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Heroes among Us: Military, Business, Family and Community

Posted by on March 27, 2013 in Jobs For Veterans

An April 1st edition of People Magazine published an article that talks about the hero’s among us. First and foremost it recognizes our Veterans who have returned from the service facing a high unemployment rate. It then discusses the challenges too many face and how it impacts their families; while some other families help out by providing one day jobs. And it introduces the Baird’s, who own Hire Patriots, and the sacrifices they have made to help our Veterans as a part of the community. Then there are the businesses like People Magazine who supports our Veterans through donations and full-time jobs.  Please take a moment to read the People Magazine article at Hire Patriots.com.

This story further inspires me and like-minded people to support our Veterans through the New Hampshire Area Hire Patriots that is spinning up now.  We are starting to identify one time jobs that will be available to Veterans and their spouses and we looking for business to post full-time jobs. We also plan to have events that recognizes the military, communities, families and businesses who work together to provide the services that help support Veterans.

One of the businesses who jumped at the opportunity to help us get rolling is Veterans Claims Advocates of Nashua, NH. For several months they have partnered with the New Hampshire Area Hire Patriots providing volunteers as they have a similar mission to help veterans get the benefits they deserve from the Veterans Administration. Our partnership with VC Advocates has helped us to identify other business that will host fundraisers for our Veterans. Although we have not worked out the details yet, Boston Billiards of Nashua, NH and the Nashua Country Club have offered their facilities. Claire Young Photography of Nashua has performed outstanding creativity by incorporating our theme as a logo.  Dan from Nashua Public Access has demonstrated unequalled professionalism in the production of our TV series. As the details of our “fun” raisers are solidified, they will be posted to our website.  As we do so you will also see the work of Claire and Dan.

To expand out of Nashua we will personally be meeting with church groups, Chamber of Commerce’s, VA and military originations, etc. throughout the area. Along with personally speaking to people, we will be on NH Public Access Channels educating and advocating for our veterans. Kathy McCoy will represent VC Advocates with me representing NH Hire Patriots. Our theme for our education and advocacy series is “Military, Businesses, Family and Community Coming Together on the Home Front.”

As I mentioned to Mark and Tori Baird, Hire Patriots has a great mission and we are honored to help build off their tremendous mission. We look forward to writing additional blogs as our efforts grow and please look for our series on your Public Access Station.  If you have any questions or would like to join our team of supporters, please contact me at (603) 396-5039 or markawainwright2@hotmail.com.

Mark & Kathy

With Delight and Anticipation!


Mark Wainwright

NH Hire Patriots, Leader

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