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How Mistakes Help When Marketing

Posted by on August 31, 2012 in For Businesses

Following the rules won’t get you noticed. — When you stand in a crowd: Stand out! — Making errors on purpose can be a marketing advantage.

I am just going to give you two brief examples. It is an easy concept to understand and to utilize.

I sent a Request for an Interview to multiple media outlets today. Most of them were to TV stations, radio and newspapers. They get truckloads of suggested stories every hour! – So as an assistant is scanning through the subject lines of possible stories, make her read something that does not quite make sense. Just little errors can make a difference.

My story is about how the Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept. is launching a national campaign to help US veterans find employment: Cops4Causes. They are beginning with a job board for Los Angeles Veterans. — But in the subject line of my emails, I intentionally left off the last “s” in veterans. So it read:

L.A Sheriffs Create Free Job Board for Businesses to Hire US Veteran

Now that would be amazing! Imagine the Los Angeles Sheriffs creating a job board to find a job for just one veteran?

Here is another example of using mistakes to your marketing advantage: Did you know that our minds just need the fisrt and lsat letters of words to be corerct in order to raed them?

There are lots of uses for mistakes that I have not thought of yet. Have you? Please share.

Here is one: Imagine a billboard advertising a product, milk for instance. What if the billboard mis-spelled Mlik? — Do you think the sign would create more attention and word-of-mouth notoriety than if it followed the rules?

It fun to think outside of the box, isn’t it?

The subject of this article is also a great way to market. — My task right now is to promoteCops4Causes. It is holding an event on 9/11 that is seeking sponsors. How do I let businesses know in another way than the obvious? –I write a blog post that gives businesses valuable information, and that also lets them know about Cops4Causes.

But one must have some unique wisdom first. — If you need an innovative Marketer its is:mark@hirepatriots.com

Mark Baird

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