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How US Vet Got Animation Job at S2Games

Posted by on September 12, 2012 in Entertainment

Having a professional mindset while in school is extremely beneficial – just ask Josh Harris, he was offered a job as a 2D Texture Artist at S2Games before graduating from the Los Angeles Film School! Even  more remarkable is how he was promoted to a 3D Character Modeler before even starting! Josh credits a lot of his success to his time in the United States Marine Corps and here at The Los Angeles Film School; Josh was Salutatorian of his Computer Animation class. —  ”The mindset you are taught in the Marines is that you must succeed and failure is not an option. Having that mindset before going into the program really helped,” Josh explains.”

By focusing on the work and keeping a positive attitude, Josh was able to produce industry-quality work while still in school, thus building his portfolio and making him a perfect candidate for a company like S2Games. Josh says, “I had the work that shows I could do the job.”

Before attending Los Angeles Film School, Josh did not have any experience in CG Modeling or animation. Josh explains how this was not an issue or hindrance because “the instructors teach you a lot in a short period of time, so it all just clicks.” What benefited him most was having multiple sets of eyes on his work – all industry professionals – so he was able to catch-on really quickly and receive instant feedback. Josh says another great aspect of attending LAFS is that “the environment here is so creative. There are always people working on something, whether it’s in animation, film or recording. Being around others who are working on their own projects is inspiring. I ended up teaming up with another vet – Andre Andrews- to design a nightlife app he created. That’s just one of  so many benefits of being here.”

Josh’s favorite aspect of animation is character design and 2D and 3D modeling. As far as movies go, anything with CG work is stellar. For games, he enjoys the art in the Warcraft series. What stands out most about Josh is his positive attitude – he’s definitely the kind of person you would want to hang with and get to know, which is key in moving forward in the industry. Most notably, instead of using Facebook to just chat and look at pictures, he used it as a networking tool to get in touch with potential employers. That outlook is just one of the many great reasons he landed the job he has today. We can expect to see more of his success in the near future.

The Los Angeles Film School is a proud member of the HirePatriots Business Association: http://bit.ly/PjHJpW

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