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How can they give away Free Energy?

Posted by on March 13, 2015 in News

That was my question to a local well respected business man.  He explained that if I referred 15 people or businesses to his Better Business Bureau Rated A+ energy supplier they would take the average of those bills and credit that amount to the supply side of my bill. That would cut my bills in half!

Ron said they did this in 14 states so far and in 7 years they had 1.2 million customers. J.D. Powers & Associates awarded them #1 in customer satisfaction!

I refer people to things all the time like restaurants, websites, local businesses and they never gave me anything. I have been paying an electric and gas bill every month for over 35 years and they never offered me anything except increasing bills, he had my attention.

To learn everything about this Free Energy Program simply click this link:  http://patriots.myambit.com/rates-and-plans/ambit-advantages/free-energy

There is even a tab to learn how to have your own business making money part time by showing others how to get free energy or visit http://patriots.energygoldrush.com


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