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How “Free” Is That Credit Card Terminal?

Posted by on May 1, 2016 in For Businesses

The truth?

It’s not actually “Free”…
In fact, the “Free” terminal is more expensive than the one you could have bought for $400 to $600. Think about it. How long would a processor stay in business if they are giving away truly free equipment to 10’s of thousands of businesses each year?

So if it’s not really “Free”, how are you paying for it?

They typically make their money back, and then a significant profitable sum by inflating their processing rates, upping their transaction fees, adding creative monthly or annual junk fee’s for a variety of things that don’t actually deliver any value to you, their “valued” customer.

We were able to show one unsuspecting business how their “Free” terminal was actually costing them $1048.00/month by the time we educated them on all the added fees and transaction charges they were paying! This is an extreme example, but, you get the picture, right?

So as the EMV Directive shifting fraud liability to the business owner is integrated, and you are wooed and coerced by attractive “free equipment” offers, take the high road to your bottom line and let us consult you with a Total Cost of Ownership and Compliance Analysis of your credit card processing so you can make a truly informed decision for your business.

We’ll provide this consultation, for free…
No…really…it’s a free consultation.

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