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Financial Coach Enterprises

Financial Coach Enterprises

Financial Coach Enterprises is a nationwide marketing and sales organization providing quality financial products, services, and value to our loyal customers across America. FCE strives to build an army of Insurance and Financial Service professionals across America who represent the highest level of integrity, service, and knowledge in their daily endeavors.

The Olympic Spirit

Posted by on in Sports
Most of us have followed the Olympics from time to time. Pulling for our Countrymen, having a preference to the summer games or the ones in winter.  It’s easy to get hooked watching these young, daredevils fly down a mountain, do a 100 meter dash, and almost break their neck on the bobsled or downhill skiing. Whatever “tickles you”, there is a “spirit” that moves those individuals to participate at their very best. Often I think of their triumph, their tragedy. These guys and gals put in incredible hours training, they forfeit much: potential jobs, maybe a personal relationship, opportunity for...
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  Most of us think of a box as something we put stuff into…a container, if you will.  Another way to look at it is an object that has sides, a top, a bottom which holds that item or items in it.  Sometimes our identity, or our make-up puts us in the position to get categorized by society.  Who we are & what we do in habit and in our lifestyles makes us “who is in that box”.  It’s okay, if success, happiness, wealth, notoriety and good things come from that. On the other hand, it’s not good, if were stuck,...
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Posted by on in Jobs For Veterans
Many of us, when we hear the word YAHOO, think of it as a company associated with the internet… this is totally normal and makes sense. However, how about taking this term, converting it to an extremely special way of thinking... Y – you A – always H – have O – other O – options Wow! When we consider the term, YAHOO, this way, hopefully it energizes you into realizing there are so many options available to you in choosing how you do your life.   I point this out because “YAHOO-ing” truly is decision making. Now let’s apply this...
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Athletes and soldiers have a lot in common.  They thrive in a disciplined, structured environment, they display courage, and they work for inspired goal-oriented leaders.  They go up against stout competition in a no-holds-barred environment…and many heroic events actually come about from specific individual fighting for the victory.  Then, somewhere along the way-age, injuries, a specific tenure of time, all of it ends and these warriors go from being on a team, in a unit to becoming the lone ranger.  They look around and realize life has dramatically changed their world.  It, sad to say, passed them by. It’s at that...
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When we hear the term identity theft we think of someone stealing private credit card information, bank accounts, and personal identification.  Nothing new about this. Got a question for you.  Have you ever considered that identity theft could also be society’s effect on your future and your potential to really become a successful, productive contributor for you, your family, your community, and your country? Unemployment in America is staggering.  Now, with an increasing number of servicemen & women getting out and expanding the job pool search, the very idea of you being unique, and catching the eye of an employer is...
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Let’s look at a clock, or our watch . . .All movement goes from top to the right, down and moving left, going up to the top, which we know as “clockwise.” 12 is North, 3 is East, 6 is South, and 9 is West.  Ok, nothing profound yet.  We all understand the clock face.Now let’s apply the numbers of the clock to the level of experience – going clockwise . . .1 we’re just starting out.  We’re embarking on our new endeavor.  Excited, hopeful, energetic.As we sweep out like the minute hand, we move “downward” quickly-    Oh, oh, we might...
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