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Has sustainable, healthy, physical fitness eluded you?

Posted by on March 23, 2012 in Uncategorized



I’m pretty sure it has if you are reading this article. Believe me when I say “You are not alone.” Let me assure you that most everyone at one time or another has wondered why sustainable, healthy, physical fitness has not been so sustainable at one point in their life. Most everyone becomes comfortable within their own personal “normal” weight without regards to what it would need to get and keep up a sustainable, healthy, physical fitness life style.

Even so-called skinny people think about their weight now and then. My daughter, like myself, has always said she didn’t have to think about her weight because she was athletic with a naturally thin and muscular physic making it easy to sustain a leaner body. At age 23, my daughter realized that same statement was no longer true for herself and she found that her past genetic physical fitness had eluded her. Fortunately, at age 43, I had realized that I too had lost that naturally muscular and thin physique I had enjoyed most of my life. So whats is the answer and how do you obtain and then maintain a healthy and rewarding fit life style?

Realizing that I needed to do something to regain some form of muscularity and healthy fitness in my life, I figured I needed to step on that dusty scale and see what my weight had risen to. This would give me a starting point and I could set a goal for myself. After all, I knew my fitted suits were no longer fitted for my particular shape. Oh I was still in shape, but I’m not quite sure how to describe it. My Banker said I had begun the “Office Spread”. I’m sure at least some of you are familiar with that statement. Visualize the shape of my favorite fruit, the Pair.

So what was my weight? How much damage had no longer keeping up any exorcise or physical labor in my current life style created for me on the scale? I was shocked when I had only gained a couple of pounds. I was sure I had gained at least 20lbs. It had been years since I had done anything to personally keep up a healthy fitness level. I could literally see the “muffin top” around my waist and my chest looked as if I needed a bikini. Well maybe not a bikini yet. Although I figured I needed a new scale since it had to be defective. Aren’t they always defective?

So if I could literally feel and visually see the abundance of extra jiggle in the mirror, yet I had barely gained weight, it dawned on me that I must have lost muscle mass.

So I started talking to my wife’s trainer Justin Pfiefer at Boot Camp Fitness Academy, a retired Marine Drill Sergent,  and he explained that besides not having a physically demanding job any more, men start loosing testosterone around age 40, especially if we are not maintaining healthy, and nutritional eating habits or adding a routine physical fitness program.

So what is the answer to sustainable, healthy, physical fitness in our youth, middle-aged, or golden years?

It is definitely not the next fad in case that’s what your thinking. Almost weekly you hear about the latest and greatest weight loss vitamin, shake, procedure, cleanse, or diet consisting of drinking water and some super secret count of how many walnuts or almonds you can  eat for lunch.  Talk about expensive. Now I will have to say I have known a few people who it worked for them temporarily until they started eating normal but honestly, I like to eat food. I like to eat food that taste great. A couple of almonds, twenty glasses of water, and one shake a day just does not sound exciting let alone a sustainable way to permanently maintain a healthy, physical fitness life style. To be honest, I have never seen any of these people ever acquire a lean, defined body. They end up looking smaller, but never really lose the apparent softness due to the lack of muscular definition. Seeing a woman with petite yet muscular arms is very attractive. I just do not want her to be able to win against me in an arm wrestling match. Unless I let her win to gain date night points..

So here is the truth to the secret of establishing a sustainable, healthy, physical fitness life style that you can still enjoy delicious food.

One Word: MUSCLEReaching your new you.

The key is building muscle. If you lack a genetic gift of a naturally muscular physique or have started loosing muscle because of age, life style, or career choice, your body wouldn’t be able to enjoy a naturally sustainable, healthy, physical fitness level without building muscles. As our muscles fade away, for whatever reason, our caloric intake will eventually surpass our energy need. Although we enjoy food as a pleasing way to treat ourselves or as a great way to share family time, it is actually just fuel for our muscles. As you already know, we need energy to exist. A sustainable, healthy body requires plenty of muscle to burn up all of our consumed fuel plus any surplus beyond the reserves our body naturally stores up. Just like our cars. Look at the 60’s to 70’s muscle cars like the Plymouth Barracuda or Pontiac GTO. They burned up fuel faster than ever before. That is exactly how our bodies should be. When we commit to a routine of  exercise with a moderately healthy eating habit, the healthier the better but I love great food, we create our own “Hot Rod” body of fitness that burns calories faster than our bodies can pack on the pounds. The more muscle, the more fuel we burn. Look at the Toyota Prius, it takes forever to burn fuel because it is the slowest, weakest car on the road. It doesn’t look sexy either.

My wife is a perfect example. She did the fad dieting here and there and even used the pill combo Phen-Fen back in the day. Phen-Fen worked as long as she was taking it just like the more current hype, Isagenix. The key to long-term results for any of these Get Rich/Diets is to keep pushing the sale of the product so everyone keeps thin. As soon as you stop taking the miracle solution, the miracle disappears and your body returns almost immediately unless you build muscle. Now on the positive side to these newer, claiming to be healthier programs like Isagenix, if they can work for you enough to help you develop the self-confidence to go into the public and start running or participating in a boot camp course, perfect. The nice thing about Boot Camp Fitness Academy compared to the classic, “What should I do now” big box kind of gym like 24 Hour Fitness, is that with a fitness instructor continuously telling you what to do, other participants do not have time to just walk around and judge you, or look at themselves in the mirror. Nice right? My wife stopped using these other solutions and started learning how to correctly build muscle through simple yet effective exercises during classes at Boot Camp Fitness Academy. She changed some of the products in our refrigerator and kitchen pantry to fuel our bodies. That is it. We still enjoy delicious food. Did I mention my wife is an awesome cook. I’m so blessed. So as her body built lean muscle mass through her new naturally sustainable, healthy, physical fitness life style, she developed a very athletic appearance.


To this day, she has stopped working out now for 8 months because of her hectic new schedule and her body has kept its sexy, muscular definition because she developed muscle. Overall she lost 50lbs but her scale did not show a drastic, immediate loss in weight. She lost fat but the scale dropped slower during her journey because of muscle gain. But as you can see my wife on this website, wearing the yellow shirt as she reached the top of a rope climb (hung at 15′) during a work out over at a friends gym, Boot Camp Fitness Academyworks.

To sum it up, loosing weight and maintaining that weight loss depends on your body’s muscularity. The more you concentrate on developing muscle and the less you focus on loosing weight, the faster you will gain the physical appearance you desire. In the end, the work you put in will help you discover the real you and that is the true value. With her new self confidence from reaching her fitness goals, my wife has gone on to earning new promotions at her employer and most recently had a client of her previous employer create a new management level position just so she would join their team. (All 3 photos represent my wife’s journey finding her true self by creating a healthy, balanced life.)

Have and enjoy a healthy and blessed day!

Michael R. Roland

President and Founder

Boot Camp Fitness Academy


Boot Camp Fitness Academy is a National member of Hire Patriots. A portion of all procedes develoed from client enrolment will be donated to Patriotic Hearts 501C3 in support of Hire Patriots mission and values. If you would like more info reguarding business opportunities or aailable classes please email info@BootCampFitnessAcademy.com

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