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Join Our Team of Successful Veteran Business Owners

Posted by on August 8, 2016 in Jobs For Veterans
US veterans across America have started their own US Military Maintenance business. Each USMM owner has made over $250K in their first year. In their second year, they are aiming at $1 million dollars. They are all hiring other US veterans, and are able to pay them all a good wage. — Here is a recording of our monthly team call. Hear how well they doing. And then join us as we reach our goal of employing 100,000 US veterans across America.
Here is a LinkedIn post with more details: A Business for US Veterans to Own
Here is a link to a recent USMM Team Conference Call:
There is some noise at the beginning as owners call in and say Hi. But after a few minutes you will hear Joe Padlo (USMC) gives a sensational training. Everyone loved it. (Thank you, Joe!)
Then Tasia Brick (US Navy), our Denver, Colo. Owner shares how she is able to get her businesses tarted while still serving in the US military and going on overseas deployments. — If she can do it, so can you. Call or write her and set a appointment to talk to her. She has been very helpful and inspiring to several of our owners. (Thank you, Tasia!)
Chris Penwarden (US Army) is a new owner who has gotten started right out of the gate. He has the right never say die attitude and it is paying off. (Thank you for sharing your experience and setting an example for other new owners, Chris!)
There are a lot of great questions asked that you will want to hear the answers to.



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