Thank You

Best Thing Ever! » Caprice Hall

Hire Patriots is one of the best things ever - benefiting everyone!  I am so thankful for your good work. 

Fabulous Resource! » Meredith

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am that you have created this fabulous resource to connect people like me, an older single woman, to able Marines who are willing to do small jobs (and big jobs) that are hard for me to do. Harold came and painted the inside of my garage, put up a curtain rod and is coming back to put in window locks and hang closet doors for me. He said he'd also remove a little tree in my front yard and do some other yard work. Thank you so much for making this web site available. It is very heartening to be able to help the Marines, while at the same time they are helping me! I'm telling all my senior friends about this.

Family Appreciation » Lisa

Thanks Mark for all you do to support our military families. My husband deploys to Afghanistan this Friday. We, the family that will be left behind really appreciate people like you, who truly care about the active duty members and the families that are left behind.

First Time User » Chip

As a first time user of your HireMarines website, I wanted to let you know about my first experience as a "day job" employer.  To say I was 100% satisfied would be an understatement!  I had the pleasure of hiring Ed Schmitt, Sgt. USMC out of Camp Pendleton to help me out with a painting project.  Sgt. Schmitt was everything you would expect in a Marine - polite, courteous, prompt, clean-cut, and a hard worker.  I don't know if you keep files on the Marines who use your service.  If you do, please make a note in Sgt. Schmitt's file that he is an excellent worker.  I will definitely use your site again!

Thank you, Chip

Heard About You on KOGO » Joanie Spence

Hi Mark – my sister has been sharing these emails with me and I would very much like to make a contribution to your website.  I assume it’s obvious when I go to the site?  
 I also wanted to say that I think you and your wife are fantastic for starting this website.  I heard about it years ago thru the Roger Hedgecock show on KOGO and immediately posted a job.  I didn’t hear back on that posting (probably because the site was so new)…  but I tried again about 8 months later and had 9 responses within 2 days.  I have been hiring Marines ever since and I love it.  I tell everyone I know about the website and several coworkers and friends have used the site.  No one has ever had a bad experience.  Thanks for what you do… thanks even more for helping to honor our dad.  One last silly thing.  I have a friend that is married to a young Marine named Mark Baird.  Great name isn’t it? 

Housecleaning » Barbara Freeman

After my ad for a housecleaner, I had at least 10 e-mails and 15 phone calls. I wish I could have used them all.

I know how long it is between pay days.  I had a call from a young Marine, that just wanted some extra money and it reminded me about 4 young Marines that I hired during Viet Nam to clean up a house for me and my children to move into. All I had to do was feed them a home cooked meal and let them play with the kids and watch TV. Just a good old fashioned G.I. party.  Siemper Fi

Husband Deploying » Lisa

Thanks Mark for all you do to support our military families. My husband deploys to Afghanistan this Friday. We, the family that will be left behind really appreciate people like you, who truly care about the active duty members and the families that are left behind.

I Love Marines! » Sandy Holmes

Greetings,I am a retired Navy nurse. I was in from "64 to 90.  My first duty station was Oakland in 1965. My patients were all Marines, amputees - Vietnam casualties.  SO, I DO LOVE MARINES!!  We posted for someone to come and help us with our 1 1/3 acre yard and within 24 hrs had about 5 responses.  I contacted the first one, "Big Al" who came a few days later and he did an absolutely fantastic job for us.  As his schedule permits, he will be back to work again.  Also contacted the second responder, a Ist SGT, who has 5 children.  He and his oldest son came by this last weekend and they will both be here next week to help us with multiple chores.I am so enthused about your site that I even put an article in our church newsletter and I continue to tell everyone I come in contact with all over the country about what you are doing.  It is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!  Keep it up and may God Bless you.  What a super WIN,  WIN solution!!!  We don't hire illegals, our military folk (who don't earn what they're worth to begin with!!!) get some extra cash (and nothing is declared so they get the full amt without paying into taxes etc.)   Again, our heart felt thanks for what you are doing.  Keep it up and please do let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!!  Will also see if I can get your site published in the Navy Nurse Corps Assoc. Newsletter!!!  God Bless,    :)))))

I Love This Site » Megan & Jeff

I love this site

We've hired help several times through your site, it has been an excellent resource, and we've been thrilled with the guys we've hired.

It's a good thing you're doing… Thanks for doing it.

North County Times » Jean

I am so excited to have found your website.  I read about you in the North County Times and knew that this was where our company wanted to look for our employees. Powerhouse Plus is looking forward to working with you in the future.

Best regards,

Policy Student » Tina

Hi,I am a masters student at American University in Washington, DC studying public policy. For our thesis project we are randomly assigned a policy issue and have to come up with a policy solution and analysis in a 48 hour window. The topic I drew was the high unemployment rate amongst returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. I learned so much about this important issue. (my background is in health policy). I didn't come across your organization until the article in People. I am proud that there are organizations helping our veterans! Keep up the good work!

Praying for Hire Patriots » Mark B

Hi Mark,

Thanks for taking the time to talk on the phone. I will be praying for God's continued blessing on all that you are doing. I will call for an update and stay in touch. May God encourage you as you serve Him!

Quick Job Turnaround » Thelma

I had a call from a marine within 1/2 hour of posting the job.  He and a friend will move us.  Thanks for this service.

Thank You - From a Veteran » Sgt Thad I. Airhart/ Sergeant USMC


First off please let me tell you that your web site is great.  I have been using it on and off for over six months and have met a lot of great people.  The extra money I have earned helped out a lot.  I have "repeat customers" who have also recommended me by name to their friends.  I thank you for that.

Thank you for your time and effort.  Have a great New Year.  God Bless

Thank You From a Career Retention Specialist » Sgt L/USMC

Hello, my name is Sgt L. and I just wanted to say that your site is great. I am a Career Retention Specialist and I have morning meetings every Tuesday. I have been getting the word out about your site. I just wanted to thank you both for your dedication towards Marines and their families. Also I have applied for a couple of jobs on your site myself. Hope to hear some good news from them. Thanks again.


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