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Cool Personal Submarines for Vets

Posted by on August 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
Personal Submarine for Veterans

AquaVenture WaterCrafts, Inc. has recently developed the fastest personal sub in the world. It also happens to be the least expensive classed sub in the world. We’ve achieved this incredible advance beyond the state-of-the-art by developing a proprietary tow system that permits our subs to be towed by a surface vessel, while retaining directional control inside the sub. The result is that our sub has all of the unprecedented power of internal combustion without the cost of a propulsion system! Our SeaBirds can go straight up, nearly straight down, and roll 360 degrees like a jet aircraft – at a depth of up to 150 feet (300 feet for non-tour operations) and submerged speeds up to 25 mph! I was fortunate to have flown most of the cool jets in the USAF during my time in the service, and I can honestly say that operating my company’s sub is an equally magical experience – more so I am sure for true lovers of the sea.

Early on in the testing of our proof of concept sub, I was left with a notion that it could be a vehicle of therapeutic value, particularly to disabled vets. SeaBird gives its pilots a chance to aggressively maneuver their bodies in three dimensions (for disabled vets, probably the first time since their injuries) via their own inputs in a captivating underwater environment. For some vets who love the water or were used to operating the military’s hottest equipment, it can be a spiritual or even life-changing experience. Unlike some existing therapeutic programs that put vets in a passenger seat as an observer, this program will put vets, even those with significant physical limitations, in the driver’s seat in full control!

I’m looking for anyone interested in managing and running a tour operation, to be manned by vets and with vets as instructor/safety pilots (our two-seat SeaBirds must be manned by an instructor pilot/tour guide in the rear seat). Anyone with good cognitive function and one fully functional arm will be capable of being an instructor pilot, and at least 50 percent of the staff should be dedicated to positions for disabled vets. The program would give tours to a combination of vets on a pro-bono basis as well as paid tourists. For at least the first 2 programs operated as nonprofit (i.e. 501 c3), I would make one to two subs available to the program at our cost. I am hopeful that corporate sponsorship could then cover this amount, less than an order of magnitude cheaper than similar personal subs currently available! With start-up costs being covered by donation, the program could easily be self-sustaining, with paid tourists subsidizing the therapeutic dives.

The vets get a truly remarkable pro-bono morale and therapeutic program AND paid jobs (one sub could support about 5 half-time instructor positions plus additional support jobs), sponsoring corporations will benefit from some goodwill and publicity in what I am confident would be a high visibility program, and the community gets a new tourist attraction. Depending upon how the program is set up, it could eventually pour money into veterans’ programs. I think the cherry on top is that the interaction between disabled vets and tourists could lead to paid jobs (outside of the program) for participating vets when business owners ride with vets in a quality one on one environment and see how talented and capable they are.

Of course I’m also interested in hearing from anyone interested in starting a for-profit SeaBird Tour operation. Anyone who is willing to staff such an operation with vets would likely receive tax credits from the government, and I would certainly offer a substantial discount under these circumstances (of course, I would expect that they would offer tours to vets at a substantial discount). Anyone can learn more about SeaBird Subs and AquaVenture WaterCrafts at our website:http://aquaventurewatercrafts.com/

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