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HirePatriots’ E-Waste Solution

Posted by on June 25, 2012 in Biz Ops


Hire Patriots Electronics Recycling is a true innovator in the areas of recycling and data destruction. The Systems that will be used far exceed government standards and those practiced by most other recyclers and data destruction companies. HirePatriots has three main areas of focus:

Recycling Electronics – This  is a process where we coordinate, pickup, package and remove any electronic device, anything that plugs in or takes a battery ranging from computers to printers, monitors, lab equipment or even toner cartridges.

IT Asset Disposition Services – This is a process where HirePatriots picks up IT equipment with the purpose of tracking, reporting, testing, refurbishing and resale. In this process HirePatriots charges a percentage of the sale price for the service and the difference goes to the client.

Secure Data Destruction – HirePatriots has placed a major focus on the destruction of hard drives, tapes and other types of media. HirePatriots uses the most advanced hard drive shredding trucks on the road today.  These trucks are custom fit to surpass even the most stringent standards required by clients for shredding. They are equipped with an Air Conditioned viewing area where a client can fully observe hard drives being fed into the shredder and can see the 8mm size particles coming out of the shredder at the bottom. Additionally, the entire process is video recorded and the client can be provided with a copy. Additionally, HirePatriots offers hard drive wiping, degaussing and crushing. This equipment can even be rented out or leased for extended use which includes setup, training and the removal of scrap from the destroyed media along with certificates of destruction.

HirePatriots aim is to provide our customers with the world’s best sustainable environmental services. We strive to produce and deliver services that continually meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our mission is to make our customers more profitable through the implementation of sustainable business practices.

Additional once validated and issued, HirePatriots can advise on the selling or trading of Emissions Offsets, also known as  “Carbon Credits”.

Best Regards,

Michael W. Malott / CEO
HirePatriots’ Green Projects Director:
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