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Carmel Valley – Multi-Day landscaping: storm drains, irrigation, grading yard, installing pavers, building gas firepit

Posted by on November 1, 2020 in
Charles Levinson
November 1, 2020
San Diego
Job Type
$25 per hour


I need some help to remodel my backyard. This is a multi-day project, some of the work requires specific skills while some do not. You may apply for any parts of the job, although ideally, I would like to find one guy to work with me on all phases.

The exact dates are flexible and TBD - but I would like to get most of this done before Thanksgiving. The work can be done on any day of the week except Wednesday mornings. I can work around your schedule a bit, so it is OK if you can only work on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, for instance. I am looking for active military or veteran. You must have your own reliable transportation. Due to pandemic and health issues, I cannot work with someone who takes public transportation. You will need to wear a proper (KN95 or better) face mask during the job. One will be provided if you do not have it.

Here are detailed descriptions of the jobs in sequential order:

Job 1. Drainage repair and irrigation modification. My backyard has 1500 square feet of dead grass that will be replaced by pavers and artificial turf. A few of the drainage pipes have been cracked by tree roots. I want to dig trenches around all the drainage pipes and inspect them and replace any broken pipes. We may need to snake some lines. I also need to dig up underground irrigation lines, some need to be capped off and others converted to drip irrigation.

Job 2. Prep yard for pavers and artificial turf. Roughly 3-6 inches of dirt need to be skimmed off the top of the yard and the yard needs to be graded for artificial turf and pavers. Excess dirt may need to be hauled away.

Job 3. Install a natural gas line for a fire pit. I am looking for someone who is experienced and licensed to do this type of work. I have a natural gas BBQ in one corner of my yard and a second capped natural gas pipe in the other corner when the yard was pre-plumbed for a pool 20 years ago. I want to build a fire pit in the center of the yard and need to have a 1/2 inch natural gas line added from one of these two sources. I am 99% sure I will need a city permit and inspection.

Job 4. Build a paver patio. I have selected 16x16 pavers to make a 12-foot by 12-foot paver patio in the yard, with a small "hole" in the middle for the natural gas line from Job 3. Need to further dig up this area, add paver sand, smooth it out with the proper drainage slope, and lay down the pavers (which I will get delivered to my driveway and will need to be moved to the backyard).

Job 5. Build firepit. We want to make a square fire pit that is roughly 5ft x 5ft. We will use stone from RCP Block and Brick (which I will get delivered to my driveway and will need to be moved to the backyard). The stones need to be laid out on the pavers and each level of stone glued to the one below with special adhesive. The gas line will also need to be connected to the burner.

Job 6. Add rocks. We have several hundred square feet of dirt that we want to fill with decorative landscaping rock. We also want to create a dry river bed that is roughly 5 feet wide by 20 feet long on the side of the yard. I will have these stones delivered to my driveway, they will need to be hauled to the backyard.

Job 7. Install artificial turf. We will have roughly 750 square feet of artificial turf to install.

In your reply, please indicate:
1. Which jobs you are interested in
2. Provide your background/experience/qualifications for any specialized work
3. Confirm the make and model of your car. Bonus if you have a flatbed and are willing to do some pickup and hauling (I will add gas or disposal fees if applicable)
4. Provide your availability over the next 2-4 weeks for this work (remember it may be done in phases and does not have to be done as fast as possible)
5. Your branch of service and status
6. Confirm willingness to wear a mask during work
7. Any questions you may have

THANK YOU for reading this very long post and for your service to our country. I look forward to hearing from you.

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