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A Business Start-Up that Employs US Veterans

Posted by on May 11, 2016 in Biz Ops

If you are wondering how to earn a good living after military life, take a look:

A year ago, Patriotic Hearts, a charitable organization that focuses on providing programs that help veterans get back on their feet after transitioning from the US military, created a program called US Military Maintenance. Its purpose is two-fold: One, it provides an inexpensive way for veterans to start a business and begin earning money right away. Two, it employs US veterans and pays them an industry leading wage.

After one year, we have gotten over a dozen US veterans going in US Military Maintenance. Some have made over $100K this year. And we are employing over 30 US veterans and their spouses. We have multiple veterans that have joined us in the last few months. As they continue to grow, our numbers are quickly multiplying. This business is scalable to how big you want your USMM business to be. But for those veterans that want it, our goal is to have them earn 3 million dollars a year and for each to employ over 100 US veterans. — Our ultimate goal is to have 1000 US Military Maintenance business owners, employing over 100,000 other US veterans.

We have had some extraordinary veterans join us and they are all beginning to make an impact on our success. Each has his or her own knowledge, experience and talents that benefit all of our owners. Just as Proverbs says: “Success is found in the counsel of many.” Just like in the military, we all have one another’s “6.” This is a mutual effort. We all help eachother to achieve success.

We provide everything veterans need to start right away: equipment, website, business cards, bid sheets, and agreements. We are even picking up national accounts that we will be able to provide to every USMM owner.

If you are in the US military and wondering how you will support yourself when you transition back into the civilian world, take a look at us. If you are a US veteran that already has a job but needs to make more money, we show you how to get this business going as a tremendous stream of extra income.

Check out our new website: USMilitaryMaintenance.com. You will receive a website like this too. In addition to the assistance of other team members, you will be trained and mentored by me. I have built up and sold 6 of these businesses over the last 30 years. Contact me if you want to find out more.

Mark Baird/  [email protected] / 760-730-3734

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