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Advice When Transitioning Out Of Military Service

Posted by on June 5, 2014 in Jobs For Veterans

Transitioning back into civilian life..

It’s a natural thing to do when you leave military life, is quickly look for a job, but the transitioned

can be disappointing. The best advice is to take a breather and adjust to your new life and environment.

Focus your resume and career search on what you think you do best instead of focusing solely on the “transferable skills” and military to civilian job translators. The civilian job market is all about value.


Employers will want to know what value you bring to their organization. You should also want to know what value you can expect out a future employer.

Visit your local Department of Labor Employment Center as well as your local Workforce Centers. Small Business Develop Centers are also willing to help with getting your ready for civilian life.

They are required to provide preference to veterans needing job search assistance. Also become aware of education opportunities available to you as a veteran as a way to improve your skills and marketability.

If you’re needing help you can rely on Hire Patriots, and Veteran Small Business Association Foundation, provide both job opportunities, and help you start your own business.

Rallie Rallis

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