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45,000,000 Americans Have PTSD

Posted by on October 2, 2012 in News

Most people think that PTSD just refers to war veterans. And far too many people and Hiring Managers are prejudiced against them. But this fear is irrational because US veterans with diagnosed PTSD amount to just 2.5% of the total number of Americans suffering from it!

Lifelong symptoms associated with experiencing very intense, frightening, horrific events permanently scar the minds of millions of people.  – As many as 30 – 60% of children who have survived specific disasters have PTSD. Statistical facts show that 45,000,000 people in the U.S. struggle with PTSD. American civilians make up the vast majority of those afflicted with this disorder.

According the National Center for PTSD: “Studies have shown that as many as 100% of children who witness a parental homicide or sexual assault develops PTSD. Similarly, 90% of sexually abused children, 77% of children exposed to a school shooting, and 35% of urban youth exposed to community violence develop PTSD.”

There are many therapies for treating PTSD. And many will testify that some of the methods have helped them. But there has not yet been found a ‘cure.’ And I doubt if there ever will be. It is for most a wound that never heals.

It is impossible to predict when a PTSD ‘episode’ will occur; although, immense stress, threats and dangers are predictable triggers. – PTSD events are psychic breaks, deep cracks in the recesses in the mind. They are filled with misery, pain and anger.

Yet, as with any handicap, our disabilities can be used to make us stronger. The most important thing is to never give in. For instance, many people who have lost legs have learned to walk with prosthetics. It takes perseverance and courage.  – In truth PTSD can also make us better people.

I have learned that exercising self-will is useless. So for many years I have prayed everyday to be healed of this affliction — But at my advanced age, I am now convinced that this is meant for me. – As a result, I am driven to stay close to The Lord.  For I find that by daily prayer, reading of the Word, faith and thankfulness I am OK. – But when I forget and lose myself in the responsibilities, problems and worries of Life, I am susceptible.
God bless every one of my fellow sufferers.  And please remember that feeling helpless is different from being helpless. We are never really helpless because God is close at hand. We are not without hope. When we struggle with despair, turn towards God and totally rely on his power and love. God will never leave us to face our trials alone.

God uses our hardships and difficulties in this life to make us more like himself. Just as any US veteran can attest: No one becomes a good warrior without enduring many difficult tests of courage and stamina.

The Apostle Peter, who was constantly persecuted, imprisoned, beaten and eventually crucified upside down wrote this: “These trials are only a testing of your faith, in order to make it strong and pure. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold. So remain strong…it will bring you much praise, glory and honor on the day when we see God.”
Mark Baird

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Mark Baird

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