waves breaking against the shore sound like something sizzling on a platter. There was not a cloud in the expanse of the bright blue sky that extended to where the […]

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The beach in September, when all the tourist have gone and school has resumed, is quiet. The hot, late afternoon sun seemed to make the waves breaking against the shore sound like something sizzling on a platter. There was not a cloud in the expanse of the bright blue sky that extended to where the earth began to curve on its horizon. There was the silhouette of a large island, offshore about 25 miles. As the months went by, the island’s place from where David sat would shift from north to south, seemingly gliding slowly back and forth from, depending on the season. Now, it sat in the middle of his sight, and looked much closer, as if he could swim to it, if he tried.

He had been to school that day, and afterwards worked out with the cross-country team. He had showered and changed back into his school clothes. Today, he was wearing soft, light corduroy pants, and a t-shirt. David sat, alone, at the end of a cove of his favorite beach. It had dark brown, weathered-pocked crags jutting out from a cliff, being splashed by swells, breaking against their crab crawled exteriors. He was often alone. Not that he was unfriendly; it was just that he was accustomed to being alone. Before his parents moved to this beach town on the California coast, David lived in a country hamlet, on Saddleback mountain, located 20 miles from the coast, and stretching across the eastern horizon of the county. Its name came from its crest having two large humps that looked like something a giant might use to ride a horse for his size. The elementary school David attended there had two rooms and an office. One classroom was for First grade through Third. The other for Fourth grade through Sixth. Much of David’s time in Silverado was spent exploring every hill, valley, creek, and cave he could. His imagination was ablaze with visions of cowboys, Indians, gold miners, and bank robbers, from the tales and history of his old frontier town.

The change from living on Saddleback Mountain versus Breakers Beach was significant. When his family moved, David was entering the Sixth grade. He came to his first day of school dressed just as he always had, in a white t-shirt with its sleeves rolled, blue jeans with cuffs at the bottom, white socks, and black tennis shoes that had white rubber margins all around for him to draw on with red and blue ink. David liked to draw red flames on his shoes because he ran so fast. David also liked to put lots of oil in his hair for making a wave raise from his forehead. David was considered handsome when he lived in the hills, and he had his pick of any girl in school — But that was not at all what beach kids and surfers dressed like. — No one had oil in their hair. No one wore tennis shoes with names of their girlfriends surrounded with red flames. No one rolled the sleeves of their t-shirts. And no one wore jeans with cuffs. The entire class was astonished speechlessly when he entered his new classroom and took his seat.

At recess, there were ten-times more kids on the playground than he had ever seen. And some of the boys were almost as large as his father. They came in a crowd and pushed David against a fence to let him know that they were the “bosses” of recess period. — Wrestling was one thing that David did almost every day in the hills. That is what the boys that in his grade did during recess in the hills. He considered accepting their challenge, despite his diminutive size.  But they were too many and too big, so he cowered, and let them walk away. After that, David stayed a loner. He made a few friends, here and there, once in a while. And he was in school plays, and on sports teams. But he was never a part of any group and was not invited to parties. 

It did not help him to be accepted by the boys at his school that the girls found David handsome.  He had broad shoulders, brown hair and clear and piercing eyes that made people think it was like being stared at by a hawk. He was not muscular, and thinner than average. But his countenance revealed his long and deep thoughts, beyond that of most of his peers.

He had begun reading the Bible, from start to finish, when he was 6. He completed it several times before entering high school. David also enjoyed reading American history, especially about its heroes. He was inspired by romanticized versions of men who were constant in their loyalty, courage, integrity, and had a life-long devotion to God. He read of faithful love for their families, and of the sacrifices they made, often with their own lives, protecting the innocent, and their valiant struggle for the enduring liberty of our country.

Growing up in Silverado, David’s imagination was endlessly playing out scenes from the books he had read. In a running creek, nearby his home, shaded by tall Sycamore trees and their broad, dusty leaves, David used sticks as guns, swords, and bows in imagined fights with bad men. He leapt from stone to stone, sometimes slipping amidst a ferocious battle, only to rise quickly and fight on, until absolute victory was solely his.

By the time he got to 16 and in the 11th grade, David had a weekly column in  the Breaker Beach town newspaper.  His high school English teachers permitted David to write essays and expositions on various poets, instead of attending class. In History, instead of taking the tests, he wrote them for his teachers. And when the school held a talent show, David performed a poetry reading of his own work.  He did so with panache. He strutted, waved his arms, shouted , whispered at times, and even shed tears, as he read. Being dramatic was as natural to David when on stage, as it was for him to be a recluse, when he was not.

The sun was hot, as David sat in the white, warm, sand of the cove. A breeze coming from off the water, kept him comfortably cool, even in his school clothes. He looked out across the shallow  green waves, and then out to the blue water where the ledge of the shore drops off into deeper depths. Seagulls were sailing in the breeze above him. Seeking the strongest currents, and  stretching out their wings firmly, without any movement, like rigid sails, they streaked like small jets up into the sky and along the beach, until the current collapsed, and they winged their way back for another run. Occasionally, Pelican clans would also appear. With grace and ease, seeking the curl of the waves, in that moment just before their collapse, with the tips of their wings almost tickling the belly of the waves, ever so slightly, the pelicans peered into the thin curl of water, seeking fish.

The warm, calm, serene beauty of the day, seeped into him. He wasn’t afraid anymore. — David reached into his pocket and took out a small piece of tin foil. He opened it, and then put the small orange pill in his mouth and swallowed.

Now, he waited. His older sister’s boyfriend, a musician, had given David some LSD, a psychedelic drug, growing in popularity on college campuses.  Two Harvard professors, Timothy Leary and Richard Albert had created a class called “The Psilocybin Project.” They became ardent proponents of LSD as a tool for exploring new realms of human consciousness. Its popularity, especially among the 16 to 29 age group was spreading across the country. David was especially interested.

After several minutes, David felt different, relaxed and elated at the same time. Then he noticed the rows of his corduroy pants begin to undulate like ripples on water. He lay back and closed his eyes. Inside of his body, blasting up into his brain, he felt a powerful surge of energy. He began hearing the sound of this force as if it were a spinning tornado that was rapidly increasing in speed. The whirring got faster and faster and louder and louder. He was frightened. What was happening? At the same time, David knew that he had to stay calm. He had read how some people had gone insane after taking LSD because they got paranoid. They lost control of their minds. David fought the fear rising within him, accompanying the furious rushing of energy. He breathed deeply and relaxed his muscles. “Stay calm. Stay calm.” David repeated to himself. Then, like a towering and terrifying wave, the screaming surge within him broke… and was no more. In its place was a joy, and a peace, and a love, David had never known.

There was no one on the beach to see him, as David stripped off his clothes and ran like a laughing child into the welcoming water and waves.  He was accustomed to bodysurfing regularly. He had no fear of the ocean. David thought of the sea water as his friend. He even spoke to the water sometimes, as if it were his buddy with whom he played.  And the water, particularly on soft, warm days like this, was especially playful. The pupils of his eyes became dilatated by the drug. It turned the light refracting off the water into kaleidoscopic rainbows of colors. He heard the water singing as it caressed him. Sometimes he could not distinguish the separation between himself, the sand, sun, birds, and waves. He seemed to disappear into a oneness with them. And when he left the water, the palm trees lining the cliffs above him called down and sang their songs to him too. — Later in life, even in old age, this day was like a diamond shining brightly in the rough and troubled life that became his.

More than satisfied, David did not take any psychedelics afterwards. He had been to Paradise once. He was not so sure he would end up there again. Like a biblical Apostle, he had been translated, tasted the joy of heavenly bliss, and being wholly One with the universe. He considered himself fortunate and blessed. He returned to this world with a certainty of the next. This unforgettable day became a steady influence and a source of strength and hope, in the midst of the trials and tribulations that he and all humans endure, until David’s Self dissolved away, and he merged into the Sea of Eternity.

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A Job Board Just for US Veterans https://hirepatriots.com/a-job-board-just-for-us-veterans https://hirepatriots.com/a-job-board-just-for-us-veterans#respond Mon, 03 Feb 2020 15:51:08 +0000 https://hirepatriots.com/?p=10324 HirePatriots.com has an exclusive job board just for US veterans. The companies that post jobs on our site value US veterans, their training, work ethic, experience and maturity. HirePatriots goes the extra mile when any company posts a job. For every job posted we send a notification out to all US veteran job seekers in […]

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HirePatriots.com has an exclusive job board just for US veterans. The companies that post jobs on our site value US veterans, their training, work ethic, experience and maturity. HirePatriots goes the extra mile when any company posts a job. For every job posted we send a notification out to all US veteran job seekers in that field with the experience to fulfill all its responsibilities. We make a post that includes your jobs on all relevant social networks and veteran groups.

HirePatriots goes the extra mile to fill your openings with qualified US veterans. That is why the US Chamber of Commerce, two US Presidents, and Congress have awarded them for their outstanding service to our American military veterans. Hire Patriots Awards

This month we are upgrading in order to connect our job board more fully with Zip Recruiter. They have developed their own job board software that HirePatriots will soon be implementing, for the purpose of getting more US veteran matched up with the right business right away!

HirePatriots also offers a free local job board to communities near US bases or that have a large veteran population. It is a Day by Day job board that residents and companies use when they need an extra hand with chores for a day or two. It has been a life saver to hundred of thousands of veterans and their families, when they need to earn some extra money.

HirePatriots is a program of Patriotic Hearts, an exemplary US Veteran charity.

Mark Baird https://www.linkedin.com/in/markbaird/

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The Life of a Long Distance Runner: A very short story https://hirepatriots.com/the-life-of-a-long-distance-runner-a-very-short-story https://hirepatriots.com/the-life-of-a-long-distance-runner-a-very-short-story#respond Mon, 03 Feb 2020 15:15:24 +0000 https://hirepatriots.com/?p=10319 Jake had prepared for the last race of the season, the County High School Cross Country Championships. He was now a Sophomore, the 10th grade. He was younger than most of his classmates. Jake was 14. He was very slender, in fact skinny. He stood at 5 feet nine inches and weighed 120 lbs. His […]

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cross countryJake had prepared for the last race of the season, the County High School Cross Country Championships. He was now a Sophomore, the 10th grade. He was younger than most of his classmates. Jake was 14. He was very slender, in fact skinny. He stood at 5 feet nine inches and weighed 120 lbs. His legs were particularly skinny. His calves were barely wider than his shin bones. That was not due to lack of eating. He consumed vast amounts of carbohydrates every day, and sugar and fat, and at least a gallon of milk and a quart of Half and Half, when he ate an entire box of cereal, with a can of mixed fruit in heavy syrup, with a sliced banana in it. Nothing he did, including lifting weights for an hour every day, seemed to help him get any bigger. But then, he was a runner. In fact, Jake was known throughout his town, to people who did not know his name, as “the runner.” His was a town of about 30,000 people. It was an artist colony along a picturesque beach. He ran along its beach every day. He woke up at dawn and ran its length, several miles, before running to school, and showering and dressing in the gym. After school, he met with the Cross Country team, about 15 other kids from his school, and they worked out along the beach too. Jake showered after those work outs and then washed dishes at a Steak House before it opened for business. All alone, he would enter by the back door, and find stacks of pots and pans, and piles of dishes, that he patiently washed and ran through the giant machine for doing so. He wore thick rubber gloves, a face guard, a heavy apron, and big boots when doing this because of the scalding hot water. When that was done, Jake would walk home, eat some more, do some homework, while listening  to his music, and then take another run along the beach, before showering, going to bed and starting that routine another day.

Letterman jacketJake’s high school was in the “Coast League.” Their school competed against the other schools with towns along the beach or nearby. Jake’s high school, was in Breakers Beach, located between Los Angeles and San Diego, in a county once named for its millions of acres of Orange Trees, “Orange County.” Breakers Beach High School held a county-wide Track meet every year. Thirty other high schools sent their teams to compete for the weekend event. Jake’s small town was overwhelmed with people for those two days. Boys wearing their school jackets with their large Varsity letters of their school, paraded through Jake’s town in groups, with gold, silver and bronze medals they had won dangling on their chests. Jake wore his jacket too. He had become a “Varsity Letterman” in his Freshman year on both the Cross Country and Track teams. Jake learned how to win a medal, in his first year, when he was in last place, lagging behind older and taller runners on the Freshman squad. In a section of the course that doubled back near the starting line, Jake’s coach screamed at him “Get the f**king lead out of your ass, McDonald!” Jake hated being screamed at and so he quickly picked up his pace. He intended to run faster, just until he was out of sight from his coach. But as he continued to pass the other runners, he  became more and more elated. Soon, he was running with the leader of the pack, who sped up to get away from Jake. Jake sped up to stay with him. Together they ran for miles, each trying to tire-out the other and gain the advantage. At last, they came to within sight of the finish line. They both began trying to out sprint the other and win the race. But they both had exhausted all the reserve strength they hoped to find. Jake and his competitor ran side by side towards the piece of string being held across the finish line by two pretty girls. Jake did not even notice the boy next to him. He couldn’t. It required all of his concentration to be focused on his legs moving faster. Then, as if opening his eyes, which may have been shut for a time, Jake heard cheers and encouraging screams from the Varsity Team waiting with his coach. “Go, Jake! Go!” And then Jake felt the slight trip of string across his chest, being the winner. That race changed Jake’s life forever.

After that win, Jake’s Coach, “Pinky Green,” who once ran in the Olympics, but who was now aged and really no longer enjoyed coaching, announced on the bus the name of the boy on the Varsity team who came in last that day, and demoted him to the Junior Varsity. Then, he pointed at Jake and give that boy’s spot to him. “Let’s see if you can show the rest of this team what it takes to be a winner!” That did not help jake “fit-in” well with the rest of the boys after that.

In his Sophomore year, most of the team graduated. There was only one other boy on the team who could now keep up with Jake in workouts and races, a new boy, Jerry. They became inseparable. They often worked out together before and after school. On the weekends they liked to run at night, in the summer. It seemed that in the cool air they could run faster and forever.

Jerry was a bigger, stronger and an older boy. He was  a natural born runner too. Neither was really faster than the other, except when it came to sprinting. Jerry could sprint faster. Jerry and Jake would run side by side until the final few hundred yards of a race, then Jerry would go into another gear, speed up, and win. It was terribly frustrating to Jake. Until one day in the middle of his 10th grade CC season. In a race at another school, Jake and Jerry were way out in front of the pack when coming towards the finish line, Jake began to sprint. But to his surprise, as he was about to cross the finish line, Jerry had not yet caught up. Inexplicably, Jake stopped. He waited for Jerry to catch-up, ignoring the yelling of his coach to finish the race. As Jerry came closer, Jake began jogging, think they would cross the line together this time. Jerry did not have the same thought. He sped past Jake and won the race. He even set a record and was in the town paper, receiving public praise the next day!

Jake was disappointed but also encouraged. Jerry was beatable. He knew this now. Jake began practicing sprinting regularly. Each day, by himself, he practiced sprinting the last 300 yards of their high school course. He put markers along the course as signals for him to speed up at those points. His goal was to create spurts that would distance him from Jerry, and then to beat him at the end with superior sprinting speed. It worked. Jake beat Jerry in the next 3 races. Now, the Championships were next.

The team got on the big, yellow school bus that drove them to a golf course in Huntington Beach. All the teams were there, hundreds of kids. They were divided into racing levels for separate races. Jake’s was the varsity championship, the highlight of the event. They ran first.

In preparation for this race, Jerry and Jake visited a wacky doctor that lived near the high school. He was a friend of most of the athletes at the school. The football team was allowed to have their parties at his house. Jake, Jerry and another racer, came by and visited Dr. Hopping the night before their big race. Dr. Hopping suggested that they get hypnotized. Jake was the only one that permitted it. He did not think it worked. He did not even remember being hypnotized, although he did recall agreeing to be.

At the Championships, Jake and 5 other top runners in the county were in the front line. The boy from Huntington Beach high school was very muscular and friendly. He had led all the runners in jogging through the course to familiarize themselves to it. At the start, after a few hundred yards, the course circled a large putting green area and then it circled the golf course and came back to the finish line.

The four boys on the front line with Jake were all Seniors, who would soon be graduating and going on to the colleges that gave them scholarships to run on their teams. Jake had never beaten any of these boys in a race before. He was intimidated but confident. He knew that winning at this level had a lot to do with who wanted it the most. On the line next to him was a very tall boy. Jake’s head came to just above his belly button. He and Jake had raced eachother before on that boy’s own school course. They were running neck to neck when they came to an open gate they needed to run through, along a wire fence. Just as Jake was about to run through, being slightly in front, the boy’s big hand slammed into Jake’s back, causing him to stumble and go crashing into the fence, instead of through the gate. He lost that race. But Jake determined to pay that boy back some day.

When the race’s gun went off, the top Varsity runners at the Championship quickly outpaced all the other runners. They went around the huge putting green and then down into a gully bordered by tall Eucalyptus trees. It was shaded and bedded with damp leaves. But it was broad and flat. It ran for about a quarter of a mile. Because it was hidden from public view, many of the spectators waited at the other end, when it rose back unto the level of the golf course and into the sunlight. The boy from Huntington High was a few yards in the lead with Jake and the tall boy a few yards back. Jake was feeling comfortable and was staying relaxed. He focused on his wrists. Jake had discovered that by keeping his wrist muscles loose, it transferred to his arms, torso and legs. He was enjoying the race. The pace was easy enough for him to take the lead when he wanted. Maybe then, he could increasingly outdistance those with him and win the race. “Yes. ‘Win the race!’ Win the race!” He repeated to himself, inside of his head. He could smell the Eucalyptus. He had built a tree fort in the ancient, Eucalyptus in his home’s front yard. Many hot days Jake spent just laying on the mattress he put up there, inside of his fully enclosed and roofed hideaway, wondering about his future. Mostly, he dreamed of running in the Olympics. His idol was Jim Ryun, the high school phenom from Kansas who had just beaten Peter Snell, the world champion from Australia, and set a world record in the mile. Running beneath these trees encouraged Jake. It felt like they were friends cheering him on.

Wham! Being out of sight of all other runners, suddenly the tall boy next to Jake slammed his fist into Jake’s jaw. Jake does not remember that happening. He knew that is what happened though. He must have laid there, out of sight, laying unconscious on the leaves, as dozens of other boys ran past him or over him. By the time he awoke, he was in dead last. He could not even see anyother runners. This is when something somewhat miraculous happened.

Jake got up. He ran through the funnel of trees and up into the sunlight. The boys in last were a hundred yards ahead, about to start the 4 mile circle around the golf course. It was flat when he ran out from beneath the trees. Jake could see about ¾ of a mile in the distance the lead runners, especially the tall boy, who stood head and shoulders above the rest. He became Jake’s target. That was who he focused his vision on. He did not even notice how many other runners he was passing. He had one goal. He had to catch the tall boy. His conviction was adamant. His legs obeyed. Before reaching the final mile of the race, Jake had caught up, and even passed the boy who hit him. It was like his first win as a Freshman. He only intent was to catch up. But now that he had, he was still not tired. It was as if he had awakened from a dream, to suddenly find himself in front, after being so far behind. He realized that his legs should be weary and his lungs on fire. But they were not. Like a horse running free from a stable, Jake’s legs wanted to keep going and run faster.

As he came near the finish line, which he could see less than a few dozen yards away, he became confused. To his left was the Putting Course they were required to run around at the beginning. “Am I supposed to run around it again?” Jake asked himself several times in a split second. Then he turned to run around it. He was so far in the lead, all by himself, too far from the others to even hear their pounding feet and hard breathing. He would win this race. It was as if he was like the wind, and without feet. Jake seemed to be soaring towards the finish as if being blown toward it.

As Jake rounded the last turn, he saw his mistake. No one else had followed him. It was not required to run the putting course twice. There were already several runners ahead of him speeding to the finish line. Jake ran furiously. He crossed the finish line behind the two seniors and Jerry, into the funnel lined by ropes that narrowed to a small opening where each runner was given a popsicle stick with their finish number on it. Then suddenly, two runners from Huntington burst passed him in the line who had finished behind him. They bumped hard against his skinny shoulders. They knocked him against the ropes. By the time he regained his balance those two already had their popsicle sticks with for 4th and 5th places. Officially, Jake came in 6th. There was nothing he could do about it. He had made a mistake. It cost him, just like when he waited for Jerry that day.

Jake’s only consolation was that next year, there would be no one faster than he was. He would win the Championship for the next two years. He would get scholarship offers from major universities. He would choose Stanford. He would Master in Comparative Literature and become a professor. That is how his life would turn out.

He was sorely disappointed about losing the race that he should have by all rights won, especially after being knocked out. The loss was difficult to accept. Jerry was written up again in the town newspaper. He was the school hero for a while. Jake had to wait for the next year.

During the summer, after that school year, Jake began preparing for Cross Country in the Fall. Living at the beach, he bodysurfed a lot. But now, he also swam distances. He would swim well beyond the waves and their swells, into the deeper ocean where the color went from light blue to dark. It surprised Jake to find how extremely tired it made him. He could run for miles without even breathing hard; but, when he swam more than 100 yards he was exhausted. But as he kept at it, he knew he would improve. And by the end of summer, Jake was swimming a mile a day and running ten. He was ready.

Jake was a Christian. His family were not. But he enjoyed the bible studies at students’ houses that his church had once a week, and the fellowship, and the singing. (Too, there were also some pretty girls that attended that Jake hoped to make friends with.) His group, along with many others throughout the area went to a mountain retreat every year, just before school started again, called Forest Home. It was 5,000 feet above sea level. It was rocky with white granite, speckled with black flecks. And it was heavily forested with giant pine trees. There was also a big, rushing river that ran nearby over millions of rounded rocks and big bleached pebbles. They slept in tiny wooden cabins that held several bunk beds. Dozens of these were spewed around the Chapel and dining area. For a week, kids his age from nearby churches played together and gathered to listen to some of the most profound preachers and also most humorous. They swam in a nearby lake that had a platform and a slide in its middle. And there were always fun cabin competitions that the camp counselors created for them. But this year, Jake went for a different reason. Forest Home that year was also holding a “runners camp.” High school runners from all around were attending. Jake joined too.

Learning to run in a higher elevation was a painful lesson to learn. On the first day, the runners, about three dozen, had to race from the Chapel to the lake. Jake was amazed at how quickly it made his lungs feel like they were breathing fire when he raced. He was way out in front of the other runners at first, but he had to stop because he began coughing and spitting because of the pain in his throat from breathing cold, thin, mountain air.  It took a week before he adapted and could run and win without gasping for more air.

Then one day, after chapel, the coach gathered his team together, with all of their clothes still on, and challenged them to meet him at the lake where he would give them a drive back for lunch. “Go!” the coach suddenly screamed, as he took out his stopwatch and clicked the timer. Everyone took off, in whatever they thought would be the shortest path to the finish. Jake burst out the side doors of the chapel and began running down a grassy hill to the road below. He did not see, or know, that there were water sprinklers and water lines running above ground below the thick foliage. His foot caught on one as he took giant leaps down the hillside. He fell and rolled to the edge of the road, where he fell again, six feet unto the asphalt.  Stunned, Jake got up. His right leg was stiff. He could feel that he was bleeding, and pain was shooting like flaming rockets up his leg. Jake knew he was hurt.

Fortunately, almost directly across from where Jake fell was a medical office for the camp. Jake went in and got seen. His thigh was torn and bleeding and had some pieces of rock embedded in it. It was swollen and the pain was increasing. But there were several other kids who wanted to be seen. So, they cleaned his wound, bandaged it, and sent him out the door.

Jake went back to his cabin, slowly and in tremendous pain. He managed to climb into the top bunk that was his and fall asleep.  When he awoke some time later, he was still alone. The pain was now unbearable, and his leg had swollen so much that it was stretching the thigh part of his jeans. He had to pee. But Jake could not figure out how to get back onto the floor. Too, he knew it would be impossible for him to walk. So, without remedy, Jake just allowed himself to wet himself and his bed.

Eventually, he was found by his cabinmates. The nurse was called. And someone drove him back to his home at Breakers Beach. No one was there when Jake arrived, so the people left him there, assuming his parents would return soon, and drove back. Actually, his parents had taken a vacation themselves. Jake eventually was able to climb into a window and fall asleep on his bed in a torrent of sweat and tears. He stayed there for another week. The only time he moved was when he had to go to the bathroom. He used the handle of a broom for a crutch. His weight dropped to below 100 by the time his parents returned and found him.

The doctors said he had fractured his hip and tore several tendons and muscles. He was to stay off his leg for six months. He was bed ridden. By the time he recovered, Jake slowly regained weight, muscle and strength. He also ran again and won a few races. But Jake’s hopes for glory, a scholarship and the Olympics were dashed. Jake’s entire life was altered due to that one innocent fall.

Sometimes, as Jake became older and older, he would think back and wonder what might have been. Who would he had become? Who would he have married? Would he have become a college professor? Would he have been much happier than with the life he lived, instead? Sometimes Jake wondered about that.

Jake did eventually go to community college and eventually earned a bachelor’s degree in English. He became a high school teacher and a coach. He had 3 kids. None became a runner. He was divorced 3 times and never had the close relationship with his children that he wanted. He built a janitorial business to enhance his teachers earnings. He watched sports on TV. He especially loved watching the long distance running events. He was lonely most of his life and not ever really happy. Jake was just another man among millions who had a youth, had dreams and had disappointments. Jake died at the age of 70. He was cremated by the county. Who knows what happened to his remains after that? 

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San Diego Military Job Fair Jan. 23 https://hirepatriots.com/san-diego-military-job-fair-jan-23 https://hirepatriots.com/san-diego-military-job-fair-jan-23#respond Mon, 13 Jan 2020 21:43:45 +0000 https://hirepatriots.com/?p=10284 If your company has openings appropriate for military-experienced job seekers, you are welcome and encouraged to attend the January 23rd Job Fair for the San Diego Military Community, to be held from 9 am to 12 noon at the Scottish Rite Center in Mission Valley. Participating companies will receive the following services at a cost of $900 […]

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If your company has openings appropriate for military-experienced job seekers, you are welcome and encouraged to attend the January 23rd Job Fair for the San Diego Military Community, to be held from 9 am to 12 noon at the Scottish Rite Center in Mission Valley. Participating companies will receive the following services at a cost of $900 ($500 for municipalities, non-profits, and small businesses): REGISTER NOW!

· Face-to-face access to transitioning service members and veterans of all ranks and branches of service

· Use of a skirted and draped table, 2 chairs (more if needed), and company sign

· Early and indefinite access to the resumes aligned with this event

· Access to all of the resumes in Corporate Gray Online until January 23, 2020

· Targeted email blast to military-experienced candidates in the San Diego area

· Link to resumes matching your keywords on the Dashboard tab

· Separate, semi-private room for sit-down, 1-on-1 interviews by hiring managers

· Weekly job scrape for 1 month and import into Corporate Gray Online

· Company name listed on the job fair page with a link to your company profile

· Company description in the job fair employer directory

· Job fair promotion – in print, in person, and online

· Continental breakfast during company setup

· Complimentary parking

· Complimentary photocopy service

· Complimentary Wi-Fi

· Ability to hire as many candidates as you would like at no additional charge


To see the list of companies registered to date, visit www.CorporateGray.com/jobfairs/424.

If you have questions/interest, please send an email to Mark Baird at usveteransenterprises@gmail.com.

 Mark Baird/ founder@patriotichearts.org/ usveteranenterprises@gmail.com/ 760-847-2561/760-730-3734

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A Social Responsibility Program for Companies https://hirepatriots.com/a-social-responsibility-program-for-companies https://hirepatriots.com/a-social-responsibility-program-for-companies#respond Tue, 31 Dec 2019 18:47:39 +0000 https://hirepatriots.com/?p=10242 Make A Difference/ Build Your Business/ Stimulate the Economy Every business must make money. It is their life blood. Here is how to do so and also help everyone in your entire region, while also elevating the local economy. It is not difficult, nor costly to implement. And it only takes a few hours a […]

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Patriotic Business PlanMake A Difference/ Build Your Business/ Stimulate the Economy

Every business must make money. It is their life blood. Here is how to do so and also help everyone in your entire region, while also elevating the local economy. It is not difficult, nor costly to implement. And it only takes a few hours a week to initiate and to maintain.

This is a proven business marketing plan. It is not theory. This plan has been used with tremendous results by many businesses. It is called “The Patriotic Business Plan” because it assists US veterans, first responders, teachers, and U.S. communities, while continuously improving your U.S. company’s bottom line. 

The simple skills required to utilize this powerful marketing technique are writing, speaking, and enthusiasm. Your passion must come from a true desire to help others, rather than just yourself. If making money while making others’ lives better is something you enjoy, then this plan is for you!

Higher Cause MarketingBusinesses that support a “higher cause,” rather than focusing only on making profits, succeed far more than their competitors. Here are just a few of the benefits to your business:

  1. Employee Engagement and Productivity: Studies show that the majority of employees want to engage with corporate social responsibility initiatives. Employee engagement improves productivity. Companies with high employee engagement have 21 percent higher productivity than their counterparts. Their involvement in helping others creates positive correlations in employee engagement and productivity.
  1. Improve Brand Awareness and Reputation: “It improves your brand’s reputation with employees, customers, prospects, partners, and the community at large. The more good you do, the better your brand perception will be.
  2. Attract Top Talent: Businesses are only as effective as their employees. Today’s employees want their employer to balance the pursuit of profit with both making a positive impact on the world around them.
  3. Increase Sales: Studies show that people will spend more with businesses that support causes. When choosing between two brands of equal value, 90 percent of consumers are likely to switch to a cause-branded product.
  4. Tax Deductions: Helping a charity in need does provide economic rewards. Companies typically receive tax deductions for charitable giving. In addition, many of the costs associated with initiating and maintaining your Patriotic Business Plan can also be deducted.

The Patriotic Business Plan

I am an American businessman. I have been building and selling businesses for decades. As all business owners, I focus on these essential elements of success. — “How do I attract clients to my business? What can I do to set me apart from my competitors? How can I attract more eyes to my website? How can I increase my profits month by month? How can I maximize my Marketing dollars? — I also ask myself this: How can I make my employees as motivated and excited about my business goals as I am? — The following is a brief summary of how to accomplish all the above quickly, and to have the best time of your life doing so.  

Here are some of the awards and accolades this sensational plan has received and with whom your business will be associated:

Presidential Medal for National Leadership

The Congressional Medal of Merit

ABC TV Leadership Award

U.S. Chamber of Commerce “Extra Mile Award”

The “Visionary Award” for Creating Economic Development

PEOPLE Magazine’s “Heroes Among Us”

The Patriotic Business Plan is centered around saying Thank You to those citizens who sacrifice so much on our behalf in our towns and cities every day; and who too often they suffer financially for doing so. Your cause can be focused on any demographic that serves the entire community, who are respected and honored for their service, and that are paid less than they deserve. For instance, active duty military, their spouses and veterans; first responders; and school teachers. It can also serve organizations, religions, and even college students struggling to make ends meet and pay tuition. We will customize your plan according to the particular cause that strikes your heart and those of your employees. — You can target any demographic you desire to assist.

Patriotic Hearts, a highly honored veteran charity, provides a free community job board for US residents to post jobs for their local US military, veterans, and their spouses. Whatever the chore, there are military, and professionally trained people who are eager to earn extra money and to do whatever it is you need done. These local men and women know how to work hard and get your job done right. This job board creates delightful experiences for civilians and veterans, first responders and teachers every day.

Patriotic Hearts will provide you a customized website, and a free community job board for local businesses and residents to use when they need help for long term jobs, or with chores around their homes and yards. You can integrate this community outreach program into your existing company website. Every person who utilizes your community job board will register. You will develop a huge database of potential new clients in your region. And you can help Patriotic Hearts to expand and help more Americans every year.

We will maintain your customized HirePatriots.com site and job board. There will be no expense to you for doing so. We also provide a blog with SEO built in that is connected to all major social networks for you to disseminate information about your company, and what you are doing that benefits your region. We have posters fliers, and graphics for you to use too.

Become the most popular business in your area of the country by showing your support of our American Patriots. Become a member of  Patriotic Hearts and HirePatriots.com today. Just fill out this info sheet and we will respond ASAP.

Show your community that you have a Patriotic Heart! Respond by saying “YES!” and I will reach out to you.

Mark Baird/ founder@patriotichearts.org/ 760-847-2561







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RV Parks Getting Rid of Poor https://hirepatriots.com/rv-parks-getting-rid-of-poor https://hirepatriots.com/rv-parks-getting-rid-of-poor#respond Mon, 23 Dec 2019 18:57:31 +0000 https://hirepatriots.com/?p=10227 “Why, Lord, do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?” (Psalm 10:1) This complaint is heard frequently throughout the Psalms and Bible. The reason for this is because “the wicked man hunts down the weak (pursues and persecutes the poor), who are caught in the schemes he devises.” (Psalm […]

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Why, Lord, do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?” (Psalm 10:1) This complaint is heard frequently throughout the Psalms and Bible. The reason for this is because “the wicked man hunts down the weak (pursues and persecutes the poor), who are caught in the schemes he devises.” (Psalm 10:2) Never has this been truer than today. 

Rich Person's RV
Poor Person's RV

For instance, many of the poor, elderly, sick and afflicted in America live in trailer and RV parks. This has been true for many years. But these trailer and RV parks are changing. The rich are buying massive trailers and RVs, 40-60 feet long, loaded with every luxurious amenity. These RVs cost $250,000 to $500,000. — What was once the last refuge for the poor, elderly, and physically afflicted, is now being taken over by the rich. — Once the wealthy move into these parks, they complain about the poor quality of the RVs and trailers of the less fortunate, who are able to escape homelessness in those parks. Consequently, to ameliorate their higher paying park visitors, RV parks across the country are setting a limit to how old a trailer can be before being allowed to stay in these parks. The poor who live in much older and smaller trailers, who are living on hardly anything and just barely staying above homelessness, must leave. But where do they go? Many end up trying to park and live on the streets. These get parking tickets they cannot pay. Their RVs are confiscated. And they end up in jail with an arrest record.

It is literally becoming against the law to be poor. This is the age-old story and example of how the rich persecute the poor. But God does not consider the poor to be no value. He loves them with all the love in his heart. And he promises to judge those who in their pride look down upon them and make their lives even harder. 


The bite of riches frequently poisons the hearts and minds of those who have the means to live much better lifestyles than their less fortunate neighbors. They even have slogans like: “The one who has the most toys when he dies wins!” That is their source of confidence and pride. It is what makes them think they are better than the poor. But we have schoolteachers, retired and active military, struggling families and senior citizens who need affordable places to live. They cannot afford the lifestyle of the affluent who are traveling around the nation in vehicles that are more expensive than any average home. 

No alt text provided for this image

Few Americans realize that the majority of “homeless people” have jobs. But they cannot afford a place to live, other than their car, truck, or RV. If communities have a problem with too many poor but employed, they must have affordable RV parks. In San Diego County, where I live, RV parks are being reserved only for RVs made since 2010. Or, they are being torn down and replaced with expensive condos. Read Here.

No alt text provided for this image

One solution that some cities are implementing are Safe Parking areas. (Link) These are usually empty lots that have some minimal security, lights, and portable toliets. 

“If anyone is poor among you in any of the towns of the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward them. Rather, be openhanded and freely lend them whatever they need. Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.  There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land.” (Deuteronomy 15:7-11)

JRR Tolkien

 Mark Baird https://www.linkedin.com/in/markbaird/

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Do You Love Veterans Too? Read This! https://hirepatriots.com/joy-and-fulfillment-in-assisting-us-military https://hirepatriots.com/joy-and-fulfillment-in-assisting-us-military#respond Thu, 19 Dec 2019 17:28:01 +0000 https://hirepatriots.com/?p=10213   My wife and I have always found great joy and fulfillment in assisting US military, veterans and their families. They give their all for this wonderful country. And most begin as teenagers. They endure incredible hardships for our safety and security. It is our mission to enhance their lives, in and out of the […]

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Support US Veterans
No alt text provided for this imageMy wife and I have always found great joy and fulfillment in assisting US military, veterans and their families. They give their all for this wonderful country. And most begin as teenagers. They endure incredible hardships for our safety and security. It is our mission to enhance their lives, in and out of the US Military. We created Patriotic Hearts, a veteran charity, and several critical programs to help our beloved US military personnel and their families throughout their lifetimes.

Here is a thorough list of our programs. I have included a recommendation for each of our programs, for your confidence in the sincerity of our service.

No alt text provided for this image

HirePatriots.com: This is a jobs sites exclusively for US veterans. Our Careers job board lists employment openings for companies that are specifically looking for US veterans to fill them. – We also have a Day by Day job board that community residents use to hire local US military veterans or their spouses, when they need help with chores around their homes and yards. Active duty and veterans come to this site when they need to earn some extra money. They help local homeowners and get paid directly by them. – We also provide local HirePatriots job boards to communities and businesses for free.

John Eynouf/ Entrepreneur/ VeteranMark is one of the greatest Patriots I have ever met. His commitment and passion to helping Veterans is truly inspiring. With his help, I have started HirePatriots in Orlando, FL. Mark has helped train me to blog, attain media interviews, and setup the infrastructure for the HirePatriots program in Orlando. Thanks to Mark, I am now able to help my fellow Veterans find work when they return from Military service. He is an excellent mentor and I look forward to the future success of the HirePatriots program.

No alt text provided for this image

US Military Maintenance I began a cleaning maintenance business after the Marine Corps. I was unable to find employment to support my family. I had no choice but to create income on my own. I went through the “school of hard knocks.” But I became very successful. Now, I train US veteran how to do what I did, on a bar minimum budget. So far, I have created 85 US veteran owned Military Maintenance business across America. They employ hundreds of other veterans, at good wages, every day.

Tad StuartHelicopter Pilot with AirMedI am a new owner of a US Military Maintenance company in Utah. Marks dedication and mentoring is hands down above what was expected during this journey and start up. He offers his experience and guidance to all owners, anytime we need it. His dedication to the veteran community is outstanding.

Joe PadloFounder/ Veterans Elite ServicesWhen it comes to advocates for transitioning military veterans it is hard to find an equal to Mark Baird. Mark selflessly dedicates all of his time, effort and energy to ensuring veterans have a chance to be successful. He is a great mentor. Mark’s book, “The Patriotic Business Plan“, was written with the veteran first in mind. The book is a must read for every veteran who wants to run their own business and for any well-rounded business leader.

No alt text provided for this image

Soar 2 Success This is a business opportunity for US veterans. Soar to Success provides a Master Resiliency Course, that equips people with thinking skills and strategies that help us to effectively handle the physical, emotional and psychological challenges of life. The benefits of this program are universal. It is founded upon 30 years of scientific research and development; and, a collaborative effort between the US Army and the University of Pennsylvania. – We train veterans to bring this to schools, colleges and corporations. 

Carl VickersGlobal Veteran Strategy Lead at People ScoutMark and Tori Baird are two of the most sincere individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Their work with Veterans and their families through HirePatriots and Patriotic Hearts has truly been an inspiration to me. I recommend them for the level of integrity and honesty they bring to a cause that I am equally passionate about, assisting Veterans with employment and many other types of programs designed to make this world a better place. Thank you for all that you do both physically and spiritually for our military men and women and the loved ones that are also affected by their plight. We are ALL in this together.

Tim PidcockGlobal Quality ManagementI’ve been working with Mark and his wife, Tori, for the last several months. They have such an honorable approach to the cause at Patriotic Hearts. Military Vets and their families frequently have a difficult time transitioning to civilian careers. PatrioticHearts.org, HirePatriots.com and USMilitaryMaintenance.com are designed to address this difficulty for our men and women of the US Military. It’s an honor to work with Mark and Tori, and I give them and their program my highest recommendation. 

No alt text provided for this image

Concerts Patriotic Hearts hosts outdoor concerts for US veterans and the general public to celebrate America and those that protect us. Our Green Planet Jam concert will be held on April 18, Earth Day, in upstate, near where Woodstock was held. It will have several notable bands, and fun events for all to have a great time.

Stephen NorredCEO Vets4Heroes USN RetMark Baird is an American Patriot of the old school and trusted business partner. The only thing I know of that exceeds Marks efforts in assisting veterans and their families. Is the love and respect he holds for the veterans, their families, and the sacrifices they make every day for every one of us. To this cause, you will find some as committed, some as capable, but to find someone who touches so many life’s just when they seem to need it the most; you would be hard pressed to find another like Mark!

No alt text provided for this image

Military Marriage Retreats: The total commitment required by those who serve in our US Military often creates hardships in marriages and families that can tear them apart due to frequent absences and emotional stress. During times of war the divorce rate on some bases gets as high as 90%! To prevent these stalwart citizens from having to lose their marriages and families due to their defending our country, we host yearly 3-day, all expenses paid retreats at a 4-Star resort in the Oceanside Harbor, across from Camp Pendleton Marine Base.

Robert KilmartinAdministrative Judge, Department of DefenseMark Baird has done more to help veterans transition and find employment than anybody I’ve ever met. He and his wife Tori have devoted themselves to this cause 24/7 through HirePatriots.com. They were enormously helpful to me during my own transition. Mark is an energetic, insightful, resourceful, and compassionate leader. He accomplishes a difficult mission and his selfless example is inspirational.

Steven Yuhas/Director of Congressional & Legislative Affairs, Senior Public Affairs OfficerAt this time in our history we are at a crossroads of deciding whether or not we will allow veterans to fall through the cracks when it comes to employment or if we are going to engage and do something to stop that from happening. Mark is doing what he can to walk the walk and help our veterans find gainful employment while at the same time recognizing their skills are broad and they have a great deal to offer because of their leadership and military skills beyond pulling the trigger. With corporate sponsors the program to hire patriots will go far and it will take more than talk from the federal government to make it happen. Mark is a committed to veterans and veterans are better for it, but the need for his services will only increase over the next couple of years as the total force numbers fall and the need for veterans to get jobs in the private sector increases. Veterans are the hardest working people in the country and they will not let a company or individual down. They just need help being put in contact with the folks that are willing to hire them. The transition from the combat arms or signal corps to civilian life is hard, but with help veterans can do it and Mark is one of many that will be there for the long haul. 

We are an all-volunteer organization. Your support for our programs goes directly to assisting US veterans, who deserve and have earned our lifelong love and respect. Any support you give us will be greatly appreciated. Here are three ways to do so:

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Do you have an old vehicle? We turn your old cars, trucks and tractors into cash for our veterans. We will pick-up your old vehicle for free, anywhere in the U.S. Click here: https://www.cardonation2veterans.com/

You will receive a charitable donation receipt for the worth of your donation.

Of course, our charity depends upon the love of American citizens for US veterans, and the extraordinary assist we provide for them. If you are able, please to do here. I SUPPORT PATRIOTIC HEARTS. In return, you will receive a poster of your choosing: https://hirepatriots.com/free-posters.

Lastly, in an effort to expand our assistance for US military and veterans across America, we provide customized Hirepatriots websites and job boards for communities, and businesses who want to support US veterans and their families in their community. https://hirepatriots.com/member-businesses.

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Mark & Tori Baird/ founder@patriotichearts.org/ 760-730-3734


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For US Military & Veterans Across America https://hirepatriots.com/earn-extra-money-day-by-day https://hirepatriots.com/earn-extra-money-day-by-day#respond Mon, 16 Dec 2019 21:50:37 +0000 https://hirepatriots.com/?p=10203 This article is how US Military, Veterans and their spouses can earn extra money, day by day, by helping local residents with chores around their homes, yards, ranches, and businesses. The jobs posted are for help with general labor, cleaning, painting, yardwork, house cleaning, home care, car repair, and a myriad of other kinds of […]

The post For US Military & Veterans Across America appeared first on HirePatriots.com.

This article is how US Military, Veterans and their spouses can earn extra money, day by day, by helping local residents with chores around their homes, yards, ranches, and businesses. The jobs posted are for help with general labor, cleaning, painting, yardwork, house cleaning, home care, car repair, and a myriad of other kinds of jobs. Community residents post them every day. They post how much they can afford for the work. Local military veterans and their spouses just respond to the post, do the work, and get paid directly. Some veterans make a full time living doing this. Some start new businesses. Most use it as needed, month by month. – It is a wonderful way for a community to promote patriotism and connect with their military and veteran populace. And it is an especially effective way to thank them!

Hire Marines Job Fair

HirePatriots.com was started when a US Marine knocked on my door, who had just returned from 8 months in Iraq, in 2004. “Hello, sir. I am wondering if there are any chores you have that I can help you with to earn some money.” He said.

He was still in his fatigues. Only minutes before, he had returned home to find his wife and 2 small children living with no utilities. It had been like that for weeks before his return. His wife had been laid off from her hospital job after his deployment. She did not want to worry her husband, so she sold the family car, reduced expenses to bare minimum, and hung on until he returned home.

When we heard his reason for asking for work, my wife and I gathered all the cash we had and tried to give it to him. But he replied, “No, sir. I am a US Marine. I do not take handouts. Is there any work I can do to earn it?”

So, we gave him some chores to do. He cleaned our garage and fixed a broken chair. Then he took the money. When he did, I asked him, “Are there other Marines you know who are also in a tight spot financially? I asked.

“Just everyone I know.” He answered.

Iraq war Veteran

I shook his hand and looked him in the eyes. “Well, I promise you that I will do something about that,” I said spontaneously. I had no idea what I was going to do to help our local Marines make extra money to pay their bills and support their families. I just felt so badly about this Marine and others like him that I had to something.

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The first edition of Hire Patriots was HireMarines.com for the US Marines stationed in San Diego, CA, at Camp Pendleton and Miramar Air Bases. The website began as a simple, free job board for local residents to use. Homeowners were asked to look around their homes and yards and to find some chores that needed doing, and then to post those jobs on HireMarines.com. Patriotism was soaring and our bases were full. We walked the streets and gave a card about finding daily jobs on our website to every Marine we saw. And with the help of the Oceanside Chamber President, we were able to get a US Marine General’s permission to put up posters and flyers on the bases. In our first month, more than 800 jobs were posted. All of them taken by local active duty US Marines. Read what the residents and Marines had to say about that experience HERE.

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One Day I got a call from the office of the Admiral of the Navy, Len Herring. He asked if his Sailors could also take jobs from our site. I answered, “Yes, sir!” Then I was encouraged to change the name of our site so as to let his sailors know. That is when I opened our job boards up to every branch of the US Military, and changed the website to HirePatriots.com.

TV News Stations

All the local TV, radio and News stations wanted to do interviews with us and those who were posting and taking jobs. It was always a great, uplifting, and patriotic story! They wanted us to bring guests on regularly, for the wonderful human-interest stories; and they still do, fifteen years later. See some interviews HERE. – FOX National Business News, and NBC Nightly News had us on TV to be interviewed. And PEOPLE Magazine published an article about our unique jobs program. Our website ranking soared to the top 20K in America when they did.

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Because of us becoming such a media sensation, I wrote a book, The Patriotic Business Plan for veteran owned and military friendly businessowners. It is a plan that encourages them to get a HirePatriots.com website and job board for their community. That way, they could get continuous free media, which would draw more and more people to their company website to post jobs for their local US military and veterans. Their company website would have an interactive, social cause, that helps local residents, veterans and their families every day of the year! Plus, they would be the recipients of very powerful, P.R., day after day.


With so many transitioning US Military and veterans coming to our site, I leased a top-of-the-line fulltime job board. Verizon contacted Hire Patriots. They needed hundreds of linemen across the country. Within a month, they filled every job. — For companies that post on our Careers site, I put up their banner; then, I post a blog about their jobs on all the major networks.

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In San Diego, Hire Patriots’ has employed over 200,000 military veterans and spouses from our Day job board. These jobs have even saved lives: Read about this sailor and his son with Leukemia: People magazine article. They rescue military families from financial difficulties. And those who post these jobs are delighted to hire these veterans. Senior citizens, especially older veterans, love having these young military men and women over to help.

These jobs also save marriages. Typically, a base will run at about a 70% divorce rate for E-1 (Private) to E-5 (Sergeant). But during war time deployments it goes to 90%! So, as often as we are able to collect enough donations, we host a 3-day Military Marriage Retreat, all expenses paid, at a resort on the beach in Oceanside for them. Local veteran groups attend, and older married couple share. A biblically based marital program is taught. We have fun contests, go on excursions; and, we dine at the local harbor restaurants together in the evenings. Also, we take a beautiful picture of each couple beneath a flowered bower, with the blue Pacific behind them. This is put into a frame for them to take home and hang. On the back of the frame, are the contacts to our marriage counselors who are available 24/7/365, if needed.

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HirePatriots is now a program of the award-winning US Veteran charity, Patriotic Hearts. If you would like to begin a chapter in your community, we will be enthusiastic about assisting you. All of us are volunteers.

Mark Baird/ mark@hirepatriots.com/ 760-847-2561

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