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Combat Leader to Corporate Leader

Posted by on March 10, 2011 in General

I am a retired US Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, Iraq combat veteran and author. I wrote Combat Leader to Corporate Leader: 20 Lessons to Advance Your Civilian Career (Praeger, 2010) to help veterans and non-veterans translate and apply military skills to business.

At times, Military veterans sometimes need more assistance to help translate their skills. I am an Iraq combat veteran, a disabled veteran, and an author. I wanted to introduce you to the book Combat Leader to Corporate Leader: 20 Lessons to Advance Your Civilian Career (Praeger, 2010) is a book designed for military veterans from all services, ranks, and experience levels to apply 20 universal military skills to business. These are critical skills in business planning, leadership, risk management, employee development, and business strategy that will make military veterans better job candidates and better employees so they have more successful careers.

There are five distinct reasons why Combat Leader to Corporate Leader: 20 Lessons to Advance Your Civilian Career is a great choice for military veterans:

(1) Military Veteran Unemployment Rates Remain Nearly Twice as High as Civilian Rates. The unemployment rate for Gulf War II veterans (Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans) aged 18 to 24 and 24 to 35 is nearly 2X as high as their civilian counterparts. For the 18-24 age group, that is an unemployment rate of ~20% and they 24 to 35 age group is ~16% (US Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics data). These are combat veterans that need to be shown how to apply their military skills to business.

(2) Business Leaders Want Military Skills Translated to Business. In June 2010, the Society of Human Resource Managers released a survey on HR Managers opinions of hiring military veterans. Greater than 80% of HR Managers admired military veterans for their dedication, experience, and commitment. However, the same 80% felt that military veterans needed to do more to translate their military skill sets and how they could be applied in business (SHRM, June 2010, Member Study & Survey).

(3) CEO’s Support Combat Leader to Corporate Leader. The Vice Chairman of General Electric to the CEO of Foot Locker to the CEO of the Center for Creative Leadership all endorse Combat Leader to Corporate Leader. Steve Reinemund, the Retired Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo; Dean of Business, Wake Forest University and former US Marine Corps Officer states, “A must read for every Soldier, Sailor and Marine. It is the only book of its kind that lays out a very practical way for a veteran to capitalize on the outstanding preparation that a military experience brings to a successful career in the marketplace.”

(4) Practical Organization, Simple Use, & Hard Hitting Results. Combat Leader to Corporate Leader is organized into four sections with 5 lessons each of no more than 7-8 pages a lesson. This organization makes these military-to-commercial lessons fast, understandable, hard hitting, and easily implemented. This book was designed for use by all veterans from all services.

(5) Chad Storlie, Author Combat Leader to Corporate Leader. Chad Storlie is an Iraq combat veteran, a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Green Berets, a Bronze Star and Combat Infantryman Badge recipient and a 20+ year veteran of the US Army. In business, Chad has practiced Marketing and Sales with General Electric, Comcast, and Manugistics; holds an MBA from Georgetown University; and has taught marketing at Creighton University. He has mastered both military combat applications and business implementation.

Book Website: www.CombatToCorporate.com

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Chad Storlie


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