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Can you “Catch ” PTSD from a Veteran?

Posted by on February 26, 2011 in General

This was the question posed by several HR people at the Human Resource convention in San Diego. And this is why we must continue promoting veteran issues and education through the media and social networks. — However, whenever I have sent a blog about hiring veterans to any HR Linkedin group or staffing association, they never publish it! — It is as if they prefer being ignorant. They remind me of the blind leading the blind.

Here is a comment from a veteran who attended the SHRM convention in San Diego this year:

Ted Daywalt: Vet Jobs
A classic example is the Fort Hood affair. After Major Hassan had killed so many (a direct result of PC in the military as Hassan should have been removed a LONG time ago), MSNBC and NBC were so desperate to not call Hassan a Muslim or a terrorist, MSNBC reported that Hassan had “caught” PTSD from his patients. The next night, NBC had that report as their lead story. Those of us in the military know this is total nonsense, but the public does not. A week after the NBC Hassan story, an HR manager who called in to post some jobs asked the VetJobs sales person how to tell if a veteran has PTSD, as they did not want to hire someone with PTSD and have it spread in the work place. I got involved and asked the HR manager what made them think you could “catch” PTSD, and she said she had seen it on the news. Yes, she had been watching NBC. At the SHRM annual conference in San Diego this past June, we had the same question from about 20 different HR managers and recruiters. Of course, I maintain that NBC and MSNBC knew they were putting out false information, but they do not care. These types of attitudes and erroneous reporting by certain main stream press organs is VERY dangerous to our vets and hurts them when applying to jobs.
Ted Daywalt: President: VetJobs

Posted by Mark Baird: HirePatriots.com

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