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Now FREE “The Unemployment Budget – Your Financial Survival Plan”

Posted by on February 4, 2014 in News

I found myself sitting in a conference room at an Outplacement Agency in Buffalo New York. The prior day I went into work like any other day but by 5:00 PM I was no longer working there.  I packed up my box of belongings and drove away numb. The employer was kind enough to send me to an excellent outplacement agency where I was surprised to meet several more of my former co-workers that also were laid off.  As a form of therapy they had us go around the table and tell our stories along with the other dozen people that were laid off from their employers.  I witnessed tears, dis-belief but mostly I saw and heard stories of financial fear. How would the mortgage get paid, the kids college tuition and my car payments?  I knew exactly what they were feeling because I felt it years before. In fact I felt it so severely I decided that I would never feel it again. I would never put myself and my family through a situation where I was not financially prepared again. I did the unthinkable, I sought budget counseling and lived on a budget so I could become debt free and never be at the mercy of a paycheck again.

As I sat at that table and looked around I knew I was the only one there that this time did not have a mortgage, college was paid for and I had no car payments. I decided right then and there I would write a simple book on budgeting and make it available for almost cost so anyone could purchase it, apply it and the next time a financial event happened in their life they would be prepared.  I wrote “The Unemployment Budget – Your Financial Survival Plan”

I found a flaw with this plan. I could only do so many book interviews and so many talk radio shows to promote the book. I had hoped to reach and help a million people, about 10% of the unemployed, but  I now realize that if my true goal is to help a million people I would have to give the book away for free. FREE has a way of spreading the word faster than regular media. FREE on social media is like lightning and I am thrilled to pay it forward.

The radio interviewers all loved that the book was short and full of real life stories of people I coached through the budget process. Three main topics always came up:                                                                                                         — – – The “Percentage Guideline Chart” – In a perfect world what % of my take home income should I be spending on my home, car, debt and so on. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have that when you were 20!                                                 -Pages of powerful referral services that are free to you and will help you move forward quickly.                                      – I include the “Crisis Budget” for when you need help today!  A one page basic budget you can do today to help you make some informed decisions to survive sudden unemployment/income loss.

My sincere hope is that a million of you will read this FREE resource and never have financial fear again. Unlike other free downloads you will not be asked for any contact information. This is a free PDF, just follow this link and click on the book cover. If you find that this book is a help to you let’s “pay it forward” together – send the link to your social media. http://hirepatriots.com/heroes 

Finally I would like to put out a special note of appreciation to best-selling author, trainer and motivator Brian Tracy. Brian took the time to help an unknown author like me. He provided the following endorsement quote for my book that has made all the difference in getting national recognition. Brian states: “This is a practical book full of proven strategies you can use immediately to get your financial life back under control.”  Brian Tracy Author, The Power of Self-Confidence.  His books and CD’s have helped me more than I can ever explain. Brian thank you for “paying it forward” !

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Even if you’re not unemployed a budget is a budget and this free book download has everything you need to start fresh and move forward. The book is only 20 pages long but it includes real life stories and forms to kick start a solid spending plan for the future. By the time you’re done with this book you will know your income and outgo by spending category plus a percentage guideline chart that will show you where adjustments may be needed. I don’t ask for any contact info, it’s a free PDF. Just click on the book cover above. Here’s what others are saying about the book: “This is a practical book full of proven strategies you can use immediately to get your financial life back under control.” ~Brian Tracy – Author, The Power of Self-Confidence Gordon Wadsworth – Author of “Debt Free College” and “The College Trap” In reference to “The Unemployment Budget,” this has to be the number one book for getting out of debt in record time. In today’s world of fast food, fast oil changes, fast delivery and fast messaging, why not tackle your debt problems fast and move ahead quickly. Basically, that’s what you can do after reading this simple “how to” book. As a financial instructor for many years, the one tool that I used to help people get out from the bondage of debt, author Patrick Mellody has as the main focus in The Unemployment Budget. It’s explosive and it works every time. Whether you are employed or unemployed, if you’re still hanging onto never ending credit card debt and car payments, check out this new book and get rid of your debt fast.

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