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Affinity 4 Patriotic Hearts

Posted by on July 7, 2016 in For Businesses

Three of the major challenges that all nonprofit organizations are faced with are:

  1. Not enough time or material resources
  2. Not enough volunteers or human resources
  3. Not enough, or inconsistent fundraising

Each of these challenges, together or separately, make it difficult for the nonprofit to have as large an impact as they could if these challenges were made less significant.

Usually in order to generate a sufficient level of funds needed to support the mission and programs that the nonprofit intends to impact, they need to compete for grants, and/or hold expensive fundraising events that consume a lot of time and resources and hope they can generate enough fundraising activity to cover the cost of holding the event, and still have significant moneys left after the event to accomplish their goals.

The Affinity 4 A Cause fundraising platform from Patriotic Hearts trusted credit card processing partner, Affinity24, is designed to alleviate the pressure of falling short with traditional fundraising campaigns. We have made it very simple, and it is designed to build up a passive monthly recurring donation stream through payment processing.

Along with lowering the costs for processing the credit card donations made through the Donate links on PatrioticHearts.org and HirePatriots.com, we have installed our Affinity 4 A Cause program which is an offer to merchants and business owners. The basic offer is, along with improving your payment security (fraud protection) and presenting you with solutions that are designed to increase your revenue, Affinity24 will either match or beat your current credit card processing costs. If we succeed in earning your business, we will give 25% of our net from the qualified fees collected on your merchant account, to PatrioticHearts.org every month.

The top four values in our service are:

  1. PCI Compliant security of payments with all the latest fraud protection.
  2. Speedy deposit of the payments into your business checking account.
  3. Highly competitive costs for our services
  4. Solutions that increase your revenue and improve your customers satisfaction and loyalty

To learn more about our offer, please visit the Affinity 4 Patriotic Hearts webpage and use the form on the page to contact your Affinity24 Executive Consultant and proud US Navy Veteran, Tim Pidcock.

We offer payment processing solutions designed for Business2Consumer, Business2Business and Business2Government payments.

Looking forward to serving you while supporting Patriotic Hearts and Hire Patriots.ÂÂÂ

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