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Energy Force joins Hire Patriots!

Posted by on August 23, 2012 in General

My name is Keela. I work for Energy Force part time.

Energy Force is a human resources outsourcing consulting firm serving clients across the country. We work with CEO’s and owners of companies who are serious about growing their bottom line and eliminating the hassles of human resources, workers’ comp, risk management, employee benefits, training, recruiting and payroll. 

Energy Force is unique, because we represent a number of HR outsourcing service providers. Our goal is to meet the needs of each of our clients with the service provider that is most capable of meeting their goals, needs and budget. We solve problems and help our clients succeed by:
  • Reducing Labor Costs
  • Minimizing Employer Liability
  • Reducing HR Administration
  • Maximizing Employee Productivity
  • Increasing Profitability

We provide a professional service which caters to individuals, small and medium sized businesses, and new enterprises. We work very closely with our customers, providing them with the necessary HR services to survive in today’s competitive market. Our experience and dedication make it possible for many businesses to grow and prosper. We help business owners do what they do best and so they can receive optimum results from their operations.

We are also commited to helping our patriots find jobs. If you are interested in working with us you can find all our information at www.energyforce.biz .

We look forward to working directly with www.hirepatriots.com and couldn’t be more excited for the future and its launch here in Oklahoma.

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