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A Solution for Veteran Unemployment

Posted by on November 18, 2011 in Jobs For Veterans

A permanent solution to US veteran unemployment is attainable. I would like to say “easily attainable;” but, some people insist that there must be a difficult answer to a critical question. — Not in this case. — US veteran unemployment can be ended by next year.

Most Americans will agree that our US veterans, particularly those that serve in time of war, deserve our help in getting back on their feet when they return to the civilian world. And any survey of US CEOs will align very closely with the same high percentage of other US citizens that feel this way. — There are many, many millions of us!

Much less than 1% of the US population are unemployed veterans: 1 of every 135 American adults over the age of 18.

How many unemployed US veterans are there? The most recent statistics say that there are 900,000 unemployed US veterans.

There are 4 areas that must be addressed to solve this crisis once and for all:

Step 1: A Home Front Safety Net

We must provide part-time, sustainable employment for veterans transitioning back into civilian life, until full time employment can be found.

There are 75,000,000 million American homeowners. That means that if US homeowners would hire one US veteran to help with chores around their homes and yards just once, every 5 weeks, not one prior defender of our freedoms would ever be hungry, cold or without hope, as long as they are healthy, honest and willing to work.

If we all just did our part and pitched in once a month, every US veteran could earn some money every day, until full time work was found.

These jobs come from more than just homeowners. There are lots of things that residents need help with. The elderly need help with shopping and getting to appointments. And all of us can use a hand fixing things and making small repairs, lifting, hauling, moving painting, etc. from time to time.

It almost sounds like a bad joke: “How many US citizens does it take to save our US veterans? — One every 37.5 days. “

There is a website that provides a means for every patriotic US citizen to make this happen: www.HirePatriots.com. – The founders of this site had a Marine from Camp Pendleton Marine Base knock on their door one day. He sorely needed to pay some bills! The Marine asked if he could do some work on their house or around it to earn some money.

A few months later, HireMarines.com appeared. It was a website and job board for the other residents that lived around Camp Pendleton Marine Base to use to hire Marines when they needed help.

That website was immediately so popular with the local residents that the Admiral of the Navy in San Diego called and asked if his sailors could get jobs off of the site too. And so the free, one day job board for San Diego’s Marines and sailors became HirePatriots.com.

A couple of years later, the largest and primary business association in San Diego (L.E.A.D.), awarded HirePatriots its “Visionary Award for Creating Economic Development.” – They claimed that so many military and veterans were being hired off of this website everyday, and then spending those earning in the local economy, that “HirePatriots was helping to keep the area’s businesses in business and their employees employed.”

So the ripple effect of average citizens pitching in on the Home Front ended up stimulating the economy and helping everyone in the entire region.

Step 2: Full Time Employment for Every US Veteran

A similar, simple solution is available for US companies to provide employment for every US veteran. – Again, there are many, many times the number of US businesses with 50+ employees than there are veterans looking for work.

The odds are like this: If one (1) of these businesses, out of every 25, would hire just one (1) US veteran a year, we would have no unemployed US veterans.

In addition, the US government gives major tax breaks for every US veteran hired. – The fact is this: If a CEO is not requiring his HR department to hire as many US veterans as possible, then he is failing in his fiduciary responsibilities to the shareholders and in his duties. – No Board of Directors should continue the employment of any inefficient and irresponsible CEO that does not reduce expenses and raise profits wherever possible.

If any American CEO would hire even one US veteran each year, he would be doing all that is needed and asked of him to do his part.

How hard is permanently solving US veteran unemployment? Not very.

But it will require educating the public and the private sectors. I am certain that the American people and companies will respond if given the opportunity to do so. — That has already been proven. — We just need to let more citizens and companies know how easy it is, and the benefits they will receive for doing so.

What we need is a local, free job board for residents and companies to use to hire their local US military, veterans and spouses.

Step 3: Employment Training:

Many of our US veterans joined the military directly out of high school. They have no “civilian employment” record. They did not work at a burger joint. They were not the midnight to dawn supervisor of 2 other teenagers. They did not move on to stock boy for a department store. They did not lifeguard at a local beach, nor work as an “Account Executive.”

US infantry veterans have very little to put on their resumes that HR assistants and hiring managers are instructed to look for. There are no boxes to check for “Sharpshooter, Demolition Expert, 50 Millimeter Gunner, etc.” – But these men and women, without a doubt, are more mature and ready to help any company achieve success than almost all of their civilian counterparts of the same age.

Anyone could become a millionaire just by betting that a US veteran can out succeed a civilian counterpart, if given the same training and opportunity. – If you took the veteran every time, you would own a hotel and a casino in Vegas.

And now, through innovative companies like Virtual Connections, US veterans can receive online training, while still in the military, transitioned veterans can too, wherever they are.

But some veterans and some positions will require a training facility for positions that require classroom and hands on training. The monies for creating this national campus for training disabled and MOS disadvantaged veterans is in the process of being created in the DC/Virginia area.

This US veteran campus will house dormitories for veterans across the country. And it will have classrooms equipped with the technologies necessary to prepare US veterans for the present and future. — And it will offer employment assistance through partners like Resume Bear to help US veterans put their best foot forward . — As well, combat veterans will be trained to turn their memories into motivations and to give them greater strength and purpose.

Corporations with similar employment requirements will mutually create independent campuses at this academy for training their future employees.

The corporations associated with training these veterans will save many millions on recruiting costs of all kinds. – This will be like the old baseball farm teams. They will train, and prepare their own US veteran talent.

Step 4: US Veteran Entrepreneurs

Of all subjects pertaining to veterans, America, families and our nation’s future, there is none more important to me and as critical as US Veteran Entrepreneurship.

This is the most valuable, and yet largely untapped, precious resource that America possesses. And never has it been as important for our nation to mine as now, in our history.

Hardly any credit has been given to the primary reason that America’s economy took a giant leap and quickly became the mightiest in the world, following the Revolutionary, Civil, First and Second World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars: Returning combat veterans!

It is quite obvious statistically that US combat veterans have either fathered a US company, or been the father of a child who started a company , in such tremendous numbers that it dwarfs all other demographics. – Without any reasonable contradiction: US Veterans are the fathers of the American economy!

Virtual Connections and HirePatriots in partnership with patriotic companies, government agencies, like-minded non-profits and common citizens making up the weave of the American Home Front, will provide the unified and comprehensive online, classroom, financial, and nuts-n-bolts training to insure their success.

The Patriotic Hearts’ union of supporters for US veteran entrepreneurs will produce a nationwide torrent of new business owners who are battle hardened and trained for success. Defeat for them is not an option.

These successful US veteran business owners will increase US exports, create national employment, and stimulate and save our US economy.

Step 5: Spreading the Message

HirePatriots has websites representing over 40 states and multiple regions of the US. They have been growing at a rate of 5 new representative areas of the US every month! –And their websites are some of the most highly ranked and popular in the world.

Much of this unique site’s exploding numbers of Internet visitors from across the US and around the world is largely due to their blogging on the social networks. The combined HirePatriots social network is nearing 200,000 million people.

And because of the numbers of people that HirePatriots helps everyday, (US residents, companies, military members , veterans and their spouses,), local and national media outlets (TV, radio and Press) are always featuring the constant variety of great stories created when a Patriot and a veteran come together to help eachother.

But most of all, the passionate patriotism of US citizens from every race, creed , language and nation on earth, combine together to be the greatest force this world has ever known. We have even defeated gravity and landed men on the moon!

America is ready and willing to support our US Patriots. We only need to let enough of them know.

Patriotic Hearts: Providing Solutions for US Veterans

In addition to helping US veteran unemployment and communities and the economy across America, Patriotic Hearts (the 501c3 that shelters the HirePatriots non-profit program), also provides increasing assistance to US veterans and family members in other important ways.

Patriotic Hearts is a union of corporate, community, government and non-profit efforts to provide for and to honor US veterans in perpetuity, as they all justly deserve.

Make your tax deductible donation to Patriotic Hearts HERE.

Receive grateful emails from veterans, and opportunities to help the vets in your area. Get fliers and posters to share in your community. Speak at local community groups and to local media. Or help bring a Patriotic Hearts Military Marriage Retreat to your town.

Please join our nationwide citizen soldiers who are fighting for our US veterans, just as they did for us!

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Mark Baird

Hello, I'm Mark Baird and I founded Hire Patriots. My wife and I are 'helpers.' We are concerned about meeting the practical needs of our US veterans and their families. We began a job board for local residents to post chores that they need help with. It has been very successful. Thousands of local US Military and veterans partially or entirely support themselves from our website. We are looking for others near US Military bases who would also like to have a HirePatriots.com website for their location. Find more information about our military programs at PatrioticHearts.org. And please make a contribution of any kind. Thank you.

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