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Interview Guidelines from an Interviewer

Posted by on December 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Recently at a meeting of Network Support Plus in Middleboro, Ma.  Andrea M. Priest the Executive Director of Middleboro Council on Aging. Gave a seminar to some job seekers. There is some very valuable information she passed along,  that points out what the interviewer is looking for and what is a turn off.

Here is and outline she passed out to everyone.

 On Paper

Be prepared to fill out references on an application (names and phone numbers). *1

Always include a resume with the application*2

If possible, customize the resume for the job from your template *3

Resume must look professional, good, correct spelling *4

If you email a packet, confirm receipt with a phone call or email as possible*5

Preparing for the interview

Use the internet to find out about the job/company/agency*6

If possible, visit the employer, get literature, and get a sense of the workplace

Develop some questions about the job and the work*7

If you are not computer literate, enroll in computer training*8


Be on time; arrive at least 10 minutes early

First impressions are very important, good handshake, eye contact,no gum,no perfume, if you bring water it should be concealed, turn OFF cell phone, no tattoos showing, no revealing clothes

Business/dress clothes and shoes

Be interested, be aware of your body language*9

Do not speak negatively about your previous employers or co-worker

Do not focus your questions on hours, schedule, vacation, benefits*10

Listen attentively, be engaged, and ask question as you go if that is welcomed

Be ready to answer:

Why should we hire you? What can you bring to this position?

What callenges have you faced in the workplace? How did you solve them?

What are your strengths? …Weaknesses?

Why are you interested in this position?  ( Do not answer with the hours, insurance or benefits)

Follow up

Follow up with a thank you

They say you can email but a hand written,mailed note is excellent

Say thank; state what you learned and something that impressed you, state how you can be an asset to their workplace.

The following are from some notes of questions that were posed to her and or some advisements that I have learned and pass on.

*1  Andrea said that the references should be varied not just former employers. Add a friend or someone who you know that is well known in the community etc

*2 When asked she said it is good to have your Linked In address on the resume. She does look at it now

*3 She told us that she looks to see if someone has taken words and posted them in. Generic resume shows the person is not that interested in the job.I think this is very important, I have been instructing people to do this at VET NET Plymouth but to hear her say. She is not interested in someone who did not take the time to customize their resume was an eye opener.

*4 Capitalize where it is appropriate.

*5 When asked she said is fine to send an email with  receipt request.

*6 I instruct people to make Linked In connections as part of this. When asked if someone wanted to connect with and they are looking for a position she thought that was good.

*7 http://massachusetts.hirepatriots.com/uncategorized/3-questions-every-candidate-should-ask-their-future-boss/

*8 There are free classes at your local Career Center In Plymouth we have Vets that volunteer to help other vets one on one also.  http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=3110514&trk=anet_ug_hm

*9 I suggest you learn how to mirror. At least don’t put your foot up on their desk.

*10 These are questions that should be saved once you have the job as part of your salary negotiations anyway

I asked here if these words were important to hear “increase revenues and market share.” She said yes  they are important to hear.

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