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Do you have a financial plan?

Posted by on June 14, 2015 in News

Mark Baird was kind enough to ask me to donate a chapter on finances to be included in his recent book titled “An American Crisis – Veterans Unemployment”.  This book is designed to assist vets and help them find their next job.  The book is already on the Amazon Top 100 list and helping many. The proceeds go to Patriots Hearts a non-profit group that helps vets.  The book is comprised of over 20 authors that donated a chapter on their expertise. Some of the chapter’s address topics such as: transition into the work force, finding a career, starting a home based business and much more. Today I would like to talk about a section of my chapter titled “Do you have a financial plan”?

Update Your Will.  I came across a copy of my brother-in-laws will. He asked me to keep it in my safe deposit box when he went into the Marines in 1986. Since it was decades old I was about to shred it, I thought surely he had updated it since then. For some reason I contacted him to see if he wanted it. He said yes please mail it to me, I have not updated it and would like to see what it says.

In the decades that have past he has married and has two children. He has been close to death twice from accidents. If he and his wife departed this earth early without a current will their children would be placed somewhere by the state while any interested relatives would fight for custody of the children. This fight would take a year and cost about $10,000.00. What would those children thought about mom and dad after an ordeal like that?

If you do not have a will please make your appointment today or look at an online will kit that is valid in your state. If you have life insurance discuss having it go to the person you designate to take care of your children in case of an early departure.  Raising children is expensive and they will need the help. Finally please consider purchasing a copy of “An American Crisis – Veterans’ Unemployment” for yourself, a vet friend or to donate to your local vet organization library.


Patrick Mellody is a Volunteer Ambassador for Hire Patriots. There is a link to Mark Bairds book on my web page along with a job board and business opportunities.  http://hirepatriots.com/heroes    


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