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Is it “Pay it Forward” or “Pay it Back” ? ?

Posted by on November 26, 2013 in News

One day back in 2005 a Marine who just returned home to Camp Pendleton from deployment arrived at his home to find that his wife had been laid off from her job and the utilities had been turned off. His wife did not want to share this with him while he was deployed, she did not want him to worry, just come home alive. This Marine found a nearby house just outside the gates and knocked on the door and asked the homeowner if there were some jobs he could do around the house to earn $100.00 to get his utilities turned on so his children were not cold at night. The couple offered to give the Marine the money but he was a Marine and wanted to work for the money and he did.

That couple were Mark and Tori Baird. That event had such an effect on them that they started a job board so vets and active military could find a job or a day job to supplement their income. Since that time they have worked unselfishly even using their own funds, to create the job board, hold job fairs, marriage encounters, welcome home celebrations and much more. I guess you could say they paid it forward on our behalf dedicating 8 years of their life to the men and women who serve my family and yours by putting it all on the line.

This holiday season while most of us decorate our homes and entertain family Mark and Tori moved out of their home into an RV. They are getting ready to take Hire Patriots on the road to spread the word further so there are more jobs posted for the thousands of current unemployed vets and the thousands of new ones heading back home.

Thousands of you have benefited from Hire Patriots is some way and thousands of you appreciate the sacrifice Mark and Tori Baird have paid. This year has been low on donations due to the economy. Today you have the opportunity to either “pay it back” or “pay it forward” by donating what you can to Patriotic Hearts, the fund that will keep the Hire Patriots RV on the road in 2014. Click on the link below. You will receive a tax deductible receipt for your generosity. Thank you for your consideration.


For RV Sponsorship: gas, logo … contact Mark Baird at: mark@hirepatriots.com




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