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HirePatriots Green Projects Increase Biz Profits

Posted by on June 26, 2012 in Biz Ops


HirePatriots Green Projects provides environmental advisory, reporting and education to support a betterHirePatriots Green Projectsbusiness and improved bottom line performance. We are a consulting team whose core business involves focusing on improving the profitability of business operators by understanding their environmental impacts. This approach has positioned HirePatriots as one of only a few private companies that can demonstrate measurable savings to business, greater capacity to connect with community and dramatic environmental reduction outcomes for stakeholders.

HirePatriots Green Projects core activities are the reselling of energy reporting and Emissions accounting software solutions, environmental education and consulting, and the verification of energy or emission credits for resale or trading opportunities.

HirePatriots offers VGG Inc.’s services, who specializes in Energy Reporting and Carbon Accounting using internationally recognized methodologies for carbon analysis and trading of credits. The SaaS system, (SMARTweb: Software Management, Auditing Reporting Technology for Workplace Emissions Benchmarking) has been developed over 8 years since 2002 from commercial engagements with more than 6000 environmental audits. HirePatriots Green Projects reports deliver regulatory compliance as well as demonstrate measurable savings to business.

HirePatriots aim is to provide our customers with the world’s best sustainable environmental services. We strive to produce and deliver services that continually meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our mission is to make our customers more profitable through the implementation of sustainable business practices.


Once objectively audited, measured and validated by SMARTweb software, emissions or energy saved by greenhouse gas emitters can be publicly or privately sold as energy or emission credits to generate a new source of revenue, increase ROI or support other energy efficiency improvement possibilities.


Michael W. Malott / CEO
HirePatriots’ Green Projects Director:
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