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In transition? You will want to learn about GETI !!

Posted by on March 15, 2014 in Jobs For Veterans

Len Swanson is CEO of a unique Veterans group called GETI, Global Energy Technologies Institute. In a FOX News Story  Len discusses his cutting edge plan to help veterans line up a good paying job before they exit the military. A recent success story is also highlighted.  Very rarely do you see a dynamic program like this with such early success.

GETI’s web site states: (link below) “We provide career assessment, counseling and job placement services at no cost to the service member”

Interested in a High Paying Job in the U.S. Energy Industry?
Construction & Facility Maintenance Trades Needed Immediately!

We currently need to relocate 300,000 skilled professionals over the course of the next 3 years.Professionals who are trained in the construction trades and facility maintenance / management disciplines to meet the needs of the Houston— Gulf Coast oil & gas and port industries.

If a new, rewarding and high paying career to build, expand and maintain our nation’s port, oil and gas production facilities is of interest, then start our registration process that will net you a letter of employment, as well as introduce you to many other free relocation services.

We provide free real estate services for home or apartment purchase/rental—and will help you find a new home that’s just right for you and your family. Start your new life today! Our real estate team will make sure your new job is less than an hours drive from your new home. What are you waiting for?

Learn more at their web site http://geticareers.com/about-us

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