Thank You

Thank you from a Grateful Mother! » Thank you, Grateful mother

I am mother of two active duty marines One in Iraq and the other in Okinawa. I want to thank you for your website, it touched my heart. I will make sure I pass it along.

Thank you from a retired Marine! » Peggy R - Retired Marine!

I want to thank you for this great opportunity. I just returned from Interviewing a great young Marine who will be perfect to allow me to open my Club on weekends to get more youth off the street. Thank you so much for this site!

Thank you from NC! » Cheryll P

Hi Mark, Just saw the article about your enterprise of the front page of NC times.  Great PR!  Also wanted to let you know that the job I posted was quickly filled by two nice young guys (they are all nice aren't they) and after three evenings at our house they did all the tasks we asked for and were unfailingly pleasant and willing.  Now I am trying to decide whether to contact them again or give someone else an opportunity for any future jobs.  We were very satisfied.  

Thank you from OCS Foundation » Russ

Thank you alerting the OCS Foundation to your excellent veteran’s service site.  Although DoD has many worthwhile veteran’s programs seems to have struck a positive chord with both veterans and the general public.  Not another hand-out program but rather programs that provide the veteran with a dignified transition back into the real world.  I compliment you, your wife and staff on your effort.

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