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Is This Going Too Far for Believers?

Posted by on June 13, 2011 in General

This weekend a man stood on a busy street corner and preached randomly to crowds, after they gathered to listen to him play his harmonica and sing hymns. People stood back as he preached because he was speaking loudly enough to be heard down the block. But people stopped and listened to every word he said. – Here is the 1 minute sermon he preached:

“How is everyone today? I know this is a weekend and that you do not want to think of your worries. It is a scary time right now: The economy still cannot get back to its feet; the weather has gone berserk and the polar ice caps may be completely gone in the next two years; diseases are becoming resistant to our medicines; the world is constantly at war: and evil and sexual immorality is abounding everywhere. – This is certainly not a world in which any of us can feel safe. Is it? – Nothing is safe. Nothing is secure. And there isn’t anywhere in the world where we can go to find it. Is there?

But there is an answer and there is a way out. His name is Jesus. – He created the universe and everything in it. And he created you to be his children and to become a beloved member of his eternal family.

Jesus loves us all so much that he stepped down from his throne in Heaven and was born as a human being, so that he would understand our trials and sufferings. And then he willingly suffered crucifixion on a cross to pay the price of our many sins and to open the door to Heaven for all who will love him in return.

But this path to immortal life is narrow; and, unfortunately, only a few of you will follow it. Whereas, the path to eternal destruction is very broad; and, like lemmings, most people follow everyone else off of the cliff and to death.
And so follow Jesus Christ, the maker and lover of your souls. — Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one can receive eternal life without him. There is salvation in no other name that men worship.

street preacher

Jesus loves you! Do not fear him. Run to him. His arms are open wide, waiting to hold you. – In him you will find the peace and the joy and the security that this world cannot give you.

Jesus has nail holes in his hands. You can trust him. He died for us, so that we do not have to die. And Jesus rose again, so that you can have eternal life. – Jesus loves you. Run to Him!”

Then two Christian pastors who stopped nearby, insisted that he cease. They admonished him for preaching outside of a church. And then they implied that they might call the police if he continued. – Where they right? What do you say?

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