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Do You Want to Own a Security Business?

Posted by on August 30, 2016 in Jobs For Veterans

You’ve served your country, and now it’s time for a new beginning.
Providing for yourself and your family while serving to protect your
community is a logical next step for those who have high levels of
commitment, passion and dedication.


We’re here to provide peace of mind to pursue passion in life.

The vision of Signal 88 Security, since its founding in 2003, is to provide a full suite of world-class and industry-leading security services for residential, commercial, retail and institutional customers because, quite simply, safety is a basic human right and need.

The promise of Signal 88 Security is to provide customized security services so that individuals, businesses, neighborhoods and communities can pursue their passions in life openly, freely and joyfully. Without the freedom of feeling secure, our passions cannot be fully enjoyed.

We believe that we solve the increasing complexity of security needs today through the simplicity, professionalism, value and quality of what we promise, deliver and measure every day. At Signal 88 Security, our tagline “We’re Here” speaks to the consciousness we have around the trust, responsibility and accountability placed in us by our clients. We know that our reputation is built and measured not on what we say about ourselves but by the peace of mind we bring to our clients.

As you transition from your military career, your next career opportunity could be as a Signal 88 Franchise Owner. A Signal 88 Security franchise offers the opportunity to protect and serve those in your community after your military service is done. We’ve found that many ex military veterans know the meaning of service in their hearts, and it makes all the difference. At Signal 88, our goal is to provide peace of mind to pursue passion in life.

Devotion to service is at the very core of the people who wear our uniform. For every single one of us at Signal 88, serving is the active ingredient in service. It is both what we do and who we are. Both what we are really good at doing and what we really love to do.



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