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Vineyard work over the growing season

Posted by on March 31, 2022 in
Andrew Klotz
March 31, 2022
15454 Highlands Crest Way, Escondido=San Pasqual Valley
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619 384 1405


I am looking for several people who can help with "vine work" during the growing season. Most of the work is standing and moving down a row of vines while removing unwanted shoots and buds and keeping the shoots "tucked in."  This is not physically demanding other than being relatively stationary with long periods on your feet. No special tools are needed other than your hands! The "mental" part of the work involves the ability to learn a few basic rules and then maintaining a "reasonable" rate of work down one row and up the next.  Good workers will be invited back in the following weeks. Most of the work can be done on weekends, but Fridays and Thursdays are also a possibility. If interested I can shoot you a link to a YouTube video that is a good introduction. Thanks!


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