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Free Entrepreneurship Program for Disabled US Veterans

Posted by on August 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

A unique entrepreneurial program for America’s heroes provides a rigorous learning and development opportunity for service disabled veterans who want to create and build successful businesses.

The evidence suggests a strong association between military service and successfulentrepreneurship, and veterans tend to be more likely than non-veterans to start businesses.However, there is also evidence that the barriers to entry are higher and access to qualityentrepreneurial training programs more limited for veterans with service-related disabilities.To support men and women who have served our country above and beyond the call of duty,and risked their lives for a world free from tyranny and terrorism, the VEP helps make thetransition from military life to the entrepreneurial world a successful one.

The V.E.P. offers a unique,  highly innovative training program built around hands-on learning,personalized interaction and exposure to inspiring role models. Our purpose is to foster the creation ofsuccessful, profitable ventures. A team of world-class faculty,distinguished entrepreneurs and expertswork closely with delegates, providing a challenging, interactive and informative experience. Theprogram provides opportunities to develop entrepreneurial ideas while also learning leading edgeconcepts, tools and frameworks. Most importantly, VEP participants will learn how to apply theseprinciples and tools to current or potential businesses.

“This program gave me more useful information in one week than my first six years of college.This isground-level, user-ready, experience-based training that gives the delegate a serious leg up in the business world, especially in the area of starting a business.”—ChrisRedding

For more information about OK states free Veteran Entrepreneurial Program click here: https://entrepreneurship.okstate.edu/riata/veterans/








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