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Flew Economy: Felt Like First Class!

Posted by on February 15, 2013 in News

I am a home-body. I do not like traveling unless it is in my own RV so that I can take my home with me. I am a creature of habit and need my daily routine to be unaffected in order to achieve my best. But there  are times that I must travel long distances that requires me to fly. My wife and I love vacationing in Hawaii at the North Shore of Oahu. And business requires me to keep appointments that are on the other side of our country. So I fly several times a year.

Almost always I fly Southwest because they are a local airline that flies everywhere, and they are usually the least expensive. But their seats are so tiny and the foot space they give us is so small that it is very uncomfortable. I always feel like I am on a crammed cattle car.

But this week I flew American Airlines. They had the only ticket that my budget could afford. I had heard about their financial difficulties and so I was concerned about the quality of service, as well as safety. In order to get where I needed to be and back, I had to take 4 different American Airlines planes at four different airports. — I am a bit handicapped and unable to walk for more than a few hundred yards at best on good days. And so I was also concerned about how I would get from one gate to another on time.

But when I arrived at the airport they had a wheel chair waiting for me. They took me to get my boarding pass, put me through security and then to my gate. They let me get on the plane before the “Priority” passengers. And whenever I stepped off a plane, they had someone else waiting to assist me there.

The pilots made the softest landings I had ever experienced. I literally could not feel or hear our wheels touching down. It was like landing on a pillow. The stewardesses where pretty, engaging, personable and fun. And they offered refills on my orange juice whenever I wanted.

But most of all, the seats on American Airlines were much bigger and comfortable. And there was plenty of leg room for me to stretch out and go to sleep. I really felt like the service and comfort could not have been any better even if I had paid for First class.

The employees of American Airlines are the best I have ever encountered in any mode of travel. If they keep this up then they should recover from their current economic woes. Their customer service was absolutely outstanding!

Thank you American Airlines!

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