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Joanna Ellenbeck: Actress — US Army Veteran

Posted by on September 6, 2012 in Entertainment

Joanna Ellenbeck was born in Bell County, Texas. She always knew she wanted to become a performer and act in films. Joanna comes from a military family who moved often, but finally settled in Oregon where her father retired as a First Sergeant.
After high school, Joanna joined the U.S. Army as an avionic mechanic for UH-60L aka (Black Hawk helicopters) She deployed in 2004-2005 to Afghanistan, then twice more to Iraq ’06-07′ & ’09-10′.

Although the military demanded most of her days, Joanna did background work for films, and TV Shows such as “Off The Map”, “Hawaii Five-O”, and “Battleship” in her spare time. After serving honorably for the U.S. Army, she decided to pursue her acting career full-time.

Joanna moved to L.A. in December 2010 and used her military benefits to put herself through film school. She graduated in June 2012 with honors in film directing. She continued acting and was cast as lead in an independent MMA feature in 2011. Joanna is an avid horse rider, has weapons training, and is PADI certified.

One week after graduating from the Los Angeles Film School, Army veteran, Joanna Ellenbeck accepted a paid internship at Centropolis Entertainment, Roland Emmerich’s production company. He brought us the films Independence Day and Stargate.

Joanna will be running the office while Emmerich and his staff are away during productions. Joanna reported, “I owe this amazing opportunity to the Career Development Department at the Los Angeles Film School.”

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