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Get Your Business ‘Military Clean!’

Posted by on March 12, 2015 in For Businesses

US Military Maintenance is a nationwide effort to employ US veterans in commercial office cleaning. We are looking for companies that want to participate in this program so that we can hire and train local, work ready US veterans to maintain the professional image of your company.

All US veterans are taught from the first day of boot camp to keep everything military clean. White glove inspections were the order of the day.

May we set an appointment with you to have a tour of your business and make an offer for our team of US veterans to take the responsibility of maintaining a bright appearance for your company?

We will create press release about your business’ participation in our veteran hiring program, send a blog post to the social networks and place your banner on our popular website. We can also help you with finding the right US veteran for any of your open positions.

Let’s put a dent in our local veteran unemployment problem together. Help us to give a job to US veterans who have served honorably and are work ready.

Please contact us at: USMM@hirepatriots.com / 760-730-3734

US Military Maintenance a program of HirePatriots, a program of Patriotic Hearts, a 501c3 non-profit that has received that has received the Congressional Medal of Merit and the President’s Leadership Award for helping to solve veteran unemployment. Here is a link to a feature about HirePatriots in People Magazine; and here are two books our founders have written for veterans and the businesses that want to hire them: An American Crisis: Veterans’ Unemployment & The Patriotic Business Plan: Strategies for Sensational Success

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