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Have you used your GI Bill yet?

Posted by on December 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Have you used your GI Bill yet?

One of the great benefits of serving for our military is the GI bill program which gives Veterans money for college. Unfortunately, for many veterans like myself actually going to college while in the military or once getting out are not realistic. I was in my twenties and had a wife to take care of when I finished my military service in 2007. I attempted to go to college full time while working full time when I got out and it simply did not work for me. Something had to give and with bills to pay the thing I had to give up was school. After that I just thought that I would never use my GI benefits as college wasn’t in the cards for me. I had to work. Recently though I found there is another way.

I am now using my GI bill to obtain network certifications that will help me to advance my career. They can also help place me in a better job once I’m finished with the classes. The best part is I am collecting money to help pay the bills at the same time. The process is beyond easy. All I did was fill out an application and let my adviser know when I was available and they did the rest. I am taking class three nights for two weeks and I will have my Network Plus Certification. The rest of the classes I can take whenever I have time available again. The housing allowance is adjusted based on the amount of classes you take and can be as much as $1400 a month for full time. There is another way. You can use your hard earned benefits to obtain technical training and certifications all while collecting money to pay the bills and be placed in a job once completed.  Of course if traditional college is what you need there is help to figure out how to work that into your schedule too. The most important thing is for all veterans to know is those benefits are there to help advance you to the next stage in life and be able to have a career you can be proud of. Let the country you fought for give back to you and your future. Emailedu4vets@gmail.com to get more information and find out what option is right for you.

God Bless and Stay Strong Vets!
John Eynouf
Business Development Executive

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