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KFI 640 AM: Bill Handel &

HirePatriots is an effort to create a nationwide jobs safety net for our US veterans. We provide a 21st Century full time job board for companies that is connected to the social networks and that posts your job on the HirePatriots’ home page too. And we also provide a one-of-a-kind One Day job board because Veterans in the military often do not make enough to pay all of their bills, especially if they get married and have kids. Veterans out of the military often take several years before that can gain sustainable employment. So during their active duty military years and for several years afterwards many need the means to earn extra income. Their spouses often need to take these jobs too. These jobs are posted by residents that need an extra hand with chores and repairs around their homes and yards.

Here is an outstanding audio of KFI 640 AM Los Angeles radio show host Bill Handel telling the HirePatriots story. This is the best explanation of our program ever given. Thank you, Bill!

Bill also wrote an article that can be found here.

The Radio Interview can be listened too below.

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