First Coast

Military Veterans Keeping the First Coast Inspection Ready Clean

One of the first lessons we learn in the military is that everything must be clean and orderly.  We are taught to take pride in ourselves, our unit and our country.  Cleanliness is a reflection of that pride.  In the field we are taught that proper cleaning and maintenance insures that we stay healthy and our equipment functions so we can accomplish our mission.

By working with USMM First Coast you will be benefiting from the ingrained military traits of cleanliness and mission accomplishment as well as directly helping to employ local veterans.  Your company can participate in the effort by to end veteran unemployment and get your work space inspection ready clean!

When you allow us to serve you, we will use the social media infrastructure of HirePatriots to inform everyone of your assistance in the fight to end veteran unemployment. 10% of all revenue for USMM First Coast is donated back to HirePatriots and Patriotic Hearts, both 503(c) non-profits dedicated to ending veteran unemployment.

Services offered in the greater First Coast Area (Jacksonville, The Beaches, St Augustine, Palm Coast, Daytona) include but are not limited to:

    • Commercial Small single offices to entire business parks, small private schools to large universities, warehouses, retail centers, restaurants/bars, etc.
    • Real Estate Rentals, Open Houses, and Foreclosures we will get it clean and ready to sell
    • Residential daily, weekly and monthly cleanings available

Semper fidelis,

Joe Padlo

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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