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Can you keep your lifestyle into retirement?

Posted by on February 19, 2015 in Interesting

I’m 57 and staring retirement in the face as are most of my friends. Some of us thought we would already be retired but life happened and threw off our plans. In our prime earning years we were downsized, rightsized and forced out. We found the 50+ job market not very friendly; it was time for plan B.

Perhaps like us you are finding the need for a secondary income stream but it would have to fit in with what you currently do.  I have two things to offer you.

1)       A business opportunity that can fit with what you do now. No need for costly inventory, deliveries or collections. A service everyone uses and would like to pay less for, energy. If you are interested enough to watch a 5 minute video to see if it is a fit for you visit: http://patriots.energygoldrush.com  Start up fee waived until 2/27/15

2)       My book for free. “The Unemployment Budget – Your Financial Survival Plan” includes “The Crisis Budget for when you help now. Brian Tracy/ Author, The Power of Self-Confidence states:  “This is a practical book full of proven strategies you can use immediately to get your financial life back under control.”

It is free for you on my volunteer web site at Hire Patriots. Hire Patriots helps our veterans find jobs. I am privileged to be their Ambassador for New York. Just click on the book cover on the right side of the page and a PDF will open, no contact info is needed,  it’s just free. http://hirepatriots.com/heroes

My hope is that either through the budget book or the business offering you save or create money for your retirement.

Best to you, Patrick Mellody   patrick@hirepatriots.com


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