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How to Recruit at Job Fairs

Posted by on September 12, 2016 in For Businesses

The fundamental key to any recruiting strategy is to develop various effective recruiting sources. Participating in HirePatriots’ job fairs offers you a great way to meet many U.S. veteran candidates for your open positions. – In addition to our Career Fairs and Job Boards, HirePatriots.com also offers a top-of-the-line Careers job board for you to post your part-time and full time openings:


Ten Tips to Maximize Your Job Fairs

1) Arrive one hour early. if the job fair doors open at 10 AM, be there by 9 AM. Be sure that you are prepared and ready when the crowds begin coming in.


2)     Attractive Booth: An eye-catching booth always attracts more attention and a greater number of job seekers at your booth. Make sure that you have packed everything you need, and that your representatives know how to properly set up the display.

3)     Shipping: You can ship your booth and any other materials directly to the events center.

4)     Promotional Material: Provide material that tells prospective employees about your company, its corporate culture, and the kind of positions you are in need of filling.

5)     Business Cards: Wear name tags and have each recruiter have plenty of business cards to hand out. Personalize your introductions this way. Shake hands, look them in the eyes and make each potential candidate feel important. Take your time to talk to each. You can come away with several hires if you do.

6)     Open Positions: Have a sheet of open positions and talking points for your recruiters, especially for hard to fill positions. We attract a wide variety of candidates. You never know who you will meet. – The goal of attending a job fair is to fill your open positions with the right, qualified people. Prepare question to ask in order to prequalify them.

7)     Resumes: Nowadays, some companies collect resumes and some prefer that candidates apply online. Either way, take time to look at each resume. Use it to ask pertinent questions about their experience and qualifications. Make sure that every candidate has a card with the correct URL for making application. And give any advice that you have for each: Do not let them leave your booth without then acquiring some benefit for stopping by.

8)    Prepare Questions: The goal of attending a job fair is to fill your open positions with the right, qualified people. Prepare question to ask in order to pre-qualify them.

9)     Give-a-ways: Providing simple give-a-ways at your booth also attracts more job seekers. – We can also do a raffle for more expensive items. We will promote it and your company to our job seekers, so that you will be a big hit!

10)  Do not sit: unless you have a chair for the person being interviewed to sit too. Even stand to the side or in front of your booth in order to meet people more easily and to engage them in conversations.

Attend our 16th job fair on Camp Pendleton Marine Base on October 24. See more HERE.

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