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Asteroids Heading Towards Earth!

Posted by on March 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Circling our solar system of planets and a sun is a huge asteroid belt. The ancient orbits of these 120,000 gigantic rocks are degrading.  As they fall out of orbit, these objects will continue to scream through our solar system. Some will no doubt collide.

On March 5,  Brain Williams, the sagacious anchor on NBC Nightly News, squeezed in a story near the end. It was about an asteroid that will pass closer to earth than any ever recorded. It will either fly beneath our satellites and the earth, or it will hit the earth.  — This veteran news reporter, perhaps the most respected on U.S. news broadcasts, suggested that “We all get our ‘affairs’ in order.”

Contrary to the scientific report from NASA and space experts, all of the other media outlets downplayed the possibility of it hitting the earth. There may be reasons for this: Saying that an asteroid will “likely” hit the earth would just cause world wide panic and have terrible effects on the corporations that sponsor News media.  So do not take their claims that ‘it will not hit the earth’ as truth. — There is no way of knowing one way or another until we see what it is made of and how it will react to entering our gravitational pull.

The most recent comment from space experts says this:

There is a possibility the asteroid will collide with Earth, but further calculation is required to estimate the potential threat and work out how to avert possible disaster, NASA expert Dr. David Dunham told students at Moscow’s University of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM).

“The Earth’s gravitational field will alter the asteroid’s path significantly. Further scrupulous calculation is required to estimate the threat of collision,” said Dr. Dunham, as transcribed by Russia’s Izvestia. “The asteroid may break into dozens of small pieces, or several large lumps may split from it and burn up in the atmosphere. The type of the asteroid and its mineral structure can be determined by spectral analysis. This will help predict its behavior in the atmosphere and what should be done to prevent the potential threat,”said Dr. Dunham.

The world’s scientists in this field believe that these object’s paths could be altered by flying special space ships into them. But this would take at least two years. So this option is not possible this time.

Asteroid 2012 DA 14′s closest approach to Earth will be February 15, 2013, when it will be about 16,700 miles (27,000 km) from our planet if its orbit does not change. NASA scientists are concerned enough to suggest the asteroid either be blasted with big guns – or painted to change how sunlight reflects off its surface in order to alter the asteroid’s temperature, spin and orbital path.

What would happen if an asteroid this size crashed into Earth?

It would result in a 4,000 megaton blast, magnitude 7.0 earthquake and – if it falls into the ocean – could cause a 70-foot high tsunami within 60 miles of the crash site, according to an expert at Purdue University.

This kind of news actually excites conservative Christians who are looking to the return of the Biblical Messiah, Jesus Christ.  The apostle Peter, who the Bible claims walked on water and whose shadow and handkerchiefs were able to heal the sick, said:

“In the last days, God says, I will show wonders in the heaven above and signs on the earth below, with fire and billows of smoke; before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” — Acts 2:19

Mark Baird

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