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An Opportunity for the Unemployed

Posted by on January 14, 2014 in News

Personally I have gone through many periods of unemployment in my life, just ask my wife, I am sure she will tell you all about it. I have been downsized, right sized, and had my position eliminated due to the economy. I am so experienced on the topic someone told me I should write a book, so I did. Now I am not trying to sell books today but I am writing to those of you that have been unemployed for awhile and have lost hope of finding a job. I would also like to talk to those of you who like me are 50+ and steaming toward retirement without sufficient savings.  Just think, if you live 20 years after you retire, and by then need at least $50K a year to live on modestly, you need $1Million saved or an income stream that delivers $50K a year after taxes. What a daunting thought! Well you may say Pat I am more worried about next week than I am years down the road and I understand that.

I know what has happened in the economy and to your finances is not your fault, it happened to all of us, myself included. You worked hard but in addition to a job loss your home value may have dropped considerably, your 401K is now a 201K and many of us in our 50’s were downsized right during our prime earning years. How do we make that up?

Most everyone I talk to is looking for an additional income stream something they can do part time and something that no one can take away from them. I know I was.  I thought of starting a business but I did not want employees, inventory, deliveries or collections. I did not want lotions or potions to sell, I had done that years ago besides people are not buying anything extra these days. I wanted a business I could be proud of. I wanted to help my community and be able to save people money.

I kept an open mind and would consider anything because I could always say no.  I looked for months; I’m a hard person to convince. Finally a guy I had just met once asked me to watch an 18 minute video about a business opportunity, my guard was up! However I remembered my mission to be open to anything. I asked if was a lotion or a potion, do I need inventory, collect money, deliver a product, is it something that is an extra purchase? I was sure I would have him on at least one of those but he said no none of those in fact it is something people use every day and can’t live without. He said that even if the economy keeps going south people will still pay for it, its gas and electricity. Well I know utilities are highly regulated by the government so this had to be on the up and up. So I said, let me see if I understand this, someone is going to pay me for helping people and small business save money on their utilities, I’ll be a hero. Then he said not only can you save them money you can show them how to get there energy for free and receive an ongoing income. He said I could even take the income into retirement and will it; my wife was excited about that part.

Energy…  I’ll bet those of you reading this right now are using energy and I bet your fridge is running too. How would like to be the hero in your home town saving people and small business money on energy or getting it for free?

When you click on the link below you will be directed to a web site and that same 18 minute video about a company that has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.  J.D. Powers and Associated ranks them #1 in customer satisfaction. They operate debt free and without an acquisition reached $1B in revenue in less than 7 years, the only other company to do that was Google. When you push play the video will begin and on the last section you will need to choose your state. Now if you are like me you will have to watch the last section twice it is the part about earning income.

You do not need to enter in any personal information to watch the video. No one will contact you unless you request it. All my contact information is on my web site.

I am proud to present to you INC Magazines #1 fastest growing company in America, Ambit Energy.     http://patriots.energy526.com


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