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Action Plan for Living

Posted by on January 28, 2013 in For Families

From the Golden Rule Society  

Help us all make it a better world by sharing this message.
You’ll be helping families, friends and people in every country.
Can you imagine our world if everyone followed these simple guidelines?


A: Start your day with a personal prayer.
Then say…I love you Lord, with all my heart, my soul and my mind.
I love my family, friends and neighbors.
I love myself, for I am in your image and Your Spirit is within me.

1. This is the first day of my “New Life” but I’m living it as if it were my last.a
2. You and I together are handling everything the world has to offer.
3. I’m living the “Golden Rule” with truth, dignity and respect.
4. I smile and say something kind to everyone I meet.
5. I’m enthusiastic, persistent, optimistic, patient and successful.
6. I’m positive in my thinking. I control my attitude, my emotions and my life.
7. I give more than I get. By so doing I get more than I’ve ever hoped.
8. I’m as happy as I can be. I laugh and enjoy this and every moment.
9. I count my blessings: life, love, health, happiness, family, friends, and freedom.
10. I recall my accomplishments: 1, 2, 3, etc…
11. I define my goals of service to God, my family, my business, and my country.
12. I learn from my successes and my mistakes but I don’t live in the past.
13. I do it NOW! I get things done.
14. I keep my self-image positive and good.
15. I have Faith, Hope, Courage and I Believe.
16. Life is great. It’s a game. I play fair. I play to win. I live it to the fullest.
17. Every day in every way, only through your Grace, your Love and your Kindness…
I get better and better. Thank you God.
18. Life’s greatest secret is “KNOWING and DOING WHAT’S RIGHT”.

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