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How to Help US Veterans in Your Area

Posted by on March 14, 2013 in General

HirePatriots Steps to Success

In the military they learn how to shoot a rifle and to dismantle, clean and oil it. If you follow the directions of your Gunny it will work with deadly accuracy. – The same is true of our higher cause marketing plan. Follow these steps in order. Complete Step 1 and the move on to Step 2 etc. Please set your goal to get 100 One Day jobs posted on your website in the next 30 days. That will get you to Step 4. Then Step 5 is to let your local troops know about the jobs you have posted. And that is when the fun really begins!

First Step: Complete the building of your customized HirePatriots site and job boards.

Please promptly provide all of the material we need to produce a presentable presence on the Internet. Our web team will assist you.
A very important part of completing your website is for you to create complete profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Also, please provide an “About Us” page for your site. – We ask for these because they are vital to accomplishing our goals for your business and HirePatriots in your region.

Second Step: Create a customized HirePatriots.com flier, poster and business card. (We have the templates for you to do this.)

We have designs for you to use. We need you to help us to customize it with the proper info for your business. – Go to Chamber sundowners, clubs, gatherings, events, churches, downtown and talk to people and pass out fliers.

To assist you in knowing what to say, we have many videos, documents and scripts available on YouTube (HirePatriotsForever).

Third Step: Target a specific location to get started. We must build HirePatriots systematically. Choose one specific base and its surrounding community to get started. (If you are in a National Guard area, locate a metro area with multiple “Armories” in your region.)

Seek to target an area that is connected to the local military. Choose a city that sees the local GIs regularly, if possible. –Talk to at least 250 local citizens personally and give them our posters and fliers to give to others. This will create a flurry of One day jobs for your local GIs and vets.

Fourth Step: Get 100 One Day jobs posted on your Local Job Board.

Do not “put the cart before the horse.” There is a critical order here. – We MUST provide dozens of immediate jobs for troops and vets before we inform them about our free, patriotic program and they come to your website to find the assistance we promise.

Fifth Step: Let the local troops and veterans know.

Most of you were in the military and know how to get news distributed on a base. The others have been working with and hiring veterans for years. – So you may know better ways than I how to get the word out to the GIs and vets on the targeted base you have chosen. But we will give you plenty of suggestions that have worked for us.

On Camp Pendleton Marine Base we have worked with the Family Readiness groups. They visit every house on base regularly. And they will pass out our fliers.
But media exposure and volunteers will also reach local veterans. And once a few local troops get jobs on the site, they will tell their buddies and soon every US active duty veteran will come to the site. And then they will tell their buddies who have already transitioned back to civilian life.

Sixth Step: Collect contact info/ Notify media

Identify the best read papers, most watched News shows, most listened to radio programs. Contact them and encourage them to help you get started. The media is usually more than willing to create promotional features on TV, radio and the Press and to participate in spreading the word. Besides, it is a popular story.Then contact those media outlets by email and by phone: the editors, publishers and managers of your media outlets, and enlist them as partners in helping you get the word out about your HP website. – (This will help your website get started and draw job posters, job seekers and businesses to your HP web location. — Some of them will eagerly want to volunteer.)

After media outlets do the first story about you, we must provide them the necessary information in order for them to continue to do more features. They need to know who posted the job, who took the job and how to contact them. – (Contact the residents or businesses posting on your site and ask if they have a story for the local TV station. – Then ask them for the name and contact of the veteran they hired. – If they have a good story and both are willing to be interviewed, you save the media time and trouble. And it makes creating the interview a lot easier and attractive for them.

We will guide you, step-by-step, through this process. And we will provide you with the emails and scripts to use to help you contact media movers and shakers.
You, as a patriotic activist, or a representative from your company or organization will be interviewed too, as a part of the story, because of your efforts in bringing it to that area. It is always great to have a local GI or vet who has benefited from HirePatriots with you during these interviews. Nothing is more powerful than their own stories. And again, this applies to the residents and businesses that hire them too. – Providing these references to the media makes doing a feature about us easy for them. It will greatly improve your chances of getting media attention if you provide as much as possible for them to use.

Seventh Step: Enlist the help of volunteers.

If you have a business to run you may not have the time or energy to devote to promoting HirePatriots, base by base, community by community. But there are hundreds of people and service organizations that will enthusiastically embrace our program and pass out fliers, put up posters and distribute business cards for you: Retired Senior citizens, Veteran Orgs., the Rotary and other community service clubs, Church groups and many others. – They will thank you for the opportunity to participate in this beloved patriotic outreach and national movement.

Giving brief speeches at these clubs and passing out fliers for them to give to their friends and neighbors will create a grassroots movement of volunteers. — Just by doing a Google search for US veteran and community service organizations in your region, you will find hundreds of opportunities to speak and to share about HirePatriots.com. Call them; tell them about HirePatriots and ask to be a guest speaker or to have a few minutes to share at a meeting. – If you tell our stories and provide them with fliers and instructions, you will not only be getting numbers of people to spread the word about your regional HirePatriots website; but, you will be spreading the word about your business too.

Eighth Step: Create “auto-responders.”

To properly utilize your new HirePatriots marketing platform, you should create customized emails that automatically respond to every visitor that registers on your HP website. You can determine how often these go out and change them at will.

I suggest that we thank them for posting their jobs. Encourage them to post more jobs, to print out and pass out our flier, and to tell us about their experience in using your HirePatriots site.

Ninth Step: Fundraisers

We offer several fundraising methods to support our programs. And we partner with other organizations, schools and clubs. We have golf tournaments, dinners, job fairs, and a unique coffee fundraiser. We train US veterans and supporters to do this as a means of creating income for themselves and their families, while helping our worthy cause.

Tenth Step: Repeat these steps in communities and metro areas across your region of the country, particularly those with bases and armories.


Here are some additional pointers that have proven effective for us:

Our HirePatriots site is a tremendous marketing platform for your business. It is so respected and so beloved that it creates a variety of benefits. But first things first: – Tori and I became very well known, won prestigious awards, got hundreds of media interviews, and grew our website to be one of the most popular in the country by following these simple grassroots steps. – They will increase the recognition (and profits) of any company.

First, it is vital that everyone target a very specific neighborhood or demographic and to notify them. – Communities that border a US Military base are the most eager to embrace this program.

This is not accomplished just by TV, radio and newspaper. — Older veterans, senior citizens and patriotic business owners should be targeted. — Alexa.com says that the majority of residents who post Day jobs on HirePatriots are: “over 60 years old and have no children living with them.” Target them to get the One Day Jobs posted.
Many community service clubs are primarily filled with people in the ‘Seniors’ age group, i.e. the Rotary Club, Republican Women Club, Red Hat Society etc., and almost all Veteran orgs. Also go to Chamber of Commerce mixers. — Target them to get the One Day Jobs posted.

Enlist the help of local community newspapers. (Older people still read these.) – Find a reporter who is a veteran working for the newspaper. They will help you. – Also, write Letters to the Editor. (When we did this, we were voted the “most popular story for the year.”) – Just talk about the One Day jobs: The need of your local GIs and the joy of having them help you.

And whenever you go downtown, always bring fliers with you. Ask the owner of every business you are visiting to post a flier in their window and to put some on their counter. Also ask them to give them to their neighbors at home. – Get others to do what you are doing. Lots of patriotic people will join you if you show them the way.
Also, grocery stores and such will let us have a table out in front to offer fliers to people, if they ask. – (Do not interfere with people unless they approach you.) – This is also a lot of fun and a great way to enlist volunteers.

Once there are multiple jobs posted, then notify the US Military base(s). It is a tremendous amount of fun to do this. Go to the part of the town where the GIs get their haircuts and pass out cards and tape fliers in Barber Shop windows. Almost every military barber will give a card to every G.I. if you ask them. — Or go onto the base and go to the PX.

Enlist the help of military wives, their Family Services. Sergeants, Chiefs and Petty Officers of all stripes are a great help.
Chambers of commerce near US bases almost always has some sort of Military Affairs meeting every month. The Commanders, Officers and top Sergeants from the local bases attend these meetings. – Meet these GIs. – Ask them the protocol for passing out fliers on base and if they can help. – If nothing else, when you pass them out, you’ll have their permission.

Churches: Ask for a small blurb to be put in the bulletin. Or perhaps they will insert one of our small fliers. Or perhaps the pastor will allow you to share for a couple of minutes.

Elected Officials: Some HirePatriots Members have approached Governors and Mayors and Senators and Congresspersons and received their enthusiastic support. Ask them to include a story about HirePatriots every time they send a newsletter to their constituents. Some are willing to hold a press conference to announce “HirePatriots Day.” Every resident and business in the state will be asked to visit their local HirePatriots website and to post jobs on our free websites for their local US Military, Veterans and their spouses.

Please add your innovative ideas about how we can serve our veterans and Members better too.

At your service,

Mark Baird

P.S. Remember, we are here to help you every step along the way. And you won’t be alone. As you move forward and spread the word, others in your community will join you in this effort.

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